ICOMOS bibliographies

biblio historic gardens couvThese bibliographies provide you with references of documents available in the Centre and are structured thematically.


  • World Heritage Properties:
By regions
-World Heritage in Asia and Pacific 2011 (August 2011)
- World Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean 2011 (Augustt 2011)
- World Herigage in the Arab States (August 2011)
- World Heritage in Africa (August 2011)
By categories of cultural heritage
- World Heritage Historic Gardens 2011 (August 2011)
- World Heritage Cultural Landscapes 2011 (August 2011)
- Industrial and Technical Heritage in the World Heritage List 2011 (August 2011)
- World Heritage Urban Sites 2011 - Part I (countries from A to J)
Part II (countries from K to Y) (August 2011)
- Modern Heritage Properties (19th and 20th Centuries) on the World Heritage List 2011 (August 2011)
- Rock art sites in the World Heritage list  (Updated Sept. 2013)
- World Heritage Hominid Sites (August 2011)
  • Thematic bibliographies
New! Stone Heritage (July 2015) Final Couv Biblio Stone Heritage 2015
New! Industrial and Technical Heritage (June 2015) COUV Bibliography Industrial Heritage June 2015 Page 001
Heritage of Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality (Oct. 2014) Biblio Religions 2014 COUV
Earthen Architectural Heritage  (Sept.. 2014)  Biblio Earthen-Architecture 2014 cover
Cultural landscapes:
Management and conservation 
 (Oct. 2013)
biblio cl 2013 couv
Cultural routes: Conservation and management issues (Feb.2013) Biblio Cultural routes Couv2012 copy
Conservation of archaeological heritage  (Feb. 2013) BIBLI ARCHEO-HER 2013 couv Page 001
Rock art sites: research and conservation issues  (Nov. 2012)  BIBLIO Rock Art 2012 final Page 001
Venice Charter  (February 2012) Biblio Venice-Couv
Intangible heritage (August 2011)  biblio intangible heritage couv2013
Restoration and conservation of mural paintings (August 2011)  
Heritage at risk: From preparedness to management   (July 2011)  
Restoration and conservation of historic gardens (April 2011)  
Water and Cultural Heritage (March 2011)  
Vernacular architecture (March 2011)  
Authenticity (December 2010)  
Sport and cultural heritage  (June 2010)  
Management plans and the World Heritage Convention (May 2010)  
Conservation of stone (Sept 2009)