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Education Heritage and Water Awareness

ISC on Water and Heritage in cooperation with The Global Network of Water Museums

Education, Heritage and Water Awareness

15 Septembre 2021






700 Interns and 100 Countries: the US/ICOMOS International Exchange Program

15 July 2021


ICOMOS Spain webinar chain 1 febICOMOS Spain

Patrimonio, Educación y Participación Ciudadana: Instrumentos para la gestión educativa del patrimonio cultural (Session 3)

30 June 2021






ICH e symposiumICOMOS India - CSI Intagible Cultural Heritage + Emerging Professionals Working Group

E-Symposium on Intangible Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Management of Historic Towns in South Asia : Theory to Practice

June - July 2021

Introductory video

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3



Cultural Continuity and Crossroads: The Living Landscape of the San Antonio Missions

17 June 2021


ICICOMOS Spain webinar chain 1 febOMOS Spain

Lunes del Patrimonio Mundial: "Dimensión social del patrimonio" - part 5

31 May 2021






Showcasing Tribal Cultural Heritage at Grand Canyon National Park and World Heritage Site

27 May 2021


ICOMOS Spain webinar chain 1 febICOMOS Spain

Patrimonio, Educación y Participación Ciudadana: Patrimonio y participación: las comunidades patrimoniales (Session 2)

26 May 2021

For ICOMOS craftsmanship transmission1 minAustralia ICOMOS - NSC on Intangible Cultural Heritage

'Intangible Cultural Heritage and Communities: How can ICH strengthen the role of communities in managing their heritage?'

26 May 2021






Credits © Master Yingxiong Guo, the inheritor of the Jiangxi provincial ICH representative item-Ganzhou Hakka bamboo and root carving, is instructing kid students about carving skills in his chuanxisuo(传习所) at Yugutai, Ganzhou (photographed in December 2019)



ICOMOS Spain webinar chain 1 febPatrimonio, Educación y Participación Ciudadana: Repensando el concepto de patrimonio: enfoques desde la sociología del imaginario (Session 1)

28 April 2021

ICOMOS Spain webinar chain 1 febICOMOS Spain

Lunes del Patrimonio Mundial: "Arte rupestre: nuestro primer patrimonio" - part 4

26 April 2021






Diversifying Heritage in the United States

22 April 2021


ICOMOS Spain webinar chain 1 febICOMOS Colombia

Webinars on "Caja de Experiencias - Patrimonio Cultural"

Webinar 1- ¿Cómo se protege el patrimonio cultural'

Webinar 2- Ordenamiento Territorial y Patrimonio

Webinar 3- ¿Cómo conseguir recursos para el patrimonio cultural?

Webinar 4: La gestión del patrimonio cultural: responsabilidad compartida Estado - comunidades

Webinar 5- Estrategias de comunicación para el patrimonio cultural

Webinar 6 - El poder del patrimonio en tiempos de crisis

Webinar 7 - ¿Qué hacer cuando el patrimonio cultural está en riesgo?

Webinar 8- Patrimonio Cultural y Turismo


April 14 Africa US Collaboration page 0001US/ICOMOS

ICOMOS Emerging Professionals Working Group Africa-U.S. Collaboration:  Intergenerational Conversation on Society and Heritage: Perspectives from Africa and the U.S.

14 April 2021


ICOMOS Spain webinar chain 1 febLunes del Patrimonio Mundial: "Tarraco, 20 años Patrimonio Mundial. Retos y perspectivas" - part 3

29 March 2021







Tribal Reconnection and Archaeological Discovery: The Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks WH Nomination

25 March 2021



Tribally-driven Bison Restoration Comes to the Glacier/Waterton World Heritage Site

25 February 2021


ICOMOS Spain webinar chain 1 febICOMOS Spain

Lunes del Patrimonio Mundial: "La labor del MCD en la aplicación de la Convención del PM" - part 2

