Post-Trauma Reconstruction - ICOMOS colloquium, 4 March 2016

AfficheV7In response to the invitation formulated in the 39COM7 recommendation of the World Heritage Committee, ICOMOS is holding a colloquium on Post-trauma Reconstruction on March 4th, 2016.

The main objective of this day is to create an opportunity for exchanges and reflections on contemporary challenges in cultural heritage transmission. The colloquium will take place in two sessions. The morning session will consist of seven brief presentations intended to set the context for discussions held in small groups in the afternoon.

For organisational reasons, participation is strictly restricted to registered members. The final report will be accessible online as soon as available.


Theme 1. Challenges of transmission in the face of destruction

- Group A: Conservation of cultural artefacts in the wider context of urban reconstruction
- Group B: Reconstruction of cultural value in the context of social discord/reconciliation

♦ Theme 2. Challenges for understandings of ethics and key conservation texts

- Group C: Reciprocity between community-generated actions and the international valorisation of interventions and products
- Group D: Evolution in understanding/historical experience of reconstruction from mid-20th century

♦ Theme 3: Challenges for engagement: appropriate operational tools and methods of engagement

- Group E: Relationship between indigenous understandings and resources and exogenous understandings and commitments
- Group F: The influence/role of knowledge-based institutions, domestic and overseas

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Concept paper
by Professor Loughlin Kealy, Professor of Architecture, University College Dublin

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collected by Adélie de Marre

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