ICOMOS University Forum Volume 1 - "A contemporary provocation: reconstructions as tools of future-making"

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The papers in this first collection derive from The ICOMOS University Forum Workshop “A contemporary provocation: reconstructions as tools of future-making” held 13–15 March 2017 at ICOMOS International Headquarters in Paris, France. The meeting constituted a pilot project of the new ICOMOS University Forum to stimulate dialogues between academics and heritage experts.  

Editorial board: Prof. Cornelius Holtorf, Prof. Loughlin Kealy, Prof. Toshiyuki Kono

ISSN: 2616-6968

About the workshop 



Aljawabra, Alkindi 

Heritage, Conflict and Reconstructions: From Reconstructing Monuments to Reconstructing Societies. 

Benson, Ciaran

Authenticity’ for the Visited or for the Visitors? ‘Collective Memory’, ‘Collective Imagination’ and a View from the Future.

Bezerra, Marcia

When the ruins are gone: the sensible dimension of the heritage reconstructions 

Crișan, Rodica

Uses and Abuses of Reconstruction. 

Garcia-Esparza, Juan

Clarifying dynamic authenticity in cultural heritage. A look at vernacular built environments. 

Garraffoni, Renata Senna 

Heritage and multivocal history: Can past inspire new futures? 

Holtorf, Cornelius

Conservation and heritage as future-making. 

Khalaf, Roha W. 

An extended viewpoint on reconstruction in the World Heritage context: towards new guidance. 

Munawar, Nour A.

Rebuilding Aleppo: Public Engagement in Post-Conflict Reconstruction. 

Okahashi, Junko

Identification of “exceptional circumstances” where reconstruction of cultural heritage is accepted. 

Patiño Osorio, Mariana

The permanence of built environment - Authenticity and Reconstruction: the keys. 

Piazzoni, Maria Francesca

In Support of Stylistic Reconstructions: Some Thoughts on Authenticity and Justice. 

Sulfaro, Nino

Reconstruction And Conservation In The Post-Truth Era. Historical Lies, Authenticity, Material Evidence.

Soufan, Anas 

Post-war Reconstruction, Authenticity and Development of Cultural Heritage in Syria.