18 April 2018 - Events


In 2018, the theme is “Heritage for Generations”


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NB: The language of the descriptions is such as we received them . 

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Event title: Primera Jornada sobre Influencia Francesa
en la Ciudad de La Plata
What? El objetivo de esta Primera Jornada es reconocer la influencia francesa en nuestra ciudad y región, generando un espacio de intercambio de conocimiento y difusión de este legado cultural material e inmaterial.
Who? ICOMOS Argentina
When? Viernes 20 de abril de 2018
Where? Alianza Francesa, calle 59 Nº 626, Ciudad de La Plata, Buenos Aires
Official contact:pedrodelheye[at]yahoo.com.ar
Offical website:
Attachments: flyer

Event title: #selfiepatrimonioargentino
Social Networks + Audiovisual Contributions
What?"The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow" - Nelson Mandela
The Argentine Committee of ICOMOS invites you to add your contribution to the International Day of Monuments and Sites.
Who? ICOMOS Argentina
When? April 18, 2018
Where? Everywhere in Argentina
Official contact:Gabi Santibañez <arq.mgsantibanez[at]gmail.com>
Offical website: http://www.icomos.org.ar

Event title: conociendo nuestros monumentos
What? City tour - recorrido guiado por el paseo de la costanera local visitando diferentes monumentos
Who? Alumnos de 4to y 5to año del secundario n 38 “Juana Azurduy”
When? 18 de abril de 2018 de 13:30 a 16:30
Where? Río Gallegos - Santa Cruz - Argentina



Event title: 1. Exhibation "Archaeological Heritage for Generations: identifying, evaluating, maintaining".
2. Concert "Heritage for Generations".
3. Lecture “Archaeological heritage for generations” .
What? 1.ICOMOS/Armenia, in close collaboration with “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve, is organizing an exhibition, entitled as “Archaeological Heritage for Generations: identifying, evaluating, and maintaining”. The aim of this education oriented exhibition is to raise the issues concerning the heritage identification, evaluation and preservation, for increasing the awareness of historical and cultural monuments among the youth. In general, the informative panels will include the information on the cultural heritage, its varieties, in particularly, about the archaeological sites, activities aimed to preserve them, initiatives and about the functions for transferring knowledge to generations. Armenian monuments, included in UNESCO World Heritage List, will be displayed on separate panels; and remarks about the organization of visits to the heritage sites, their damages and possible prevention will also be made. The exhibition will be composed of illustrated posters and artefacts, mentioned in the posters.
2.On this occasion the choir “Ashnanayin Dzayner” (Autumn Sounds) will be present. The members of the choir are mainly adults, who want to transfer their preserved intangible heritage to the young audience.
3.Within the framework of the International Day for Monuments and Sites, a lecture will be held by a young archaeologist, a member of ICOMOS/Armenia for the pupils and students, on the theme of “Archaeological heritage for generations” at the “Erebuni” museum .
Who? ICOMOS/Armenia National Commiittee, "Erebuni" Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve
When? April 18, 2018, 14:00-17:00
Where? Armenia, Yerevan, Erebuni st. 38
Official contact-- icomos_armenia[at]mail.ru, erebunimuseum[at]gmail.com
Official website--icomos-armenia.org, erebuni.am
Attachments: Poster / leaflet



Event title: Medieval Heritage for Generations
What? Values, significant and important of Old town Dubrovnik and Koposici. Presentation of archaeological research and conservation and restoration work.
Who? National Committee and NGOrganisations ("NAPREDAK","SAN","MLADOST",..)
When? 26th May 2018
Where? Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ilijas Municipality, Medieval old town Dubrovnik and Koposici
Official contact:COMOS NCin BiH vssimcic[at]gmail.com
Official website:



Event title: Conference “Originality in the Monument of Culture- 40 years later"

What? Announcing 2018 as the European Year of Heritage, the anniversary of the "Originality in the Monument of Culture" conference, and especially the controversial practice after the "transition" in Bulgaria, provoked the organization of this conference, which is planned to be held on 18th of April, the International Day for Monuments and Sites. The system of preservation, staff education, and the boundaries of "original" and "intervention" required a new theoretical justification.

Who? Forum “Architectural Heritage” and Bulgarian National Committee of ICOMOS
When? 18 April 2018
Where? Bulgaria, Sofia, The Central house of Architects
Official contact: Yavor Bankov
Secretary of Forum “Architectural Heritage”
11, Krakra str.,
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
tel: +359 898 509 947
Official website:http://danbg.com



Event title: D’une génération à l'autre. regards sur le patrimoine
What? Une table ronde réunissant deux générations travaillant à la protection et la mise en valeur du patrimoine à Montréal
Who? Héritage Montréal
When? Mercredi, 18 avril 2018, de 18 h à 19 h 30
Where? Projet Young, 204, rue Young
Official contact: education[at]heritagemontreal.org
Official website:http://www.heritagemontreal.org/activite/table-ronde-dune-generation-a-lautre-regards-sur-le-patrimoine/



Event title : sing and speak in Dong language
What? Dong ethnic village traditional singing festival with Dong minority language
Who? Suining County World Heritage Nomination Preparation Office
When? April 18, 2018/ March 3 on Chinese lunar calendar
Where? Shangbao Dong Village, Suining County, Hunan Province
Official contact: Mr. Wu Maoxing by +86 13397396606; Office by +86 0739 7788777
Offical website:
Attachments: Poster

Event title: Award Ceremony for China’s Best Practices of Conservation of Monuments and Sites
What? the ceremony will give awards to those best practices, selected by experts from fields of architecture and conservation.
Who? ICOMOS China, China Cultural Relics (newspaper), Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
When? April 18, 2018
Where? Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Beijing
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:www.icomoschina.org.cn

Event title: Heritage for Generations: Debating Competition
What? We hope that through personal participation in the debate, our next generation will have a deeper understanding of the significance of cultural heritage and increased awareness of consciously protecting cultural heritage.
Who? ICOMOS/CHINA; ICOMOS International Conservation Center-Xi’an; Xi’an Jiaotong University; Xi’an Bureau of Cultural Heritage
When? April 15, Sunday
Where? Inside Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi'an, Shaanxi
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website: http://www.iicc.org.cn

Event title: "Heritage for Generations"- history of protecting of Mogao Grottoes and its development
What? 1. Exhibition: Use exhibition boards to show tourists the significance of protecting Mogao Grottoes, the conservation process, importance and results.
2. Create publicity through official website of the Dunhuang Academy;
3. Attract more young people to participate by organizing quiz context at the Dunhuang Academy WeChat. Prizes will be given to the winners. The questions are related to the protection of the heritage and the prize is books related to Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang.
4. Students major in Cultural Relic Protection from Northwestern University learn their lessons at the protected site.
Who? Dunhuang Academy
When? April 18-25 2018
Where? Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, Gansu Province
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:www.dha.ac.cn

Event title:"Heritage for Generations" - Cultural heritage into campus
What? 1. "Heritage for Generations" Mobile Exhibition into Campus. The exhibition is composed of display boards, divided into three parts: "Origin of World Heritage and Types of Heritage", "World Cultural Heritage in Gansu" and "History, Art and Conservation Management for the Grottoes of Bingling Temple". It focuses on long history, rich cultural heritage and exquisite Buddhist art of Bingling Temple Grottoes.
2. Distribution of promotional material. Principles for the Conservation of Heritage Sites in China, Gansu Bingling Temple Grottoes Conservation Ordinance, Bingling Temple Grottoes postcards will be distributed to teachers and students, with the aim to raise their awareness on the protection of historic sites and World Heritage.
Who? Gansu Bingling Temple Institute of Cultural Relics Preservation
When? April 18, 2018
Where? Taping Village Primary School, Wangtai Town, Yongjing County
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website: www.dpm.org.cn

Event title: Second Asia-Pacific MBA Site Visit to Nanjing City Wall for Supporting World Heritage Nomination

What? In order to enhance public awareness for heritage conservation, to call for supports from various professions, and to foster World Heritage nomination of Nanjing City Wall, this event will organize MBA students from Nanjing University to visit the City Wall. Experts will be invited to introduce the history of the wall during site visit. Participants will be enjoying the charming culture of the wall.
Who? Nanjing City Wall Conservation and Administration Center, Commerce School of Nanjing University
When? March 31, 2018
Where? City Wall, Nanjing, Jiangsu
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:www.icomoschian.org.cn

Event title: 2018 International Forum on the Protection and Utilization of Nanjing City Wall
What? the city representatives from the relevant countries and regions of the world, scholars on history and culture, experts on the protection of cultural heritage will gather in the ancient capital of Jinling to discuss the issues related to the protection of the ancient city, development of the city, and share the experience and successful cases in protecting world’s cultural heritage.
Who? ICOMOS China, China Ming and Qing City Wall Joint Nomination Office
When? May 26-27, 2018
Where? Nanjing, Jiangsu
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:www.icomoschian.org.cn

