National Committees

ICOMOS NC map jpgNational Committees are organisations that are created at the national level in countries which are members of UNESCO. They bring together individual and institutional members and offer them a framework for discussion and an exchange of information. ICOMOS currently has over 110 National Committees. Each National Committee adopts its own rules of procedure and elaborates its own program according to the goals and aims of ICOMOS. Each Committee implements the programs proposed by the Board and the Advisory Committee of ICOMOS.

ICOMOS National Committees provide a forum where individuals and representatives of institutions concerned with the conservation, protection, rehabilitation and enhancement of architectural heritage can meet to exchange information and views on principles and practices in the field. The National Committee represents the interests of its members, both nationally and internationally. National Committees can undertake specific activities on their own initiatives or at the request of their governments. National Committees are a channel through which individual specialists in each country take part in ICOMOS' international activities including, for example, specific missions entrusted to ICOMOS by UNESCO.

Through the annual meetings of the ICOMOS Advisory Committee, National Committees can exert a decisive influence on the programme priorities of ICOMOS. National Committees can also volunteer to take responsibility (in close co-operation with the ICOMOS International Secretariat in Paris) for part of ICOMOS' international programme which is of particular concern to their country. The National Committees implement, locally, the proposed programs of the Board.

Addresses and contacts of all National Committees

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