Publications received in 2017 at ICOMOS Documentation centre

Received in 2017 at ICOMOS Documentation centre



ICOMOS International
Heritage at risk: World Report 2014-2015 on monuments and sites in danger. Machat, Christoph (ed.); Ziesemer, John (ed.). Berlin, hendrik Bäßler, 2016, 166p., illus.

ISBN: 978-3-945880-26-5 

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Modern Conservation No.4. Šekaric, Branka (ed.). Belgrade, ICOMOS Serbia, 2016,335p.illus.
Through its regular chapters (History, Theory, Philosophy of Conservation; Conservation Practice; Interview; International Documents; Reviews) “Modern Conservation” seeks to establish a balance between history, theory and philosophy of conservation on the one hand, and conservation practice, with case studies from the local experiences and the world, on the other. The new issue includes an interview with Michael Petzet, German expert and former President of ICOMOS International. 

ISSN: 2334-9239 

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ICOMOS Lithuania

Kultūros paveldas šiuolaikiniame pasaulyje: tarptautiniai kultūros paveldo apsaugos
principai ICOMOS dokumentuose 1965–2014 metais
ICOMOS doktrinos šaltinių vertimas į lietuvių kalbą ir moksliniai komentarai. Vilnius,Icomos Lithuania, 2016, 264p.

E-book on ICOMOS Charters and doctrinal texts in Lithuanian.

ISBN: 978-609-95896-0-2 (e-version)

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