Monuments and Sites: Indonesia (1996)

ms indonesia


200 pages 26,00 Euros


Foreword, Preface, Messages; Roland Silva, F. W. van Voorden, Frances B. Affandy & Ahmad Rida Soemardi, Han Awal, I Gede Ardika

1. Introduction
- lndonesia and the New Conservation; Robert Cowherd

2. Archeology: Sites and Monuments
- General Overview of Archeology in lndonesia; Hasan Muarif Ambary
- The Role ofBarus as An Old Harbor; Hasan Muarif Ambary
- Archeologic Site Banten; Hasan Muarif Ambary
- The Conservation Projects of Borobudur and Prambanan Temples; Parmono Atmadi
- Trowulan and Remains of the Majapahit Kingdom; Hasan Muarif Ambary

3. Indigenous Heritage
- Traditional Architecture in lndonesia: An lntroductory Note; Yuswadi Saliya
- Traditional Kampung and Architecture of Kasepuhan, West Java; KusnakaAdimihardja
- The Kratons of Cirebon: A Description of The Oldest Palaces in Java; Sutrisno Murtiyoso
- Javanese Architecture; Josef Prijotomo
- The House That Breathes: lndigenous Architecture of the Sangirese; Gunawan Tjahjono
- Settlements and Dwellings: The Dani of Irian Jaya; Djauhari Sumintardja
The Architecture of the Chinese Diaspora; Johannes Widodo

4. Colonial Legacy
- lndonesian Architecture in the Colonial Period; Dibyo Hartono
- The Legacy of Colonial Architecture in Present-Day Jakarta; Adolf Heuken S.J.
- Bandung Architecture in the Colonial Period; Dibyo Hartono
- Dutch Colonial Monuments and Sites in Surabaya; Handinoto

5. Current Developments
- Continuity and Changes in Urban Conservation; Moharnmad Danisworo
- Old Jakarta Redevelopment: The Jayakarta Historical Sites; Martono Yuwono
- Bandung: An Indisch-Colonial City in Transformation; Sandi A. Siregar
- Kembang Jepun Heritage District, Surabaya: Urban Design for Cultural Diversity; M. Danisworo & A.D. Tardiyana
- Citra Niaga, Samarinda: Urban Development with Heart; Made Antonio lsmael

6. Economics of Conservation: Cultural Tourism
- Making Choices: Community Role in Cultural Tourism; Frances Bo Affandy
- Musi Riverside Tourism, Palembang; Myra Po Gunawan
- Cirebon : A City in Waiting; Ramalis So Prihandana
- Cultural Tourism in Yogyakarta: Cullture, Heritage and Development; Wiendu Nuryanti
- Cultural Tourism in Bali: History, Policies, Perspectives; I Gede Ardika
- The National Museum of Geology; Soewarno Darsoprajitno

7. Special Opportunities
- Heritage Partnerships and Networking; Frances Bo Affandy
- Restoration on National Archives Building: A National and International Networking; Pia Alisjahbana
- Jakarta Cultural History Network: The Role of Community Museums in Historic Preservation; Amir Sidharta
- Bandung Society for Heritage Conservation; Frances Bo Affandy
- Mass Media and the Protection of Monument and Sites; Erlita Rachman

8. Epilogue
- Heritage Conservation in Indonesia: Reflections and Future Issues; Ahmad Rida Soemardi

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