ICOMOS Webinars

e learning with ICOMOSAs a positive consequence of the COVID-19 crisis, ICOMOS, along with its Committees and the cultural heritage community has mobilized to offer scientific symposia online and compensate for the cancellation of all events since March 2020.

Enjoy e-learning with our Webinar series! Videos of the past events are accessible by clicking on the posters below.

Check our calendar for the webinars to come.




The views and opinions expressed in these webinars are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of ICOMOS International. Any video provided by National or Scientific Committees and hereby displayed is the responsibility of the meeting organizer / film director.


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ICOMOS Webinars series


ICOMOS ISCARSAH | Earthquakes and Traditional Construction (part 1)
25 February 2021


ICOMOS ICUCH | The Marsa Bagoush Projects - Emad Khalil + Why do we preserve sites in situ - Martijn Manders

Webinar ICOMOS CIF 24.02.2021

ICOMOS SDGWG | Policy + Partnerships: Coming together to mobilize heritage for sustainable development
17 March 2021

Webinar ICOMOS CIF 24.02.2021 ICOMOS CIF | Preservation in Historic area of Spain: Panorama of a Shifting Paradigm
24 February 2021
WEBINAR ICOMOS ICUCH2 21012021 ICOMOS ICUCH | Maritime Archaeology in Lebanon & Preservation of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Touristical Regions
21 January 2021
14 January 2021
WEBINAR ICOMOS ICUCH 171220 ICOMOS ICUCH | Recent Excavation and Research Work at Godawaya Shipwreck Site
17 December 2020
WEBINAR ICOMOS SDGWG3 201120 ICOMOS SDGWG | Environment - The Role of Cultural Heritage in Building Environmental Resilience
20 November 2020

ICOMOS Nigeria | Landscape, Knowledge and Sense of Place: What Does Indigeneity Mean in the African Context?
13 November 2020

WEBINAR SDGWG 2 ICOMOS SDGWG | Economy & Prosperity
17 October 2020
WEBINAR ICICH ICOMOS ICICH | Intangible Cultural Heritage: Shared Issues at Place
2 October 2020

ICOMOS SDGWG | Integrating Heritage Into the SDGs 
24 September 2020

WEBINAR PRERICO sept20 ICOMOS PRERICO | Cultural Sites of Religious Interest
19 September 2020
WEBINAR CIF Turkey ICOMOS CIF-Turkey NC 2 I ICOMOS CIF-NCTurkey 2: The Emerging New Paradigm in Conservation Education and the Power of Place
11 September 2020

ICOMOS CIF-Turkey NC | Improvisation in architectural conservation, Teaching and learning
28 August 2020

EPWG Climate Change webinar

ICOMOS  EPWG Webinar Series |
Heritage and Climate Change: Mitigation as Practice - 20 June 2020
WEBINAR CIVVIH resilience ICOMOS CIVVIH | Resilience of Historic Cities in times of COVID-19 Webinar
16 June 2020

EPWG Heritage Future ICOMOS Emerging Professionals Working Group | Heritage Futures Webinar
29 March 2020
EPWG CultureNature ICOMOS | Culture-Nature Journey
16 May 2020


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