ICOMOS publishes a new Thematic Study on the Tea Landscapes of Asia

Tea Landscapes of Asia cover 004ICOMOS is pleased to publish a new thematic study Tea Landscapes of Asia: A Thematic Study which explores the theme of agricultural landscapes related to the cultivation and processing of the most-consumed manufactured drink in the world.

The result of generations of communities interacting with nature, tea landscapes are embedded with multiple intangible values and are a demonstration of human ingenuity adapting to varied geographical and social conditions.

This thematic study aims to provide a useful framework for potential nominations to the World Heritage List of tea landscapes in Asia. The intention was not to identify all the types, nor all the possible sites, but to initiate a path of research as a basis for later work.

ICOMOS undertakes thematic studies in the context of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention in order to provide a synthesis of current research and knowledge on a specific theme and/or region that could be used as a basis for comparative analysis when nominating a property to the World Heritage List.

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