ICOMOS launches its collaborative photobank!

P1030103After several years of work and having consulted our members in order to learn about their needs (see e-news No. 91, June 2013), the ICOMOS Documentation Centre is proud to present its latest tool: the ICOMOS collaborative photobankWe thank warmly the Walloon region for their financial support throughout this project.

Every year, ICOMOS receives photographs from experts conducting missions on World Heritage properties, but also from generous donators willing to share their collections on historic monuments and sites. Around 2500 images of various types of cultural heritage properties from around the world are already in display in the ICOMOS photobank.

We now invite you to share your images with ICOMOS and take part in the documentation of our global heritage.

1-Register / Contribute

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* All images will be partially free of copyright, according to Creative Commons licenses, specially developed in the spirit of free open access and complying with ICOMOS’ scientific, pedagogical and non-profit principles.
* You can upload your images one-by-one or in batches.
* Every upload is subject to moderation, and validation of the data is ensured by the image bank manager.
* The more accurate your description is, the higher the image’s scientific value will be. We recommend that you use English as much as possible in order for your pictures to be better referenced and easily found by users from the international community.
* For the best possible results, each media article should respect the following conditions:
- maximum size: 5 Mb
- minimum dimensions: Width x Height = 235px x 170px

2-Consult / Download!

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* Use advanced search and apply filters such as country, world heritage properties, year.
* Navigate through keywords, themes, photographers' names, etc. that are purposely clickable.
* Once registered, you can download the image(s) for your personal, professional and/or academic use.

Enjoy your visit!

Contact: Lucile Smirnov - documentation[at]icomos.org


We thank 

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The Walloon Region

for their generous support!