Event title: Protect Heritage by “Hand”
What? 1, Activity background - 2, Purpose - 3, Details
Who? Han Yang Mausoleum Museum
When? April 18, 2018
Where? Han Yang Mausoleum Museum, Xian, Shaanxi Province
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:

Event title: "Tribute to Cultural Heritage, Dialogue with Modern Technology" Forum
What? 1, Exhibition and visits - 2, Forum
Who? Shanghai Jianwei Historic Architecture Conservation Tech. Co., Ltd.
When? 13:30 - 17:00 p.m. April 18, 2018
Where? Shanghai Jianwei Cultural Heritage Conservation Tech. Co., Ltd.
(Address: No. 10, Building B7, Lane 3188, Xiupu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai)
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:http://www.shjwqy.com/en/index.aspx
Seats can be reserved on the WeChat platform

Event title: Rough Wood to Fine Woodworks—— Mortise and Tenon in Ming Dynasty Architecture (3 forums sessions)
What? We organize activities for the kids, such as movie on a 360-degree screen, lectures on Tea Drinking in Ming Dynasty, what's behind tea ceremony, sip and taste tea, inscription rubbing, rub: tea related inscriptions or fresh tea leaves with plants. With these activities, children understand the Chinese traditional tea culture, broaden the knowledge, improve their cultural cultivation and artistic appreciation of people.
Who? ICOMOS China
When? May to June, May 13, June 17, June 10
Where? Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Museum
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:

Event title: : Understand the Past, Look to the Future
What? 1. Go to the site - 2. Go to the community - 3. Cultural and creative activities
Who? National Middle School Archaeological Union
When? April 18 -May 18, 2018
Where? Middle schools and cities all over the country
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:

Event title: Walking around Humanistic Historical Landscape in Beijing
What? The purpose of this activity is to visit the museums, former residences of famous persons, historic streets/alleys and the historic parks in Beijing. Young students can explore the historical and cultural memory of old Beijing and learn more about their cultural heritage.
Who? Art Exhibitions China, School of Archaeology and Museology of Peking University
When? April 4-17, 2018 (two weeks)
Where? About 20 museums in Beijing including Imperial Palace, Summer Palace, Capital Museum, former residence of famous persons, historic streets/alleys, historic parks.
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:

Event title:Heritage for Generations
What? Xilin Gol League Xanadu Cultural Heritage Administration has decided April 18 of each year as free entrance day. The Site of Xanadu and Xanadu Museum that charge an entrance fee will offer free admission to everyone on that day. .
Who? ICOMOS China
When? April 18, 2018 (Wednesday)
Where? Site of Xanadu, Shuluun Huh Kublai Square
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:

Event title: Mausoleum of the Xixia Dynasty on International Day for Monuments and Sites (April 18)
What? On the International Day for Monuments and Sites (April 18, 2018), various forms of activities will be launched at the Mausoleum to publicize the significance of protecting cultural heritage as well as the heritage value of the Mausoleum.
Who? Ningxia Cultural Relics Bureau; Administrative Office of the Mausoleum of the Xixia Dynasty
When? April 18, 2018
Where? The Mausoleum of the Xixia Dynasty
Official contact:icomoschina[at]icomoschina.org.cn
Official website:

Event title: 2018 Heritage Surveying and Mapping
What? In October, an exhibition will be held open to the public to display the results. The rich value of architectural heritage will be shown through the study of different types of heritage.
Who? : Architecture College of Southeast University /Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for Urban and Architectural Heritage Conservation, Scientific Research Base of the State Administration of Cultural Relics for the Research of Traditional Wooden Architecture and Technology
When? Mid-October 2018
Where? 1/F, exhibition hall at the former Institute of Architecture, Southeast University Sipailou Campus, 2. Saipailou, Nanjing
Official contact:
Official website: 

Event title: Symposium on protection and utilization of South China Historic Trail
Who? Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban&Rural Deveslopment, International City Management Association (ICMA), Guangdong Urban & Rural Planning and Design Institute
What? Protection, utilization and construction of Ancient Road in Guangdong
When? April 14th-15th
Where? Hawana Resort Guangzhou, Conghua
Official contact:
Official website:


Event title:Press Conference: Guangdong ancient road 2nd cultural and creative competition and tour, the 2nd Children's Painting Competition
Who? Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban & Rural Development, Department of Education of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Provincial Department of culture, Guangdong Sports Bureau, Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau
When? April 16th, Monday, 14:30-16:00p.m
Where? Guangdong Museum
Official contact:
Official website:


Event title: Press Conference: Succession-past and present of the South China Historic Trail
Who? Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics
When? April 17th, 09:00-11:00a.m
Where? Conference Room, 7/F, Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture, 701, Road East Dongfeng, Guangzhou
Official contact:
Official website:


Event title:Press Conference: The ancient Chinese phonology-Classical phonology revival project on South China Historic Trail
Who? Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban&Rural Construction
When? April 18th
Where? Lianma Town, lvtian, Conghua district, Guangzhou
Official contact:
Official website:

Event title:Research by special tutor for Guangdong ancient road Children's Painting Competition-Qi’ao Ancient Road
When? April 18th
Where? Qi’ao Ancient Road, Zhongshan
Official contact:
Official website:

Event title: “Interest of the Yangcheng”-Activities on Guangzhou Ancient Road Monuments and Sites Date
Who? Guangzhou Land Resources and Planning Commission
What? Activity One:
Interest of the Canton, Time and space lecture hall: space-time transition of Guangdong Ancient Road
Activity Two:
Interest of the Canton, Culture into the village: volunteer work into village and community
When? April 18th-20th, April 19th-20th
Where? Exhibition room of South China Historic Trail, Yingyuan Road
Official contact:
Official website:




Event title: Creative Use of Social Media for Cultural Heritage
What? The event is composed of a series of actions, which will be based on the creative usage of social media for cultural heritage.
Who? Europa Nostra Cyprus
When? 18th April 2018, 14.00 – 17.00
Where? Bedestan, the Walled City of Nicosia - Cyprus
Official contact:Co-presidents of Europa Nostra Cyprus
Agni Pedridou (agnipedridou[at]gmail.com)
Naciye Doratli (naciyedoratli[at]gmail.com)
Offical website:https://www.europanostracyprus.org)
Attachments: poster


Event title: Biennal of Architectural and Urban Restoration
What? international conference and exhibition
Who? CICOP ( Italy ) and BRAU4- HCH in honor of Rea Tassiou
When? from 15 to 30.4.2018
Where? Nicosia- Cyprus
Attachments: programme and poster



Event title: Emerging Professionals - Network Meeting in the house of PH. 
What ? Network Meeting in the house of Poul Henningsen
Who? ICOMOS Denmark
When ? 18th avril 2018 at 9-11 
Where ? Poul Henningsens House, Brogårdsvej 72, 2820 Gentofte, Denmark
Official contact :Amalie Drachmann, ad[à]drark.dk
Official website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/853055994886076/

Attachments: poster


Dominican Republic

Event title: Guided tour in El Conde
What? A guided tour in El Conde street in Santo Domingo, the principal way in the Colonial City, our principal World Heritage. It shows an evolution of dominican architecture.
Who? ICOMOS Republique Dominicaine
When? 21st of April
Where? Santo Domingo
Official contact: Edwin Espinal Hernández edwinespinal[at]hotmail.com
Official website:



Event title: Heritage for Generations
What? On behalf of National Organization for Urban Harmony, Cairo Heritage Development Committee, and Ministry of Culture, joining the world heritage day in April 2018, we have proposed a great agenda for celebrating the Egyptian cultural significance. Our celebrations aim at raising the local community and the Egyptian academia [the young professional] for their cultural heritage.
Who? Egyptian Ministry of Culture,NOUH and CHDC
When? 18 – 28 April 2018
Where? Khedivian Cairo and Historic Cairo – Cairo – Egypt
Official contact:abuseada25[at]yahoo.com
Offical website:
Attachments: programme and flyer


El Salvador

Event title: Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios / Lema 2018: Patrimonio para las Nuevas Generaciones
What? Realización de recorridos guiados gratuitos a edificaciones con valor cultural en diferentes ciudades del país, así como a los sitios arqueológicos, y desarrollo de un Conversatorio con arquitectos que han trabajado en proyectos de restauración, reutilización y nueva construcción en Bienes Culturales Inmuebles, denominado “Conservando y Construyendo Patrimonio”
Who? Dirección Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural y Natural de la Secretaría de Cultura de la Presidencia.
When? Recorrido guiado a edificaciones y conversatorio 18 de abril.
Recorrido guiado a sitios arqueológicos 21 de abril.
Where? El Salvador
Official contact: xsiliezar[at]cultura.gob.sv
Official website:www.cultura.gob.sv
Attachments: posters 1,2,3,4,5,6

