ICOMOS / LAC Symposium: Second Call for Papers until March 23

icomos lac1The 4th ICOMOS-Brazil Scientific Symposium, which will also be the 1st edition of the ICOMOS / LAC Symposium, will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between May 12 and 15. The Symposium will present an overview of the discussions on heritage in our continent, in addition to discussing the specific theme "Heritage and crisis". We are inviting all cultural heritage specialists to participate in this event, which will be an important forum to discuss the state of the art in our area. For this, we are opening a second call for papers, until next 23 March, which can be accessed through the link: https://www.even3.com.br/simposioicomos2020




Sub-theme 1: Conservation theories

Sub-theme 2: Documentation, conservation and restoration

Sub-theme 3: Urban heritage, cultural landscapes and the environment

Sub-theme 4: Intangible Heritage

Sub-theme 5: Heritage education

Sub-theme 6: Emerging Issues



icomos lac2

Human Rights and Heritage Management Workshop to be held in Rio

The first ICOMOS/LAC Rights Based Approaches and Heritage Management Workshop will be held in Rio de Janeiro, from the 11 to the 15 May, as a side event of the 1st LAC Scientific Symposium.

The principal aim of this course in human rights and heritage management is to provide people involvement in heritage management with the knowledge they need to evaluate human rights issues and to apply human rights-based approaches in their work. Focus is on the rights and duties of implementing agencies and involved communities.

The course to be held in Spanish will provide:

  1. a general introduction to the international human rights system, including its institutions and mechanisms,
  2. a specific introduction to relevant cultural rights and relevant heritage conventions and texts, as well as the UN and UNESCO institutional framework, as well as
  3. a general introduction to human rights-based approaches (HRBA) to planning for heritage governance and management.

Registration requirements

Calendrier pictoEach participant to this workshop is expected to prepare a one-page summary in advance sent to the organizers by 31 March 2020 at the latest to: hrba@icomos.org.br with the following information:

Think of a specific issue or problem in your own work that appears involve human rights and that you suspect might be better managed or resolved by being more conscious of human rights. How has it been addressed historically and what is the current management approach?


 Photo credits: ICOMOS Brazil

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