ICOMOS Webinar Series | Heritage and Climate Change: Mitigation as Practice

June 20th Webinar FacebookThe ICOMOS Emerging Professionals Working Group (EPWG) is excited to host a dual webinar series on the subject of 'Heritage and Climate Change' on 20 June and 18 July at 14:00 Paris time.

Both sessions will feature speakers from the ICOMOS Climate Change and Heritage Working Group (CCHWG), and will form part of the ongoing ICOMOS Webinar Series.

The first of these sessions will be presented by Peter Cox, President of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Energy Sustainability and Climate Change (ISCES + CC), and Managing Director of Carrig Conservation International.  Peter will foreground the intersection of climate change with heritage, by highlighting the effects of extreme weather events, and the integral role of cultural heritage in implementing mitigation measures. For all those interested in further understanding carbon impacts, climate change risk assessment, and links with the United Nations SDGs, this is the Webinar for you! 

Peter has been an active member of ICOMOS Ireland for many years, and is a past President and Vice President of ICOMOS Ireland. With a background in chemical engineering and material science, Peter has worked on the analysis of decay of historic masonry, and the treatment of stone and mortar in heritage buildings, monuments, and sites, for over 35 years.

Please register online or watch the livestream on the ICOMOS Facebook Page

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