Monuments and Sites: Japan (1996)

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176 pages

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Historic Buildings and Gardens in the World Heritage Sites

1. Outline of Japanese Historic Sites and Monuments
Its Past and Present
Yukio Nishimura

2. The Preservation and Restoration of Wooden Monuments in Japan
Masaru Sekino
3. Principles of Conservation and Restoration Regarding Wooden Buildings in Japan
Masaru Sekino
4. On Tsugite Shikuchi and Woodworking Tools
Nobuo Ito
5. Aspects of Japanese Wooden Buildings
Masaru Sekino
6. Restoration of Wooden Buildings
Kakichi Suzuki
7. Present Condition of the Training of Specialists in the Conservation of Cultural Properties in Japan
Nobuo Ito
8. Training of Architects as Conservators in the Course of Higher Education in Japan
Eizo Inagaki
9. Training of Conservation Specialists for Cultural Property Buildings
Kakichi Suzuki
10. Authenticity in the Context of Japanese Wooden Architecture
Eizo Inagaki
11. Rescue Excavation in Japan
Migaku Tanaka
12. Urbanization, Nara Palace, and its Excavation
Kiyotari Tsuboi and Migaku Tanaka
13. Issues in Japanese Archaeology
Kiyotari Tsuboi
14. Books on Historic Garden
Kenkichi Ono

Notes -Authors and Sources of the Selected Papers

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