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Event title: Launch of Visit BalticManors visitor game
What? Short presentation of the event Castle and manor associations and ICOMOS NCof Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have joint forces to organise a visitor campaign for the summer 2018 celebrating centennial anniversaries of the independence of the three Baltic countries. About 150 historic manor houses in three countries are going to open doors to the visitors as a joint event. The aim of the visitor game is to visualize the significant density of manor network in these countries; local similarities and differences, to promote the importance and challenges of restoration and heritage promotion and to highlight the importance of individua initiative as well as involvement of the community to safeguard heritage. The legacy of the former noble complexes is unique due to political, national and cultural contradictions. These are important historical economic complexes, the sites of architectural and cultural glory; birthplaces of well-known world explorers, artists, writers, scientists, etc.; witnesses of rank society as well as important elements in restoration of the independent State of Lithuania and establishing the statehood of Estonia and Latvia.
Who? Organizers Manor associations and ICOMOS NC's of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
When? Launch April 18th, Game May 25th- Sept 16th
Official contact: Estonia, Riin Alatalu, riin.alatalu[at]gmail.com
Latvia, AiraAndriksone, aira.andriksone[at]inbox.lv
Lithuania, Vilma Deckute Zukauskiene, dvarai[at]dvarai.lt
Official website:www.icomos.ee

Event title: 20th century heritage - Seminar
What? Short presentation of the event Estonian heritage protection authorities as well local communities have made a significant effort in the last decade to promote and safeguard the heritage of 20th century. Seminat focuses on the interpretation of 20th century heritage, local challenges as well as lessons learnt on global level based on the examples from Heritage at Risk list and UNESCO WH endangered heritage.
Who? Organizers Environment Board, National Heritage Board , Estonian Academy of Art, ICOMOS Estonia NC
When? April 19th
Where? Loksa Shipping Factory, Estonia
Official contact:Ave Paulus Ave.Paulus[at]keskkonnaamet.ee
Official website: www.keskkonnaamet.ee; www.icomos.ee

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Event title: 18 April event - Finland
What?The online exhibition ‘Our Shared World Heritage’ illustrates the world heritage process and presents the seven Finnish World Heritage Sites. The information is available in Finnish, Swedish and English: http://www.kulttuurinvuosikello.fi/yhteinen-maailmanperintomme-2/
Living heritage study material package: The goal of the study material (available in Finnish and Swedish) is to activate children and young people to think about the intangible heritage and share it as videos, images or wiki articles. The study material contains picture cards, a PowerPoint presentation, a lesson plan and a Kahoot game. http://opi.aineetonkulttuuriperinto.fi/fi/
Operaatio maailmanperintö (Operation World Heritage) is a cooperative digital learning game in Finnish for children in upper comprehensive school. The duration of the game is approximately one lesson. http://www.operaatiomp.fi
Who? The Association of Cultural Heritage Education
Where? Helsinki, at Ritarihuone (Hallituskatu 2b, 3rd floor) from 12:00 to 16:00
Official contact:Margaretha Ehrström <margaretha.ehrstrom[at]gmail.com>
Official website:

FranceThis event is international

Event title: EHDs initiatives
Who? European Heritage Days
What? The first, European Heritage Makers Week, is an opportunity for children and young people to explore their local heritage and share their stories with our communities on our website. The Call for European Heritage Stories, which will launch tomorrow, is an invitation for Storytellers from EHD communities, EU Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Award winners and the European Heritage Label to share their interpretation of a European heritage story and explore the ways they understand their heritage site or heritage work corresponds with common European values.*Facebook: www.facebook.com/EHDays
Twitter: @JEP_EHD #EHDs
Instagram: @europeanheritagedays #EHDs #JEP
Attachments: programme 1,2,3 et pictures 1,2


Event title: Welterbe für Generationen. Heritage for Generations -
Who? Stiftung Denkmalpflege Hamburg
When? 18. April 2018, 16 Uhr
Where? Warburg-Haus, Germany, 20249 Hamburg, Heilwigstraße 116
Official contact Official website Stiftung Denkmalpflege Hamburg, info@denkmalstiftung.de www.denkmalstiftung.de
Attachment: Program




Event title:Safeguarding the Values of the European Cultural Heritage
What? ICOMOS Hellenic is organizing an international two-day conference on the occasion of celebrating the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and the International Day for Monuments and Sites. The scope of the conference is to share opinions and acquired knowledge between experts regarding the preservation of the cultural and historical value of the European heritage, to answer questions about the preservation of Europe’s historical cities, archaeological sites, natural landscapes and integrated aspects of intangible heritage and to discuss principles and policies for their sustainable management.
Who? ICOMOS Hellenic
When? 14-15 September
Where? Greece, Athens
Official contact:anakasis[at]gmail.com, Elena.Korka[at]icomos.org
Official website:www.icomoshellenic.com



Event title: Hungarian ICOMOS for 18 April 2018
Who? ICOMOS Hungarian National Committee
What? Festive event organised for the International Day for Monuments and Sites in the frame of European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018
When? 18 April 2018
Where? Szentendre, Hamvas Béla Pest megyei Könyvtár, H-2000 Szentendre, Pátriárka utca 7
Official contact secretariat@icomos.hu
Official website www.icomos.hu
Attachments: Poster / leaflet



Event title: "Heritage for Generations"
Who? - ICOMOS Young Professionals(YPs) of India
What? - "Heritage for Generations" - In keeping with the main theme of the event, we would like to use this opportunity to emphasize and discuss the 'problems and prospects' faced by YPs. This will also be an opportunity for the YPs to showcase their interpretation of local heritage through photography.
When? 18th April
Where? Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad
Official contact - Gayathri Hegde - gayathri.hegde[at]outlook.com/Poonam Trambadia - poonam.ashish[at]gmail.com
Attachments: Event invite and poster.


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Event title: Exhibition titled "The Incredible Historic Resources of Narnaul -- Transmitting Knowledge hrough Generations"
What? A Exhibition of Detailed Drawings, Photographs and other graphic material produced as a result of a 10--day Intensive documentation produced by some 120 students and faculty of the School. The focus area was to understand the traditional wisdom of water management and climate control systems of Narnaul, a historic city located in a hot-arid zone of the Haryana province of NW India.
Who? Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture, Chitkara University-Punjab, India
When? On 18 April 2018
Where? India; Chitkara University, Chandigarh-Rajpura National Highway, District Patiala, Punjab, India
Official contact:Kiran Joshi <kiran.joshi[at]chitkara.edu.in>;
Offical website:www.chitkara.edu.in
Attachments: poster



Event title: Heritage for Generations
What? I) Two speeches on the theme of the year by Dr. Qolamhossein EBRAHIMI DINANI (Proff. Emeritus, University of Tehran) and Dr. Mahdi HODJAT (ICOMOS-Iran, President)
II) Panel on the theme of the year organized by three emerging professionals, including: Atefeh MOUSAVI (ICOMOS-Iran representative of emerging professionals, PhD Candidate in Conservation of Historical Monuments), Fatemeh TAVANAEI (ICOMOS-Iran member, March in Iranian Architectural Studies).
III) Question and Answer
Who? ICOMOS Iran
When? April 18 2018, 17-20
Where? Iran, Tehran, #107, Alireza Javidi St., Amirkabir St., ICOMOS-Iran Office
Official contact:mrz.rahimzadeh[at]gmail.com

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2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations



Event title: Pasargadae World Heritage Center
What? International day for monuments and sites are celebrated in Pasargadae World Heritage Site. In this day students of Hajar secondary school are invited to the site. First of all, this day was introduced and the importance of cultural heritage for generations was emphasized by the site manager, Dr. Hamid Fadaei. The priorities and necessities of conservation were describing with simple words in the short animated movie. After that special tour was held in the site with professional leader, who described archaeological and preservative issues professionally. Afterward, students divided into various groups and made wallpapers based on their training.
In the end, the heritage assistant card was presented to the students and asked them to be aware of their culture and mention others their training.
When? 18 April 2018
Where? Iran, Pasargadae, Conference Hall of Pasargadae World Heritage Site
Official contact: +98 71 4358 2453
Official website : www.pasargadae.ir
Attachments: Poster / leaflet / Photos




Event title: International Day for Monuments and Sites - Heritage for Generations - ICOMOS Information Evening
What? This informative event will introduce the working of ICOMOS and the various charters, conventions and principles which shape the conservation of our cultural heritage. A series of short presentations in Tailors’ Hall will be followed by a guided walk to a selection of Dublin city centre locations, to discuss various conservation charters.
Who? ICOMOS Ireland
When? April 18th 2018 at 4:45pm
Where? Tailors Hall, Back lane Merchants Quay Dublin, Dublin 8, D08X2A3
Official contact:Audrey Farrell, ICOMOS Ireland. Email: admin[at]icomos.ie
Offical website:http://www.icomos.ie/index.php/activities/international-day-for-monuments-and-sites
Attachments: poster


