ICOMOS e-News n° 81 - Welcome to the new ICOMOS e-News

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e-News n°81

11 décembre 2017

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Welcome to the new ICOMOS e-news

Dear ICOMOS members and friends,

We are pleased to introduce to you the newly redesigned ICOMOS e-news. Published on a regular basis since 2005, this electronic newsletter keeps you informed on our latest activities and events.

Check your subscription !

Exceptionally, today’s issue of the ICOMOS e-news is sent to all ICOMOS members who have included their email in the on-line ICOMOS Member and Expert Database, both to those who have subscribed to ICOMOS e-news and those who have not. If you have not yet subscribed, but you would like to continue to receive ICOMOS e-news in the future, please log in to the ICOMOS Member and Expert database and edit your profile (/Edit my file/Services). Please ensure that your on-line profile is fully completed and kept up-to-date!

If you have not received or lost your log-in information, you can request it using the buttons: “I lost my password” or “I am an ICOMOS member but have not received a password yet”, available on the log-in page of the database.

Over the past 10 months, ICOMOS’ online presence has undergone a total renewal and we invite you all to visit the new website.

We have two main objectives: to make the information we provide for you more accessible and to harmonize our services and make them more efficient.

Choose your language!

Today’s ICOMOS e-news is sent to you in both working languages (English/French), however in future:

  • ICOMOS members will receive the ICOMOS e-news in the working language you have chosen for communication within the ICOMOS Member and Expert Database. If you would like to change the language, please change the settings in the database (/Edit my file/Services). By default, the language is set to English.

  • Non-members, who recently subscribed to the e-news via the home page of the ICOMOS web site, will receive it in the language that was set at the moment of your subscription in your internet browser. To receive the e-news in the other working language, please go to the ICOMOS web site, change the language settings of the website to your preferred choice and subscribe again.

  • for all those who had subscribed before May 2012 (using the majordomo listserve manager), you will receive both versions (English and French). To unsubscribe one particular language, please open the ICOMOS website in your internet browser, choose as language the one you no longer wish to receive and unsubscribe (you only need to enter your email). 

Please look out for the new ICOMOS Documentation Centre web site that will be launched in August and more services to come.

ICOMOS again thanks both the Fondation du Patrimoine and the Walloon Region for the generous financial support they provided which made the redesign of the ICOMOS web site and the ICOMOS news possible.

 With best regards

The ICOMOS International Secretariat


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