CHARTER Alliance Publishes its First Result and Presents a New Model for the Cultural Heritage Sector

CHARTER Report 2.1 pictureThe European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance CHARTER, Erasmus+ funded project,
released its first public deliverable: “A New Landscape for Heritage Professions –
Preliminary Findings” by Working Package 2 (Strategic analysis of cultural heritage
competences and occupational profiles). The report summarises the work and
preliminary findings that the WP2 has developed over the past six months.

The report presents the development of a new integrated model for the cultural
heritage sector, defining its breadth, dynamics and boundaries in relation to existing
cultural, statistical, occupational and economic conceptual definitions, policy principles
and frameworks. The model reflects the evolving discourse about cultural heritage and
is aligned with the concept of cultural heritage as a “shared resource and common
good”, which impacts human, economic and social wellbeing.
The model conveys holistic principles while being applicable in economic and social
assessments and policies, proposing cultural heritage as a discrete domain on its own,
with specific functions for its full realization.
The report is the result of desk research on the contemporary discourse in cultural
heritage, as evidenced in recent policy documents, reports and latest conceptual
frameworks, assessment of current statistical indicators and brainstorming sessions
with the CHARTER consortium for contributions and validation of the ongoing results.
téléchargementAccess the Full report in the Results section of CHARTER’s website.


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