Ireland ISCES+CC

Event title Localising the SDG’s – International Meeting &Irish Government Workshop
What? The ICOMOS ISCES+CC in Partnership with ICOMOS Ireland would like to host an ICOMOS Sustainable Development Task Force Meeting in Dublin
When? Week of 9th of April 2018
Where? Dublin
Official contact:nsces.ireland[at]gmail.com
Offical website:
Attachments: programme 



Event title: Una Firenze per Bene
Who? Municipality of Florence - UNESCO office and MUS.E with ICOMOS Italia
What? On the 18th of April we organized an afternoon open to all generations and dedicated to the discovery and rediscovery of civic heritage. The reference, in particular, is to the Historic Centre of Florence, which in 1982 was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
When? 18th April h 2.30 p.m. and h 4.00 p.m.
Where? Italy, Florence, Piazza Signoria (meeting point Palazzo Vecchio Museum)
Official contact tel. +39 055-276224 email info@muse.comune.fi.it
Official website http://musefirenze.it/una-firenze-per-bene/




Event title: Heritage for Generations
What? A programme to display this combined work of architecture and geoinformatic students intends to enhance the 2015 designation of the city of Kingston, Jamaica as UNESCO Creative City for Music.
Who? University of Technology, Jamaica
When? Wednesday, 2018April18
Where?Trench Town Government Yard Community, Downtown Kingston, UNESCO Creative City of Music
Official contact:patricia.green[at]utech.edu.jm>
Official website:#csagovernmentyardintrenchtown
Attachments: programme



Event title: Heritage for Generations
What? In order to start up and encourage the activities of Japan EPs, ICOMOS Japan will call new EP members. Presidents of ICOMOS and ICOMOS Japan will also attend the meeting as Menter. Participants will share the idea and discuss on the theme of the year.
Who? Prof. Toshiyuki Kono (ICOMOS International, President) ,Prof. Yukio Nishimura (ICOMOS Japan, President) and ICOMOS Japan EP members
Who? ICOMOS Japan
When? April 20 2018, 17-19
Where?Japan, Tokyo, ICOMOS Japan Office
Official contact: jpicomos[at]japan-icomos.org
Offical website: -



Event title: Heritage for Generations
What? NMK plans to host a myriad of activities to emphasize on the conservation and preservation of the property by involving its communities to raise sense of ownership. Further, NMK will celebrate this day through other activities that foster fruitful dialogue between generations.
Who? National Museums of Kenya
When? 16th -21st April 2018
Where? Kenya, Lamu County, Lamu Old Town
Lamu Museum
P.O.Box 48, 80500- Lamu.
Official contact:National Museums of Kenya, Tel:+254-20-8164134/35/36
Official website:www.museums.or.ke
Attachments: poster



Event title : ICOMOS Forum in 2018
Who? ICOMOS-Korea
What? Seminars under the theme of the current issues on cultural heritage
When? 29 Mar., 31 May, 20 Sep., 29 Nov. pm 1:00-4:00
Where? Lecture Hall, National Palace of Museum, 12 Hyoja-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Official contact: GIL, Jihye (icomos_korea[at]daum.net)
Official Website: www.icomos-korea.or.kr ; www.facebook.com/icomoskorea

Event title: ICOMOS-Korea - the ICOMOS International Day For Monuments and Sites
Who? ICOMOS-Korea Secretariat
What? We plan to go field trip to Traditional Architecture Elements Conservation Center with members and emerging professionals.
This center was established in 2017 for the purpose to pass down traditional architecture conservation knowledge.
We will watch an exhibition of traditional architecture elements together and talk about how to conserve and utilize these elements for next generation.
When? 24 April 2018
Where? Traditional Architecture Elements Conservation Center (12, Heyri-ro, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea)

Official contact: icomos_korea[at]daum.net
Official website: www.icomos-korea.or.kr, www.facebook.com/icomoskorea

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2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

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2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations 

2018 IDMS #heritage4generation 




Event title: April 18
What? April 20 - as a partners with the Culture Heritage Department in Vilnius.
April 28 - main event, organised together with Zemaiciai Art Museum (file attached).
April 18, May 18-19 - partners with "Heritas" (file attached). April 18 - guided tours in Vilnius Historical Centre, May 18-19 - fair and exhibition
Who? nemuniene.marija[at]gmail.com
When? April 18,20,28 / May 18-19
Where? Vilnius, Lithuania
Official contact: nemuniene.marija[at]gmail.com
Offical website:
Attachments: Programme 1, programme 2



Event title ICOMOS Malaysia World Heritage Day Open Debate
10 years into the Listing of Melaka & George Town as World Heritage Sites: The Good, The Bad & The Unintended
What? The Historic Cities of the Straits of Malacca, Melaka & George Town, have transformed in so many aspects since their inauguration in 2008 as a World Heritage Site.
Who? ICOMOS Malaysia
When? Date: 28 April 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 14:00-16:00
Where? Badan Warisan Malaysia, No. 2 Jalan Stonor, Kuala Lumpur
Official contact:admin[at]icomos-malaysia.org
Offical website: www.icomos-malaysia.org
Attachments: flyer

Event title: ICOMOS Malaysia Children Art Competition 2018 'Pre-Historic Period in Malaysia'
What? The annual competition is held in conjunction with International Day of Monuments and Sites and Melaka's 15th year as a Historical City. The theme, Prehistoric Period in Malaysia (Zaman Prasejarah di Malaysia) aims to promote the natural and cultural heritage from Malaysia's pre historic period.
Who? Melaka State Government, Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah & ICOMOS Malaysia
When? Date: 15 April 2018 (Sunday) Time: 07:45-13:00

Where? Taman Bunga Merdeka, Melaka

Offical contact: intanherlinajasmi[at]gmail.com
Official website: www.icomos-malaysia.org
Attachments: poster, leaflet


Event title: Pre Historic Age in Malaysia
Category A (7-9 years old)
Category B (10-12 years old)
What? ICOMOS Malaysia Children Art Competition 2018 | Winning Artworks
Who? ICOMOS Malaysia
Official website: https://miklweb.wixsite.com/icomosmalaysia/artcomp2018winners https://www.facebook.com/ICOMOSinternational/posts/1831140016952334




Title of the event: Theme : "le patrimoine pour les générations" sur le site historique de Woyowayanko dans la commune rurale de Dogoduman 
What? Le Comité National Malien du Conseil International des Monuments et des Sites, ICOMOS-Mali, a choisi de célébrer l’événement sur le site historique du Woyowayanko (champ de bataille connu, témoin de la résistance à la pénétration coloniale au Soudan Occidental). Le Parc construit à cet effet en 2001 est localisé dans la Commune rurale de DOGODUMAN situé au sud-ouest non loin du quartier de Lafiabougou.
Who? Célébration conjointement organisée par : La Mairie de Dogoduman , ICOMOS – MALI, DNPC
When? 18 Avril 2018 à partir de 9h
Where? Jardin d'enfants «les lambalais » 

Attachments: Poster - Press release - Programme  

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Event title: April 18 Celebration
1. An opening session talking about the role of Knowledge exchange generations promoting an ethos protecion of our cultural heritage. Talking about the role of research and innovation with young generations options for the next future years. (In the second part).
2. Promoting youth leadership. With an Introduction of our digital Information system to encourage everyone to reinforce the sustainable sense of Heritage in a creative and productive options
Who? ICOMOS Mexico
When? 12:00 - 16:00 hrs, 18/04/2018
Where? Palacio de Bellas Artes. Centro Historico. CDMX
Official contact:icomos.org.mx[at]gmail.com www.icomos.mx
Offical website:



Event title: National Olympiad “ Heritage and Me” that is organised among students of high classes of secondary schools. 2/ Day of Museums for childrens that will be organised.
What? This nationwide Contest will be held from 10th April to 10th May.
Who? National Centre of cultural heritage of Mongolia in close cooperation with National Committee for ICOMOS.
When? 18th April
Where? throughout Mongolia.
Official contact? N. Urtnasan. MongolianNatcom for ICOMOS.



