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Roland Silva

ICOMOS Regional Meeting
- The ICOMOS Regional Meeting - D. Munjeri
- What is ICOMOS? - Roland Silva
- Opening Remarks - John. H. Dahl
- The ScientificProgramme - Jean Louis Luxen (Carole Alexandre)
- The Question of Authenticity and its Application to Cultural Heritage in Africa - Webber Ndoro
- Preservation of Rock Art -Botswana Case: a Non-Biased Approach - Tjako Mpulumbusi
- Rock Art -Case for a Regional Approach - Janette Deacon
- Earthen Architecture Project : TheCase for Zimbabwe - Ivan Murambiwa
- African Cultural Heritage - Mohaman Haman
- ICOMOS Regional Meeting: Recommendations -30 October 1995, Harare
- Country Positions

Rehabilitation and Conservation
- Plan de projet réhabilitation et conservation de l'architecture de Djenné (Mali):
Le patrimoine architectural
Proposition de project
Quelque dates. Histoire de recherches. Postface

Strategic Planning - Zimbabwe
- The Strategic Planning Workshop Report.
- The National Museums and Monuments Act 1972 and the Management of Cultural Heritage - J.S. Muringaniza
- Rock Art in Zimbabwe - George Tafirenyika Mrenge
- Conservation of Rock Art in Zimbabwe. - Lorraine M. Swan
- Traditional Village in Zimbabwe. - Munyaradzi Manyanga
- Potential for Cultural Tourism in Zimbabwe. - Tafirenyika Masona
- Tourism Policy in Zimbabwe or the Lack of it - Tafirenyika Masona

International Cooperation
- Heritage Resource Management in Zimbabwe. A Proposal - Concerning InstitutionaI Cooperation between - Zimbabwe-SriLanka-Norway
- Project Management Mission to Sri Lanka.

Zimbabwe -Sri Lanka -Norway Cooperation Programme