Monuments and Sites: South Africa (1996)

ms southafrica


173 pages

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Map of places mentioned in the text

1. Introduction and Historical Background to the Conservation of Monuments and Sites in South Africa
Janette Deacon and Penny Pistorius
2. Legislation and the National Monuments Act
Penny Pistorius
3. Forms of Protection Provided by the National Monuments Act
Jenette Deacon and George Hofmeyr
4. Cultural Resource Management and the Environrnent Conservation Act. 1989
Ingrid Coetzee, Alicia Monis and Juanita Pastor
5. National Databases on Monuments and Sites
John Gribble
6. Conservation Policy for Heritage Sites in South Africa
Janette Deacon
7. Protection of South Africa's Natural Heritage, with particular reference to Table Mountain
George Hofmeyr
8. Case Studies of Conservation Practice at Archaeological and Palaeontological Sites
Janette Deacon
9. Presenting South Africa's Rock Art Sites
Geoffrey Blundell
10. Conservation Practice for Historical Shipwrecks
John Gribble
11. The Castle of Good Hope
Janet te Deacon, Gabriël Fagan and Gwen Fagan
12. The Archaeology of the Castle of Good Hope
Martin Hall
13. Industrial Heritage: Three Western Cape Water-mills
Sonette Bezuidenhout
14. Bethany, the House of the Poor
Herma Gous
15. Conservation of Properties Owned by the National Monuments Council
Desmond K. Martin
16. Conservation of War Graves
Jean Beater
17. Sol Plaatje House: a Monument to a Great South African
Colin Fortune and Leigh Deyzel
18. A Memorial to Enoch Mankanyi Sontonga
Geneveve Walker
19. Urban Conservation in Graaff Reinet
Peter Whitlock
20. Conservation in the Urban Environment: Conservation Areas in Cape Town
Stephen S. Townsend
21. Robben Island: A Case Study in Contemporary Conservation Practice
Laura Robinson
22. Strategies for Change in Heritage Management in the New South Africa
Lesley Freedman Townsend

Monuments and Sites: Russia (1996)

ms russia


277 pages

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- Monuments of Russian Architecture and Culture inscribed in the World Heritage List
- Kizhi Pogost. Modern problems of Jnvestigation and Conservation
- In memory of Alexander Opolovnikov (1911 -1994)
Elena Opolovnikova
- The Church of Transfiguration in the ensemble of Kizhi Pogost
Alexander Opolovnikov
- The ensemble of Kizhi Pogost
Alexander Opolovnikov.
- Fragments from the Chronicle of the International Cooperation. 1988 -1996
- The Fate of the Historic Centre of St.Petersburg
Boris Kirikov
- The Mysteries of the Church of the Intercession on the river Nerl
Yuli Raninsky


Heritage of Moscow and preservation of its peculiarity
- The Memory of Moscow
Dmitri Shvidkovsky
- Some Thoughts on the Historical Fate of twentietlh century Moscow
Natalia Dushkina.
- Historic city. Regeneration or reconstruction?
Natalia Potapova
- ECOS: the dialogue between an architect and society
Alexander Kudryavtsev

From the History of Investigation and Restoration of the World Heritage Sites in Moscow and its environs
- The Restoration of the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin in the late 19th -early 20th century
Alexei Schenkov
- The Great Kremlin Palace
Sergei Klimenko
- The Church of the Ascension in the village of Kolomenskoye
Georgi Golts
- The monuments of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery and their Restoration
Victor Baldin
- The Trinity-Sergius Lavra. View from inside
Anatoli Feodorov

Reinstitution of the lost monuments
- The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan
Oleg Zhurin
- The Gates of the Resurrection
Oleg Zhurin
- The problems of Reinstitution of the lost Monuments of Architecture and History
Mikhail Miltchik

Heritage of the 2Oth century
- Moscow of Pavel Florensky
Elena Chemyavskaya
- Architectural monuments of the Newest Time
Yuri Volchok.
- The Phenomenon of the Moscow Metro
Natalia Dushkina
- The List of Monuments of Soviet Architecture


- Historic Towns in Russia: an Experience of summary description
Vladimir Krogius
- The Historic Landscape of the city of Voronezh: the Past and the Present
Eteri Bazarova
- Value character of the Historic fabric of Moscow
Elena Nikulina

List of Authors

Monuments and Sites: Japan (1996)

ms japan


176 pages

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Historic Buildings and Gardens in the World Heritage Sites

1. Outline of Japanese Historic Sites and Monuments
Its Past and Present
Yukio Nishimura

2. The Preservation and Restoration of Wooden Monuments in Japan
Masaru Sekino
3. Principles of Conservation and Restoration Regarding Wooden Buildings in Japan
Masaru Sekino
4. On Tsugite Shikuchi and Woodworking Tools
Nobuo Ito
5. Aspects of Japanese Wooden Buildings
Masaru Sekino
6. Restoration of Wooden Buildings
Kakichi Suzuki
7. Present Condition of the Training of Specialists in the Conservation of Cultural Properties in Japan
Nobuo Ito
8. Training of Architects as Conservators in the Course of Higher Education in Japan
Eizo Inagaki
9. Training of Conservation Specialists for Cultural Property Buildings
Kakichi Suzuki
10. Authenticity in the Context of Japanese Wooden Architecture
Eizo Inagaki
11. Rescue Excavation in Japan
Migaku Tanaka
12. Urbanization, Nara Palace, and its Excavation
Kiyotari Tsuboi and Migaku Tanaka
13. Issues in Japanese Archaeology
Kiyotari Tsuboi
14. Books on Historic Garden
Kenkichi Ono

Notes -Authors and Sources of the Selected Papers

Monuments and Sites: India (1996)

ms india

157 pages

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1. Sanchi
2. Ajanta, Ellora and Elephanta
3. Buddhist Rock - Cut Caves
4. Early Temples of South India
5. Early Temples of North India
6. Architecture of the Vijayanagar Empire
7. Monuments of Kerala
8. Temples of Jammu and Kashmir
9. Fatehpur Sikri
10. Taj Mahal
11. Agra Fort
12. Churches of Goa
13. Forts of India
14. Monuments of Delhi

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