Event title: « Le patrimoine interpelle la jeune génération »
What? Conférence débat avec les jeunes sur les différents aspects du patrimoine organisée par ICOMOS Maroc et Dar'Louane ( ou D'Art Louane, une association culturelle fondée et animée par des artistes professionnels marocains)
Who? ICOMOS Maroc et Dar'Louane
When? 18 Avril 2018
Where? Rabat
Official contact:kelharrouni[at]gmail.com
Official website:
Attachments: flyer

Event title: 18 avril 2018
What? Activité à caractère "sensibilisationnel"
Who? AREF-Oujda Oriental (Académie Régionale de l'Education et de la Formation de l'Oriental)
When? 18 Avril 2018
Official contact: kelharrouni[at]gmail.com 
Official website:

Event title: Presentación de libro "El origen de la Arquitectura Moderna en Marrakech".
What? Presentación del libro "L'Origine de l'Architecture Moderne à Marrakech" ("El origen de la Arquitectura Moderna en Marrakech") de Antoni Pujol.
Who? ICOMOS Spain
When? 3 de mayo de 2018
Where? Marruecos, Marrakech, Instituto Cervantes, P2006, Marrakech 40000
Official contact: buzonicomosesp[at]esicomos.org
Offical website: www.icomos.es


Event title: « Protéger le Patrimoine Culturel par une Gouvernance Participative et Inclusive pour la réalisation des Objectifs du Développement Durable»
When? Mercredi 18 Avril 2018 A PARTIR DE 9h00
Where? Siège de l'ISESCO
Attachments: Programme EN, FR, Agenda Conference EN, FR and invitation



Event tile:A Talk Program on “Traditional craftsmanship and transmission of traditional knowledge and skills to younger generation”
Who? ICOMOS Nepal
What? The traditional craftsmanship has been the major contributors for the authentic restoration and rehabilitation of our cultural heritage. In itself, these traditional skills and knowledge forms an integral part of the intangible heritage which has been passed over from generation to generation. However, in the last few decades there has been the threat to the continued practice of these traditional skills. The 2015 earthquake has given us an opportunity to revive these skills and transmission of the traditional knowledge to younger generation. Hence, by inviting the “Silpakar Samaj”- an association of Carpenters we would like to provide a platform for these craftsmen to talk about their continued work, the challenges of workings as traditional craftsmen and its continuity by the younger generation.
When? 18 Feburary 2018, Wednesday at 12:00
Where? Sisha Baithak, Nasal Chowk, Hanumandhoka


New Zealand

Event title: Old Government Buildings Plaster Workshop, New Zealand
What? It is a key workshop opportunity to put the spotlight on the transfer of key heritage trades skills in relation to a current conservation project that is underway at New Zealand’s Old Government Buildings.
Who?Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga
When? Wednesday 18 April 4.30pm – 6.
Where? Old Government Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand
Official contact:pwallace[at]heritage.org.nz
Offical website:

Event title: Conversations in Conservation: Heritage Research and Practice in New Zealand
What? ‘Heritage Buildings as Social Media' Walking Tour, ‘Careers in Heritage’ Q and A Panel
Who? ICOMOS New Zealand in association with the Auckland Archaeological Society (ArchSoc) and Heritage Now
When? Wednesday 18 April 2018
Where? Auckland CBD, New Zealand
Official contact: http://icomos.org.nz/contact/
Official website:http://icomos.org.nz/

Event title: Series of Intergenerational Talks
What? Three 10 minute talks by ICOMOS members representing different career stages - senior professional, intermediate professional and emerging professional. The emerging professional will participate via Skype. The talks will be followed by a discussion on intergenerational heritage knowledge exchange.
Who? ICOMOS NZ Education & Professional Development Committee and Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga
When? 4:30-6pm, Wednesday 18th April
Where?New Zealand, Christchurch, Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Christchurch Office, 64 Gloucester Street
Official contact:Jenny May jenny[at]hms.net.nz
Official website:
Attachments: poster



Event title: Discussion "Heritage for the new generations"
What?In the framework of the celebration of the International Day of monuments, we will hold a conversation with architecture students and founding architects of the national heritage office, we also invite young architects and graduates and those interested in the conservation and restoration of monuments to share their experiences.
Who? ICOMOS Nicaragua - American University UAM
When? Wednesday, April 18, 4:30 p.m. Central Auditorium UAM.
Where? Managua, Nicaragua, American University, west side shopping mall eastbound.
Official contact:Maria Asunción Cuadra Stoupignan. ICOMOS Nicaragua.
Official website:



Event title: Patrimonio ¿Debería importarme? - 18 de abril Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios
What? Se organizará un conversatorio para contrastar las opiniones respecto al patrimonio de diferentes generaciones, teniendo representantes destacables de cada uno de ellas, como el Director del MAC- Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Arequipa: el Dr. Eduardo Ugarte, el Dr. Arq. Gonzalo Ríos Vizcarra, tesistas, alumnos de la escuela de arquitectura de la UCSM y estudiantes de un colegio invitado.
Who? CEDIP - Centro de Investigación y Proyectos de la Facultad de Arquitectura, Ingeniería Civil y del Ambiente
When? Miércoles 18 de abril del 2018
Where? Auditorio Miguel Grau Universidad Católica de Santa María - Urb. San José s/n - Yanahuara Arequipa- Perú
Official contact:Bach. Arq. Jessica Pastor Prado Teléfono: +51 959778728
Official website:https://www.facebook.com/cedipucsm/
Attachments: poster



Event title: Guided Tour: Heritage for Generations
What? Sport Lisboa e Benfica crosses generations! Through a guided tour, join us and discover the Documentation and Information Centre, the Storage, Conservation and Restoration Department and the Museu Benfica - Cosme Damião. Families and participants of different ages will be able to learn about the Club and share their memories.
Who? Museu Benfica - Cosme Damião
When? 18 April 2018 | 10:30 a.m.
Where? Sport Lisboa e Benfica Stadium
Avenida Eusébio da Silva Ferreira
1500-313 Lisbon
Official contact:(+351) 21 721 95 90
Official website:https://museubenfica.slbenfica.pt/


Event title: International Meeting +Digital Future: Competences for the Cultural Sector
What? This International Meeting, organized within the framework of the Project Mu.SA_Museum Sector Alliance (http://www.project-musa.eu/) financed by EU Programme Erasmus+ KA2, addresses the digital and transferable skills identified as non-existent or insufficiently developed in the cultural sector, aiming to raise and enhance awareness for its potential and crucial role in cultural heritage and in inclusive museums. The topics under focus will be the following: Digital challenges and strategies; Role profiles and competences; Education and training of professionals.
Who? University of Porto (Department of Heritage Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities), Portugal. Co-organization: ICOM_Portugal, Mapa das Ideias and Northern Regional Directorate of Culture.
When? 18.04.2018
Where? Portugal, Porto, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Via Panorâmica, s/n, 4150-564 Porto
Official contact:Paula Menino Homem - phomem[at]letras.up.pt
Official website: https://digitalfuturemusa.wixsite.com/digitalfuturemusa
Attachments: poster




Event title: Stepping through history. Chaak – The forgotten fortress
What? The event aims to promote a culturally rich environment – the town of Ciacova, Timi? County, Romania. Through the event we aim to involve members of the local community in safeguarding the local heritage, which is, through its sheer diversity, of regional and national importance. The event consists of lectures given by heritage specialists, both experienced and younger, covering all of Ciacova’s rich heritage. As such, covered are the archaeological discoveries of the previous 5 years, architectural projects, restoration works and immaterial heritage.
Who? Timi? County Directorate for Culture (with support from the West University of Timisoara and Ciacova City Hall)
When? April 18th 2018, 1000
Where? Romania, Ciacova (Timi? County), Ceta?ii Square No. 8: City Hall-Council Room
Official contact:Victor BUNOIU, arheologie[at]culturatimis.ro
Official website: www.culturatimis.ro
Attachments: poster



Event title: VII International Research to Practice Conference
“Cultural heritage as cultural tourism development capacity”
What? The Conference is seek to accumulate and disseminate knowledge and experience of heritage conservation as well as to raise awareness and to promote Russian and Tatarstan cultural heritage both of national and global value and their importance for cultural tourism development.
Who? Museum of the Kazan Kremlin, Kazan State Institute of Culture, Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan, Russia ICOMOS
When? 16-18 April 2018
Where? Russia, Kazan, Kremlin;
Russia, Kazan, Kazan State Institute of Culture, Orenburgsky Tract str., 30.
Official contact:jaalki87[at]mail.ru
Offical website:http://kazgik.ru/en

Event title: "Культурное наследие Самарской области" ("Cultural heritage of the Samara region")
What? campaign " Heritage for generations"
Who? House-museum M.V. Frunze in Samara)
When? 18 April 2018 ?.
Where? Дом-музей (House-museum) М.В. Фрунзе в г. Самаре (M.V. Frunze in Samara), Frunze street 114
Official contact:frunze[at]alabin.ru
Official website:https://vk.com/club124838584

Event title: 18th of April
Who? Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, in collaboration with the All Russia State Library for Foreign Literature
What? on 18th April 2018, in Moscow, at the All Russia State Library for Foreign Literature the opening of an Auditorium dedicated to Romualdo Del Bianco within the Library will take place; that space will be used to host the Foundation’s Life Beyond Tourism Training Courses for Russian people, hence a place dedicated to promote the theories and the best practices for protecting and enhancing heritage sites in the world, for the rapprochement of cultures, intercultural dialogue and sustainable development. This represent the first Foundation’s “Life Beyond Tourism dissemination point” outside Italy.
The Foundation is a partner of ICOMOS since 2006: a Memorandum of Understanding with ICOMOS was signed in Paris in 2013 to collaborate to promote Life Beyond Tourism (click here for details). Besides, ICOMOS endorsed Life Beyond Tourism in 2014 in Florence, with the 18th General Assembly Resolutions n.1 and n. 42.
When? 18 April 2018,h. 11.00 am
Where? Russia, Moscow, Nikolayamskaya ul. 1
Official contact: Mr. Simone Giometti (secretarygeneral@fondazione-delbianco.org)
Official website: www.lifebeyondtourism.org
Attachments: Invitation


