ICOMOS is selected for partnership with the New European Bauhaus Initiative

signature 1ICOMOS is pleased to announce that it has been selected for official partnership with the New European Bauhaus Initiative.

Launched by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen in September 2020, the New European Bauhaus aims at bringing the European Green Deal closer to citizens and their living spaces by bridging the world of science and technology with the world of art and culture.

ICOMOS offers the angle of cultural heritage to the debates and events on the #NewEuropeanBauhaus Europe-wide with a general and local perspective.

Realising the potential of cultural heritage as a driving force of balanced and sustainable development requires better recognition of the cultural dimensions of development and adjusting the aims and methodologies of heritage practice. Adapted solutions and standards are required for the management of development and change as well as interdisciplinary cooperation.

One of the ways in which ICOMOS will contribute to the New European Bauhaus is with fresh standard setting studies relevant for all European countries: “Quality Principles for EU-funded interventions with potential impact on cultural heritage”; “The Future of Our Pasts: Engaging Cultural Heritage in Climate Action” and the “European Cultural Heritage Green Paper: Putting Europe’s shared heritage at the heart of the European Green Deal”, a report prepared in collaboration with Europa Nostra. ICOMOS proposes to introduce these studies in the framework of the New European Bauhaus and enable discussions on the issues as the implementation of these strategies into European policies improves the quality of decision making and collaboration with other sectors.

ICOMOS is committed to including cultural heritage as an integral part of the #NewEuropeanBauhaus, and in its role as partner, will advocate the need for a heritage-led transformation of our society, economy and environment. ICOMOS is aware of the great challenge and responsibility this partnership entails and is committed to align its activities to the values and aims of this initiative.


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