22 February 2021






ICOMOS Spain webinar chain 1 febLunes del Patrimonio Mundial: "Lecturas y miradas al Patrimonio Mundial de UNESCO en este siglo XXI" - part 1

1st February 2021






icomosbanner webinar3ICOMOS Netherlands & the Water Channel
Water and Heritage: Telling Examples & Assessment Methodologies

17 November 2020



ISCs Joint Meeting Webinar PosterICOMOS 6 ISCs Joint Meeting
Advancing Risk Management for the Shared Future

17 October 2020











Live from Chicago: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Frederick C. Robie House

15 October 2021


icomosbanner webinar2

ICOMOS Netherlands & the Water Channel

Cooperation between water & cultural heritage sectors

14 October 2020




webinar ICOMOS ICCROM IUCN 16Jul20202nd online meeting on the management of World Heritage sites in America [Spa]

18 September 2020

! Enter the code szg0jk#b to access the video !



ICOMOS Netherlands & the Water Channel
webinar ICOMOS ICCROM IUCN 16Jul2020Water and Heritage: Explained [Eng] - Part 1

16 September 2020






World Heritage Site at Risk: Chaco Culture National Historical Park - Webinar

10 September 2021


webinar ICOMOS ICCROM IUCN 16Jul2020DerechosHumanos y el patrimonio cultural en tiempos de coronavirus [Spa]

28 August 2020







webinar ICOMOS ICCROM IUCN 16Jul2020EJEMPLOS DE MODELOS URBANOS Y ARQUITECTÓNICOS EN PANDEMIA O ENFERMEDAD (Examples of Urban and Architectural Models for pandemics or sickness) [Spa]

20 August 2020

→ Part 1 : vidéo

Part 2 : vidéo

Part 3 : vidéo



Confederate Monuments: Past, Present, and Future - Webinar

13 August 2021


webinar ICOMOS ICCROM IUCN 16Jul2020Múltiplas narrativas interpretativas do Patrimônio: experiências e práticas

12 August 2020

Description [in Por]

Apresentar experiências de uso dos inventários participativos como ferramentas para processos de escuta das múltiplas narrativas e interpretações do patrimônio cultural e como instrumentos de mobilização social para sua preservação. Para isso, estarão presentes no debate, pesquisadores, agentes, ativistas e detentores do campo do patrimônio.





ICOMOS Argentina
ICOMOS Argentina Climate Change Online Course 202008Climate Change and Risk Assessment for Cultural Heritage

10 August (1st session)

An online course on climate change and risk assessment for cultural heritage is being offered by ICOMOS Argentina, La Plata City Foundation and the Heritage and Climate Change Initiative, within the framework of the "New approaches to cultural and natural heritage” programme. The first edition starts on 10 August 2020, and will be available in Spanish and Portuguese. The second edition of the course will begin in October and will also be available in English.








U.S. Civil Rights Movement Sites and the World Heritage List

30 July 2021


webinar ICOMOS ICCROM IUCN 16Jul2020Impact Assessment for World Heritage I - what are the main things you need to know

16 July 2020


"Impact assessment is an approach and methodology that can promote better evidence-based decision-making in advance of planning for change at or near World Heritage properties.

The three Advisory Bodies (ICCROM, ICOMOS and IUCN) have been collaborating, in partnership with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), on the elaboration of a new joint World Heritage Impact Assessment (WHIA) Guidance document within the framework of the ICCROM-IUCN World Heritage Leadership Programme.

The objective is to develop an impact assessment guidance for World Heritage properties, using a framework that can be applied to both natural and cultural properties and to small or large-scale projects, either within broader environmental impact assessments (EIA), or used stand-alone.