Event title: Walking tour "Historical and architectural appearance of the central streets of Orel city"
Who? Orel Department of NC ICOMOS, Russia
What? Popularization of historical and architectural heritage of Orel, drawing attention to the issue of preservation, restoration and beautification of the historic city center.
When? 17.04.2018
Where? Lenina St., Orel, Russia
Official contact: Natalia Koveshnikova
+7 920 082 51 38


Event title: Meeting dedicated to the International Day for Monuments and Sites
Who? Orel Department of NC ICOMOS, Russia
What? The theme of the meeting is conservation of monuments and sites in Orel Region
When? 19.04.2018
Where? 1, Panchuka Str., Orel, Russia
Official contact: Natalia Koveshnikova
+7 920 082 51 38

Event title: Projects exhibition of the students of Landscape Architecture Chair at Orel State Agrarian University
Who? Orel Department of NC ICOMOS, Russia
What? The graduate qualifying works on recovery and restoration of garden art monuments in Orel Region will be presented.
When? 10.04.2018-20.04.2018
Where? 69, Generala Rodina St., Orel, Russia
Official contact: Natalia Koveshnikova
+7 920 082 51 38

Event title: Series of public lectures on the subject: "Monuments of history and culture of Orel and Orel Region"
Who? Orel Department of NC ICOMOS, Russia
What? Implementation of the educational program within the project "Preserving Heritage - Creating the Future"
When? 10.04.2018-20.04.2018
Where? 77, Moskovskaya St., Orel, Russia
Official contact: Natalia Koveshnikova
+7 920 082 51 38


Event title: Round table discussion "Implementation of sport mega projects in the historic city: can the threat to cultural heritage be prevented?"
Who? Mordovia Department of NC ICOMOS, Russia
National Culture Institute under National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University
What? Discussion on the problems of preserving historical heritage, monuments, historical urban environment in cities hosting the World Cup 2018 (Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Saransk)»
When? 15.04.2018
Where? 44/3, Polezhayeva St, Saransk, Russia
Official contact: Victor Mahayev
Official website: http://www.mrsu.ru
Attachments:Scientific almanac "Phoenix" (ISBN 987-5-7493-1605-6), January 2018.

Event title: Series of lectures for students "World Heritage sites in Russia»
Who? Mordovia Department of NC ICOMOS, Russia
National Culture Institute under N. P. Ogarev Mordovia State University
What? Attracting young people receiving education to the problems of cultural heritage in Russia
When? 10-16.04.2018
Where? Russia, Saransk, Chair of Architecture and Design at Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University"
Official contact: N. Y. Lysova
Official website: http://www.mrsu.ru
Attachments:The scientific Almanac "Topical issues of architecture and construction” (ISBN 978-5-7103-3451-5), December 2017.

Event title: Tour to the Chambers of Averky Kirillov
Who? D. S. Likhachev Russian Scientific Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage
What? Tour to the Chambers of Averky Kirillov for people with disabilities.
Chambers of Averky Kirillov — the building in Moscow, a rare example of private residential construction in the second half of the XVII-early XVIII centuries.
When? 17-18.04.2018
Where? 20, Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia
Official contact:N. V. Filatova
+7 (985) 157-77-81
Official website: www.heritage-institute.ru

Event title: Visiting cultural heritage sites with excursions
Who? Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow
What? free tours of cultural heritage sites
When? 18.04.2017
Where? Russia, Moscow
Official contact: Loginova Iuliia
Official website: dkn.mos.ru


Event title: Working meetings with members of NC ICOMOS, Russia
Who? Russian Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage named after DS Likhachev
What? Visiting museums
When? 18.04.2017
Where? Russia, Moscow
Official contact: Loginova Iuliia
Official website: http://www.heritage-institute.ru


Event title: Visiting cultural heritage sites with excursions
Who? Moscow City Museum
What? Free tours of cultural heritage sites
When? 18.04.2017
Where? Russia, Moscow
Official contact:Loginova Iuliia
Official website: http://mosmuseum.ru/


Event title: Round table discussion “Cultural heritage sites of Volgograd Region as a resource for the territorial development” within the framework of the International Day for Monuments and Sites
Who? Volgograd Department of NC ICOMOS, Russia, Institute of Architecture and Construction under Volgograd State Technical University
What? Discussion on the cultural heritage of Volgograd Region, as a resource for territorial development
When? 18.04.2018
Where? 1, Akademicheskaya St., Volgograd, Russia
Official contact: G. A. Ptichnikova

Saint Lucia 

Event title: Trust Pioneers Lecture
Who? Saint Lucia National Trust
What?The Trust Pioneers Lecture is a discussion focusing on the vulnerability of Saint Lucia's cultural heritage as we seek ways to safeguard our rich traditions and values.
When? 26 April, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.
Where? Finance Administrative Centre, Point Seraphine, Castries, Saint Lucia
Official contact: Karetta Crooks Charles.
Tel: 1 (758) 452-5005 or
Email: advocacy@slunatrust.org
Official website: https://slunatrust.org/news/join-us-for-trust-pioneers-lecture-apr-26-2018

Attachments: poster


Event title: Heritage for Generations & Generations for Heritage
Who? National Committee ICOMOS Serbia, Faculty of Architecture /University of Belgrade/
What? On the occasion of the celebration of the April 18th, International Day of Monuments and Sites, an exhibition of student works - that form part of the teaching process on subjects in the field of research, protection and revitalization of architectural heritage - will be held at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. The works include the residential architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries, cultural-historical areas, modern architecture, industrial heritage, etc. with the anasisys and proposals for the revitalization. Additionally, students from all the faculties that could be involved in the various aspects of heritage protection will participate in the round table discussion, where they will establish dialogue and exchange of experience with their older colleagues from the field of cultural heritage conservation.
When? from 16 to 23 April 2018. The Round Table will take place on April 18th.
Where? Serbia, Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73/II
Official contact: Marko Nikolic
Offical website: http://www.arh.bg.ac.rs/en/

Attachments: poster

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Event title: 18 April 2018 - Workshop and exhibition “Heritage Connects and Shapes Us”
What? The celebration will start with the opening of the exhibition Heritage Connects and Shapes Us, prepared by the students of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana, together with the experts of ICOMOS Slovenia.
The event directly touches upon the theme of EYCH2018:
Youth for heritage: young people revive cultural heritage.
Who? ICOMOS slovenia
When? 18 April 2018 at 4:00 p.m.; exhibition until 1 May 2018, 20–22 September 2018
Where? Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Zoisova cesta 12, Ljubljana
Official website: www.icomos.si
Attachments: poster



Event title: National prize ICOMOS Slovakia - Heritage for Future
What?Awarding of the National Prize of ICOMOS Slovakia for exceptional activities in the sphere of protection, restoration and presentation of the cultural heritage of Slovakia.
Who? ICOMOS Slovakia
When? 20th April 2018
Where? Slovakia, Bratislava, Bratislava Castle
Official contact:icomos.sr[at]gmail.com
Official website:www.icomos.sk



What? La Alcazaba de Guadix (siglos XI-XIII) constituye una de las estructuras militares más amplias y estratégicas del antiguo Reino de Granada.
Who? Centro de Estudios «Pedro Suárez»
When? Miércoles, 18 de abril, a las 18:30 h.
Where? Guadix, España
Official contact: ceps[at]cepedrosuarez.es
Offical website:www.cepedrosuarez.es
Attachments: flyer

Event title: Jornadas de intercambio y puertas abiertas de ICOMOS España
What? ? La primera Jornada de Puertas Abiertas del CNE de ICOMOS tendrá lugar durante dos días de intercambio con la participación (en persona o vía teleconferencia y redes sociales) de tantos miembros del Comité como sea possible y cualquier persona interesada en el patrimonio (estudiantes, locales…).
Who? ICOMOS Spain
When? 14 y 15 de abril
Where? España, Albarracín (Teruel), Plaza del Palacio s/n.
Official contact:buzonicomosesp[at]esicomos.org
Offical website: www.icomos.es
Attachments: poster


idmsspainopen-day-in-albarracin-by-clara-villalba-2  idmsspainopen-day-in-albarracin-by-clara-villalba-1   idmsspainopen-day-in-albarracin-by-amable-garcia-2  idmsspainopen-day-in-albarracin-by-amable-garcia-1

2018 IDMS #heritage4geneations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations 

2018 IDMS #heritage4generations 


Event title: Presentación de libro "El origen de la Arquitectura Moderna en Marrakech".
What? Presentación del libro "L'Origine de l'Architecture Moderne à Marrakech" ("El origen de la Arquitectura Moderna en Marrakech") de Antoni Pujol.
Who? ICOMOS Spain
When? 3 de mayo de 2018
Where? Marruecos, Marrakech, Instituto Cervantes, P2006, Marrakech 40000
Official contact: buzonicomosesp[at]esicomos.org
Offical website: www.icomos.es

