Heritage Thursdays Webinar Series l Webinar 1: People-Centred Approaches to Cultural Heritage

FB event webinar series 3ICOMOS Common Dignity Rights-Based Approaches Working Group would like to announce the upcoming Heritage Thursdays webinar series that explores People-Centred Approaches to Cultural Heritage.

People-Centred Approaches recognise communities at the heart of heritage management. They promote taking a wide consideration that relies not only on experts, but opens up participation and decision-making to the people whose heritage is being managed and cared for. 

Heritage Thursdays aims to be a forum for debate and discussion on People-Centred Approaches that explores methodologies and case studies.

The first Heritage Thursdays webinar on Thursday 27 May 2021, 12:00pm – 13:45pm (CET) introduced the ICOMOS Resolution 20GA 2020/19 People-Centred Approaches to Cultural Heritage. ICOMOS President, Teresa Patrício joined representatives of Our Common Dignity Rights-Based Approaches Working Group, to share news and insights, and a Roundtable examined the People-Centred Resolution in Policy and Operational Guidelines, and shed light on case studies from Latin America. There was also an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of our Roundtable speakers.

Heritage Thursdays then continues on the last Thursday of each month through to November 2021 with an exciting program jam-packed full of speakers and case studies from all around the globe. 

Open discussions on heritage and gender issues, emotional attachments to historic urban places, inspirational documents and case studies for future policies and living heritage and climate change will raise questions and awareness and share good practices and knowledge in People-Centred Approaches. 

Our Common Dignity Rights-Based Approaches Working Group is committed to offering linguistic diversity and Heritage Thursdays seeks to offer translations in English, Spanish and French wherever possible.

Our Common Dignity Rights-Based Approaches Working Group encourages you to tune into each of their meaningful and relevant webinar sessions by joining them on Zoom or Facebook Live at 12:00pm (CET) on the last Thursday of the month (May – November 2021)

Picto doigt To watch first Heritage Thursdays webinar from Thursday 27 May 2021, please visit our YouTube channel.

 For access to the first Heritage Thursdays webinar via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ICOMOSinternational/live

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