ICOMOS' Statement of concern regarding interventions at the Acropolis, Athens

Acropolis Athens Tasos Tanoulas 1

ICOMOS expresses its deep concerns about interventions at the Acropolis, Athens.


ICOMOS is deeply concerned by information received from Greek experts, and discussed worldwide in the press, that reinforced concrete pavements are being built on the archaeological site of the Acropolis in Athens. Although the Greek authorities have given assurances that this is only a question of upgrading the ancient pathways to accommodate persons with reduced mobility, strong fears have been expressed by experts as to the materials used, the irreversible nature of the interventions underway and, above all, their impact on the entire site, thus jeopardizing the Outstanding Universal Value of this World Heritage property.

These fears are reinforced by recent statements made by the President of the Committee for the Restoration and Conservation of the Monuments of the Acropolis, who described these interventions as only the first phase of a more extensive transformation of the archaeological site.

ICOMOS is extremely concerned about these developments in what is one of the most iconic monuments of the World and continues to follow the situation closely.

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Photo credits:

Photo 1 : On the left, the pathway along the north side of the Parthenon, showing a high vertical border to the north. Above right, the east façade of the Propylaia. (Photograph © Tasos Tanoulas, March 2021).

Photo 2 : View of the cement platform in front of the eastern façade of the Parthenon, looking north. Above left, the east façade of the Parthenon. (Photograph © Tasos Tanoulas, 2021).

Photo 3 : The platform adjacent to the east front of the Propylaia, seen from the southeast. (Photograph © Tasos Tanoulas, March 2021).

Photo 4: The recent pavement covering over the living rock in front of the eastern façade of the Parthenon and to the south of the sanctuary of Zeus Polieus (Photograph © Tasos Tanoulas, March 22, 2021.)