GA2020 | Scientific Symposium: Call for reviewers from ICOMOS membership

GA2020 SymposiumWe are seeking volunteers, from among the ICOMOS membership, to be part of the group who will undertake reviews of the session proposals and individual paper/posts abstracts.

The reviews will take place in the period from the end of January until 16 March 2020. The task of the reviewers is to evaluate submissions against the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Relevance to GA2020 Scientific Symposium Theme;
  2. Substance: originality and quality of subject matter;
  3. Discussion value: capacity of proposal to inspire reflection, discussion and debate;
  4. Diversity: ensuring regional, cultural, and gender diversity.

If you wish to be a reviewer, please provide the following information:

To express your interest in being a reviewer, email Steve Brown at steveb.heritageat[at] using 'GA2020 SS - Reviewer' in the subject line by Friday 10 January.

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