Event title: Difusión de los valores de ICOMOS sobre conservación y protección del patrimonio en redes sociales
What? Visitas a bienes culturales de la mano de profesionales del patrimonio cultural, en algunos casos, sincronizadas por temática (yacimientos arqueológicos, patrimonio industrial...), para divulgar la labor y los valores de ICOMOS sobre conservación y protección del patrimonio e invitando a unirse a la iniciativa mediante el uso redes sociales (a profesionales y visitantes).
Who? ICOMOS Spain
When? Desde el 14 al 22 de abril
Where? toda España
Official contact:buzonicomosesp[at]esicomos.org
Offical website:www.icomos.es

5th. Colloquium on Heritage. Round Table and Reflection Tables
What? focus on the theme of HERITAGE FOR NEW GENERATIONS, within the framework of the EUROPEAN YEAR OF HERITAGE .
Who? Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid
When? Wednesday, April 18, 2018 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Where? Headquarters of the Official College of Architects of Madrid COAM
Official contact:msarddet[at]uax.es
Offical website:http://www.coam.org
Attachments: poster


dsc01200 dsc01181 dsc01160 mg0126 mg0387 mg0350


Event title: Jaén Capital Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios 2018 #JaenCapitalheritage4generations
What? Free guided tours to Municipal Monuments: Mudejar Hall, Saint Lorenzo Arch, Spanish Civil War's Shelter, Magdalena's Fountain and the Capuchinos Camera Obscura. Medieval Saint Catalina Castle will be open from 10 am to 18.00 pm to allow the public to discover it (free entrance).
Who? Department of Tourism of Town Council of Jaén, Spain
When? On 18th April
Where? Spain, Jaén, Concejalía de Turismo. C/ Bernardo López, s/n. 23002 Jaén, Spain
Official contact:turismojaen[at]aytojaen.es
Official website:www.turjaen.org

Event title: Gymkana cultural en el parque de la Alquería del Pilar.
What? Actividad dirigida a los tres cursos de 3º de infantil (unos 75 niños de 5 años y los padres que quieran colaborar), para que de forma lúdica aprendan a valorar y a interpretar su patrimonio cultural de su entorno próximo.
Who? Colegio Huerta de la Princesa y Alberto Millán González Herce. (Arquitecto miembro de ICOMOS e ICOMOS-IFLA)
When? 18 de abril de 2018
Where? España. Parque de la Alquería del Pilar, Dos Hermanas (Sevilla)
Official contact:alberto[at]fidas.org,
Official website:https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoMillanArquitecto/

Event title: Intercambio de relatos en torno al patrimonio cultural de Zújar
What?La población de Zújar (Granada, España) mantiene viva un rico patrimonio intangible transmitido de generación en generación durante siglos. Su entorno prinvilegiado, al pie del cerro Jabalcón, ha sido recientemente declarado paisaje de interés cultural. Por el contrario, la Alcazaba, que jugó un papel determinante en época medieval y moderna, se halla abandonada. Se propone un intercambio de relatos y de conocimiento entre miembros mayores de la Asociación ZACHA y jóvenes profesionales sobre los que recaera la responasabilidad de transmitir ese legado.
Who? Centro de Estudios «Pedro Suárez» / Asociación ZACHA
Where? Zújar,Biblioteca Pública Municipal Purificación Gutiérrez – Plaza Mayor, s/n – 18811 Zújar (Granada, España)
Official contact:ceps[at]cepedrosuarez.es
Official website:http://www.cepedrosuarez.es/
Attachments: poster


Event tile: Visita Guiada al edificio “Herrerías”
What? Visita guiada al edificio, museo de la Construcción Naval y Sala Carlos III
Who? :Por Licenciada en Historia del Arte
When?: El 18 de Marzo 2018, Día Internacional de Monumentos y Sitios, a las 12:00
Where?: Edificio Herrerías, Ferrol
Nuestra web : www.exponav.org


Event title: Mesa redonda "La antigua Baria excavada.Urgencias en el actual Villaricos"
What? Diferentes ponencias sobre las últimas intervenciones en el yacimiento arqueológico de la ciudad fenicia y romana de Baria que hoy yace bajo el casco urbano de Villaricos (Cuevas de Almanzora).
Who? Museo de Almería
When? 18 de abril
Where? Museo de Almería
Official contact:museoalmeria.ccul[at]juntadeandalucia.es
Official website:http://www.museosdeandalucia.es/cultura/museos/MAL/
Attachments: flyer


Event title : Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios: El Tesoro de Nuestro Patrimonio
Who? Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife, Ayuntamiento de Granada a través de la Concejalía de Turismo y de la Agencia Albaicín Granada
What? Entre los días 17 y 22 de abril tendrá lugar un amplio programa de actividades. Atendiendo al lema de este año "Patrimonio por generaciones" Desde Granada la programación cultural desarrollada invita a explorar juntos, mayores y jóvenes, algunos de los principales monumentos de Granada aprovechando las jornadas de puertas abiertas, visitas guiadas y otras propuestas culturales que nos ayudarán a descubrir el tesoro de nuestro patrimonio.
When? Del 17 al 22 de abril
Where? España, Spain
Official website: www.albaicin-granada.com
www. alhambra-patronato.es
www. granada.es
Attachments: poster and programme

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Sri Lanka 

Event Title: Cultural Heritage: Inspiration to Develop Youth's Skills, Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation.
What? The event will be organised as a colloquium to discuss how to reach the youth, specifically employing new communication technologies such as the creative use of the social media, to make them aware of the potential of cultural heritage to inspire develop their skills, knowledge, creativity and innovation, so that they will understand the importance of safeguarding the cultural heritage for their own benefits and then to transmit the asset to the next generation.
Who? ICOMOS Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Central Cultural Fund
When? 18th April 2018
The lunch and refreshments will be offered to the participants and invitees.
Where? the Auditorium of the Postgraduate Institute of
Archaeology, 407, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka from 9.00 am up to 4.30 pm.
Official contact: Ms. Sonali Premaratne, Administrative Secretary of ICOMOS icomos.srilanka[at]gmail.com)
Official website: www.icomos.lk


Event title: Cultural heritage in the Virtual World: Proactive Role of the Youth
Who? ICOMOS Sri Lanka
What? colloquium on new communication technologies
When? 18th of April
Where? Auditorium of the Postgraduate Institute of Archeology, 407, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka. From 9 am to 5pm
Official contact: icomos.srilanka@gmail.com
Attachment: announcement, programme and final banner



Event title: Preserve, Use and Develop – International conference on ecclesiastical heritage and its future challenges.
What? The conference will present projects and methods which aim at finding extended use for churches as sustainable resources for local communities and parishes. Several keynote speeches will give theological, societal and heritage perspectives on church buildings and cultural history in a European context. During the conference, which features presentations of various case studies from Sweden and beyond, the Diocese of Lund’s method for making use of ecclesiastical cultural heritage will be launched. The conference dinner and opening of an innovative art experience will take place at the Odarslöv Church, which for years was a closed and decaying rural church, today newly renovated and situated next to the development site for The European Spallation Source (ESS), one of the Europe’s largest science and technology infrastructure projects. This development opens for many possible new uses for a church which recently was under the threat to be demolished.
Who? Church of Sweden, Churches Conservation Trust (UK), ICOMOS Sweden, ICOMOS ISC PRERICO, Future for Religious Heritage (FRH, Belgium).
When? Wednesday 25 April 2018 (09.30) – Thursday 26 April (16.00).
Where? Sweden, Lund, Conference venue: Kulturen, Tegnérsplatsen 6, 223 50 Lund.
Official contact:Henrik Lindblad: henrik.lindblad[at]svenskakyrkan.se
Official website:https://www.svenskakyrkan.se/lundsstift/pud
Attachments: Conference Postcard



Event title: Les Jeunes et le Patrimoine
What? - Bienvenue et présentation de la Journée
- Projet « Doura Fil Houma » : des jeunes guides de la Médina de Tunis
- Projet « El Houma Khir » : Espace public de la Médina de Tunis vu et investi par les jeunes
- Action d’embellissement du siège de l’ISMPT : jeunes et artisans

Who? Icomos Tunisie & l’Institut Supérieur des Métiers du Patrimoine de Tunisie (ISMPT)
When? 25 avril 2018
Where? Tunisie, Tunis, ISMPT Montfleury
Official contact: Faïka Béjaoui et Mme Zohra Djellouli (Directrice de l’ISMPT)
Official website:
Attachments: flyer and programme




