Heritage Thursdays Webinar Series l Webinar 5: The Power of Inspirational Documents

HT Inspirational Documents EN 002The Heritage Impact Assessment Guidance for World Heritage, the International Cultural Heritage Tourism Charter, the European Quality Principles for EU-funded Interventions with potential impact on Cultural Heritage, and the Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society or Faro Convention – are all Inspirational Documents that will be the topic of the next Heritage Thursday webinar by ICOMOS Common Dignity Rights-Based Approaches Working Group.

ICOMOS, its committees and members worldwide dedicate a lot of time and effort to drafting, implementing and assessing doctrinal texts, resolutions, charters, conventions and guidance documents. Often these documents can be seen as bureaucratic papers, however the process of drafting and the way they set standards, inspire the way that cultural heritage is considered, valued and managed around the globe.

The moderators of the upcoming Heritage Thursday webinar, Riin Alatalu and Gráinne Shaffrey from the Our Common Dignity Rights-Based Approaches Working Group, supported by special guest presenters, have chosen different documents - some well-established, some new and untested, some undergoing revision after years of implementation - to showcase how influential these documents really are. 

The webinar will focus on the power of Inspirational Documents and it will seek to provoke discussion on how human rights and people-centred approaches should be taken into consideration in the drafting and application of these important texts.

Inspirational Documents is a welcome addition to Heritage Thursdays ICOMOS Webinar Series which sets out to promote people-centred approaches to cultural heritage in 2021.


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