Monuments&Sites XVII - Historical polar bases - preservation and management




Compiled and edited for the International Polar Heritage Committee
of ICOMOS by:
Susan Barr, President of IPHC and Paul Chaplin, Secretary General IPHC
96 pages To order / Pour commander / para comprarlo


Susan Barr - Introduction

Susan Barr - Management of IPY stations in the Norwegian Arctic

Cornelia Lüdecke - German Meteorological Stations in northwest Svalbard

Johan Mattsson and Anne-Cathrine Flyen - Bio-deterioration in buildings in Svalbard

Robert A. Blanchette - Northumberland House, Fort Conger and the Peary Huts in the Canadian High Arctic: current conditions and assessment of wood deterioration taking place

Ricardo Roura - Antarctic Research stations: Environmental and cultural heritage perspectives 1983-2008

Michael Morrison -Observations on standards of management and maintenance

Roberta Farrell and Shona Duncan - Scientific Evaluation of Deterioration of Historic Huts of Ross Island, Antarctica

John Greenwood and Megan Absolon - Challenges of Conservation in the Antarctic

Adam Wild - Minus six degrees of separation (Ross Sea restoration project)
Brett E. Arenz and Robert A. Blanchette - East Base, SOS: Assessment of deterioration and recommendations for conserving this important Antarctic historic site
Ruben Stehberg, Michael Pearson, Andrés Zarankín, Ximena Senatore, Carolina Gatica - Protection and preservation of the oldest sites of the Antarctic: the case of Fildes Peninsula and Byers Peninsula in the South Shetland Islands

Paul Chaplin - Pole to Pole: video-telephone discussion between Scott Base,
Antarctica and the IPHC conference in Barrow, Alaska

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