Event title: Heritage 4 Generations [at] YTU Architecture
What? In accordance with the 2018 theme for the ‘ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Sites’, “Heritage for Generations”, the purpose of this activity is to share experiences of cultural heritage preservation through intergenerational communication.
Who? Prof. Dr. Çiğdem Polatoğlu, Head of Architecture Department, Yildiz Technical University (YTU) and Head of INTBAU Turkey, Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrem Gençer (ICOMOS-TR). The event will be co-organized by INTBAU Turkey and YTU Architecture Department.
When? April 18th, 2018
Where? Turkey, Istanbul, Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Architecture Faculty, Alpay Aşkun Hall
Official contact: Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrem Gençer (ICOMOS-TR), +90 212 383 2597
Official website: http://www.icomos.org.tr/, http://www.mim.yildiz.edu.tr/

Event title: Intergenerational Sharing: Memory Places of Kadıköy
What?In accordance with the 2018 theme for the ‘ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Sites’, “Heritage for Generations”, the purpose of this activity is to understand and emphasize the importance of the value of cultural heritage through intergenerational communication.
Who? Research Assistants of Restoration Division, YTU Architecture Department
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Can Binan (ICOMOS-TR)
When? April 29th, 2018
Where? Turkey, Istanbul, TAK Kadıköy (http://takortak.org/what-is-tak.html)
Official contact: Res. Assist. Elifnaz Durusoy (ICOMOS-TR), +90 212 383 2630
Official website: http://www.icomos.org.tr/

Event title: Village Institutes as Cultural Heritage and Re-evaluation of Düziçi Village
What? The conference-workshop focuses on how the campuses and buildings of village institutes are used, how the abandoned cultural heritage in the campuses can be reused and how Düziçi Village Institute in Osmaniye can be re-evaluated and revived for future generations. The event is going to be undertaken with the contribution of academics from six universities, graduates of Düziçi Village Institute and students.
Who? Duygu Fazilet Saban (ICOMOS Turkey), Çukurova University, Düziçi Directorate of National Education, Society for New Generation Village Institute Graduates
When? 04 April – 08 April 2018
Where? Turkey, Osmaniye, Düziçi, Düziçi Village Institute Movie Theatre
Official contact: Duygu Fazilet Saban dıygufazilet[at]gmail.com
Official website: http://www.icomos.org.tr/

Event title: Heritage for Generations
What? Antalya Bilim University seeks to celebrate “18 April - International Day for Monuments and Site” and organizes activities that aim to raise awareness about the protection of cultural heritage.
Who? A. Esin Kuleli (ICOMOS Turkey), Antalya Bilim University, Antalya Museum, Konyaaltı Harvard Kids Education Centre
When? April 18, 2018
Where? Antalya Museum, Konyaaltı Cad. No: 88-07050 Antalya, Türkiye.
Official contact: A. Esin Kuleli esin.kuleli[at]antalya.edu.tr
Official website: http://www.icomos.org.tr/

Event title: Heritage for Generations: From Cotton to Science – The Transformation of a Historic Cotton Gin Factory into a Center for Research on Ancient History
What?Panel: The story of how the revival of excavations at the settlement mound of Gözlükule, in center city Tarsus, begun three generations ago ending in the mid-20th c., lead to the restoration and refunctioning of an abandoned, turn-of-the-century cotton gin factory adjacent to the mound
Who? AslıÖzyar (ICOMOS-Turkey and Boğaziçi University, Department of History),Tamer Gök (ICOMOS-Turkey and Mersin University, Faculty of Architecture), Songül Ulutaş (Mersin University, Department of History), Saadet Sayın (Architect/Restauration), Erol Doğan (Architect)
When? April 19, 2018 (Tarsus) and May 3, 2018 (Istanbul)
Where? Turkey, Mersin, Tarsus, Şehit Kerim Mahallesi Nr. 11 and Istanbul, Boğaziçi University
Official contact: Aslı Özyar ozyar[at]boun.edu.tr
Official website: http://www.icomos.org.tr/

Event title: Heritage for Generations: Places and Things Connecting the Generations in Ankara
What? The exhibition will start on the 18th April, with an opening speech about the scope and content of the event and an invited talk by Dr. Serpil Özaloğlu on ‘The Everyday Life and its Spatial Associations in Ankara between 1935-1950’. It will conclude with a panel on ‘Places and Things for Different the Generations in Ankara’ with the participation of inhabitants of Ankara from different generations.
Who? A. Güliz BİLGİN ALTINÖZ (ICOMOS Turkey), Özgün ÖZÇAKIR, Bilge KÖSE, Seray TÜRKAY, Esatcan COŞKUN (with the support and contribution of the Graduate Program in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at METU, METU Department of Architecture and Architects’ Association 1927)
When? 18 Nisan – 28 Nisan 2018
Where? METU Faculty of Architecture - Kubbealtı Üniversiteler Mah. Dumlupınar Blv. No:1 Çankaya / Ankara - TURKEY
Official contact: A. Güliz BİLGİN ALTINÖZ bilginaltinoz[at]gmail.com
Official website: http://www.icomos.org.tr/

Event title: Heritage for Generations
What? Elementary and secondary school students' painting and composition exhibition.
In participating schools, information about cultural heritage will be given and awareness will be raised about recognition of cultural heritage, holistic preservation of tangible and non-tangible cultural heritage.
The paintings and compositions produced by students in the light of this information will be exhibited.
Who? Eti Akyüz Levi (ICOMOS Turkey)
When? April 30th - May 12th 2018
Where? Turkey, İzmir, Alsancak, Dokuz Eylül University Rectorate building DESEM
Official contact: Eti Akyüz Levi eti.akyuz[at]gmail.com
Official website: http://www.icomos.org.tr/

Event title: Views of Today's Youth on the Historical Architecture of Diyarbakır
What? Conference-Workshop-Documentation-Poster presentation:
Students of the Faculty of Architecture and Archeology Department at Dicle University will perform written and oral documentation workshops on historical buildings in Diyarbakir. Interested experts will make speeches and posters prepared by students will be presented.
Who? Zeynep Gül Ünal (ICOMOS Turkey) and Neslihan Dalkılıç (Dicle University)
When? 19 April 2018
Where? Turkey, Diyarbakır, Dicle University Congress Center
Official contact: Neslihan Dalkılıç nesdalkilic[at]gmail.com
Official website: http://www.icomos.org.tr/

Event title: Heritage for Generations: Opportunities and Responsibilities
What? A panel will be organised by Bursa Site Management Unit on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 in the context of the 4th anniversary of the inscription of Bursa in World Heritage List. The title of the panel has been determined as "Heritage for Generations: Opportunities and Responsibilities", in conjunction with the ICOMOS 2018 theme, "Heritage for Generations". Four invited speakers and a moderator will analyse the determined theme from different perspectives in the panel.
Who? Bursa Site Management Unit, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
When? June 20, 2018
Where? Turkey, Bursa, Tayyare Cultural Center
Official contact: Neslihan Dostoğlu, neslihandost[at]yahoo.com ; Eser Çalıkuşu
Official website: www.alanbaskanligi.bursa.bel.tr


United Kingdom

Event title: Forth Bridge World Heritage for Generations
What? The reveal in Fife of the UNESCO World Heritage emblem for the Forth Bridge World Heritage Site
Who? Fife Council; Forth Bridges Forum; Historic Environment Scotland
When? 18 April at 10.30 AM
Where? Battery Road wall, next to the bus shelter in North Queensferry, Fife, Scotland, UK
Official contact:mark.watson[at]hes.scot, Lisa.Hemphill[at]fife.gov.uk
Official website:https://www.theforthbridges.org/forth-bridge/world-heritage-site/
Attachments: picture


United States

Event title: Talk: World Heritage Cities as Cultural Landscapes
What? Learn about urban cultural landscapes and World Heritage through the example of the 2012 World Heritage City designation of Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea.
Who? National Building Museum
When? Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Official contact:Patricia O'Donnell [mailto:odonnell[at]heritagelandscapes.com]
Official website: http://go.nbm.org/site/Calendar/854642622?view=Detail&id=123150 

Event title: Reinventing the Existing: Creating a new Logic in Historic Places
What? The Belgian Landscape Architect Erik Dhont will hold the Landscape Architecture Margaret O. Cekada Memorial Lecture at Rutgers University:
“Reinventing the Existing: Creating a New Logic in Historic Places”. Erik Dhont is know for a body of work of respectful contemporary gardens for estate in Belgium and Switzerland dating from the 16th to the 18th centuries.
In his lecture he will talk about the challenges of his work to bring a respectful revival to places on the command of their often new owners.
Who? Department of Landscape Architecture at Rutgers University, New Brunswick
When? April 18, 2018 at 7 P.M.
Where? USA, New Jersey, New Brunswick
Official contact:anette.freytag[at]rutgers.edu
Official website:http://landarch.rutgers.edu
Attachments: poster



Event title: 18 de abril de 2018, Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios: “Patrimonio para nuestras Generaciones”
Who? Comité Venezolano del
Consejo Internacional de Monumentos y Sitios
Attachements: programme



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