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cultural sites:
the site manager's hand book

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ICOMOS International Committee on Cultural Tourism
Introduction: Finding a Balance 

Section I: Preparing the Foundation
1. The World Heritage Convention: An Overview 
2. Establishing a Management Philosophy 
3.The Site Management Planning Process 

Section II: Building a Structure
1. Staffing and Budgeting 
2. Policies on Visitor-Related Income 
3. Image and Marketing 
4. Recording and Analyzing Visitors 
5. Visitors and the Local Population 

Section III: Welcoming Visitors
1. Moving Travelers To and From Sites
2. Welcoming Visitors: Amenities and Services 
3. Interpretation of the Site and Visitor Education 

Section IV: Appendices
Appendix A: Text of the World Heritage Convention 
Appendix B: World Heritage Definitions and Criteria 
Appendix C: Cultural Sites on the World Heritage List  
Appendix D: The ICOMOS Charter on Cultural Tourism  
Appendix E: A Selected International Bibliography 
Appendix F: International Tourism Periodicals  
Appendix G: Selected International and Regional Organizations Related to Cultural Tourism  
Appendix H: A Chronology of Major International Events Related to Cultural Tourism