#CultureCovid19 Statement endorsed by the President of the United Nations General Assembly

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ICOMOS is pleased to announce that the #CultureCovid19 Statement, issued on 20 April 2020, launched with a webinar on 21 May 2020 and available in several languages on the #Culture2030Goal website, has been officially endorsed by H.E. Mr Tijjani Muhammed-Bande, President of the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNPGA).

This endorsement, at the highest level of the global policy community, is a crucial milestone for the campaign to mainstream culture - with all its manifestations including cultural heritage, diversity, rights, arts, music, libraries, knowledge, and local government cultural policies - in the UN 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development debates. We hope it will inspire all other stakeholders to follow the President's example. The statement is open to endorsements from individuals and organisations; please feel free to endorse through this link, and spread the word widely among your communities.

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