Heritage at Risk - 2014-2015 / New: electronic version available

The "Heritage at Risk World Report 2014–2015 on monuments and sites in danger" is the latest volume of a series of World Reports first published in 2000. From a strictly preservation-based approach this publication series offers worldwide information about the dangers that are threatening our cultural heritage, in order to provide help in the case of risks and to promote practical measures to avert or at least allay these risks.

NEW : The downloadable version of  "Heritage at Risk 2014-2015 report".

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INORA No. 67, 2013

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INORA No. 70, 2014

Download PDF files / Téléchargez les fichiers PDF 

  • p. 1-6 Clottes and Azeuma.pdf « Identical (Aurignacian?) signs in the Chauvet Pont d'Arc and Candamo caves» 
  • p. 7-13 Hermann.pdf « New finds at Tamgaly in Kazakhstan» 
  • p. 13-17 Hermann.pdf «The rock art site of Degeres, (Alimaty Oblys) Kazakhstan»
  • p. 17-21 Shafie.pdf« New petroglyphic complex in the west fringe of the Lut desert Shahdad South East Iran» 
  • p. 21-26 Utrilla et al « New levantine paintings in lower Aragon. The boomerang users of the Poyuelo shelter, (Torrecilla d'Alcaniz,Teruel, Spain)»
  • p. 27-29 Taylor « A unique petroglyph / pedestrian tunnel re-connects a city to its waterfront»

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