The session will explain the basics of what an Impact Assessment is, and how it is connected to the conservation and protection measures needed for World Heritage properties. This is part 1 of a 2-part session on World Heritage Impact Assessment." (source: ICCROM)


webinar ICOMOS ICCROM IUCN 16Jul2020Roda de Conversa ICOMOS BRASIL - A COVID 19 e As Comunidades Tradicionais

15 July  2020

A COVID 19 impôs a necessidade de buscar diálogos e ações coordenadas para tentar estabelecer um pleno acordo para preservar vidas. No Brasil, porém, a pandemia acentuou os conflitos, evidenciou assimetrias e mostra um cenário de violação aos direitos humanos e da vida de povos indígenas e de diversas comunidades tradicionais, como aquelas dos quilombolas, ciganos, pescadores e ribeirinhos, extrativistas, povos de terreiro, entre outras. Nossa roda de conversa tem como objetivo constituir um espaço de informação e análise do enfrentamento a pandemia entre povos e comunidades tradicionais e dos perigos que ameaçam a sobrevivência dos seus patrimônios culturais.


ICOMOS Germany Web Europes Cultural DiversityICOMOS Germany

Promoting Europe's cultural heritage and diversity - Who? How? With Whom?

13-14 Juillet 2020

Introductory part -13 July

Final discussion - 14 July







thumb ICOMOS Philippines webinar communitiesICOMOS Philippines webinar series - Episode 2
"when communities engage: Tools for
Community Participation"

7 July 2020









ICOMOS Nigeria
3-Day virtual discussions

icomos nigeria virtual discussionsUNESCO, Culture Conventions, with a focus on the 1972 World Heritage Convention and its Operational Guidelines - session II
27 June 2020

→ Go to Video

UNESCO, Culture Conventions, with a focus on the 1972 World Heritage Convention and its Operational Guidelines
20 June 2020

→ Go to Video

Cultural Heritage: Definitions and notions
13 June 2020

Go to Video


ICOMOS INdia NSC FOrt 27 JuneICOMOS India - ICOFORT National Scientific Committee (NSC) Fort webinar series - Ep. 4
Webinar series on fortifications & military heritage covering a vast regional expanse and thematic areas.
27 June 2020
A webinar on Northwestern Frontiers, 





ICOMOS INdia NSC FOrt 26 JuneICOMOS India - NSC Fort webinar series - Ep. 3
26 June 2020
A webinar on Northern Frontiers with central strongholds: Jammu, Punjab, Delhi,U.P., M.P. & Gujarat






ICOMOS France PericlesTICOMOS France & Pericles Project (Maritime Cultural Heritage)
24 June 2020
ICOMOS France: une définition et cinq principes pour la valorisation des espaces patrimoniaux (lang.: FRE)




ICOMOS India NSC Fort 20 JuneICOMOS India - NSC Fort
20 June 2020
A webinar on Western fortresses: Maharashtra & Goa







ICOMOS Philippines webinar series ep 1ICOMOS Philippines webinar series - Episode 1
Place-making and Food Security"

20 June 2020




ICOMOS India NSC Fort 19 JuneICOMOS India - NSC Fort
19th June 2020
A webinar on Deccan fortresses: Forts of Decca







12 juin FR
12 June
Climate change and cultural heritage 










CIPA EP 4 JUNE 2020ICOMOS, CIPA Emerging profesionnals webinar #3
(& NSERC, National Trust for Canada)
4 June 2020
Virtual reality : unlocking the potential








ICOM ICOMOS Espana Dialogos patrimonio y MuseosICOM España & ICOMOS España
22 May 2020
Dialogos, Patrimonio y Museos: una mirada LGTBIQ+






CIPA EP 21 MAY 2020ICOMOS, CIPA Emerging profesionnals webinar #2
21 May 2020
Low-Cost Techniques for Heritage Recording and Visualization







CIPA EP 7 MAY 2020ICOMOS CIPA Emerging profesionnals | Webinar #1
7 May 2020
Accessing Heritage Places from Home









18April2020 EPWGICOMOS Africa and Arab States Regions Emerging Professionals

18 April 2020

Journeys to Africa and Arab States Heritage





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