Monuments and Sites: Czech Republic (1996)

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169 pages

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Introductory Studies
1. Historical Sites and Architectural Monuments in the Czech Republic
Dobroslav Libal
2. Schedules of Monuments
Milos Pistorius and Jiri Novacek
3. Legislature and Organisation of the Care of Monuments
Ales Vosahlik

Protection of monuments
4. Evolution of the Protection of Monument and its Actual Conception
Ivo Hlobil
5. Protection of the Cultural Heritage in the Czech Republic
Ales Vosahlik

Scientific Research and Education
6. Cognition of the Historical Aspects of Architectural Ensembles and of Cultural Monuments
Dobroslav Libal
7. Specific Education at Universities and at Secondary Schools
Hana Némeckova

Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Renovation of Historic Sites
8. Castles and Chateaus
Marié Mzykova
9. Protection of Sacred Monuments
Zdenek Chudarek
10. Renovation of Historic Towns
Karel Kibic
11. National Architecture its Protection and Conservation
Pavel Bures
12. Historic Gardens
Olga Baseova
13. Conservation and Restoration of Monuments of Painting, Sculpture and Arts and Crafts
Vratislav Nejedly
14. Technical Monuments -its Protection Conservation and Utilisation
Eva Dvorakova

Protection of archaeological monuments
15. Protection of Archaeological Monuments
Petr Sommer and Lenka Krusinova

16. Conclusion
Josef Stulc

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