Report on Economics of Conservation

 98economAn appraisal of Theories, principles and methods

December 1998

123 pages

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Christian OST
Centre for economic research SIEGE
ICHEC Brussels Business School



Part I. Principles and Theory.

I.1. Introducing economics of conservation  [602 Kb]

I.2. Basic Statements

I.2.1 Heterogeneity, non-reproducbility, lack of substitutes
I.2.2 Antecedence of supply or demand
I.2.3 Price formation and CBH-related values
I.2.4 Evalutation of demand and willingness to pay in cultural economics
I.2.5 Mobilisation of supply of CBH
I.2.6 Market or markets for the CBH
I.2.7 CBH is a collective good providing individual and collective services
I.2.8 CBH has a longer life cycle than any other economic good
I.2.9 CBH generates induced effects, notably in terms of employment
I.2.10 CBH is an international resource, as well as opportunity for local development
I.2.11 The dual approach of CBH 
[1885 Kb]

I.3. Related fields. [572 Kb]

Part II. Methodology.

II.1. Economic valuation of conservation  [576 Kb]
II.2. A survey of methods  [1964 Kb]

Appendix 1. List of bibligraphic references. [a] [b] [c]