New study on quality in 3D digitisation of tangible cultural heritage

Final Banner 3D StudyA new study on quality in 3D digitisation of tangible cultural heritage which ICOMOS and ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Heritage Documentation (CIPA) contributed to has just been released.

The study led by Cyprus University of Technology has identified all relevant elements for successful 3D digitisation of cultural heritage, classifying them by degree of complexity and purpose or use. The study also looked at what determines the quality of a 3D digitisation project and made an inventory of existing formats, standards, guidelines and methodologies used by the industry. This study also collected a number of projects and success stories serving as benchmarks for 3D digitisation of tangible cultural heritage.

Dr. Marinos Ioannides of the Digital Heritage Research Lab (DHRLab) at Cyprus University of Technology and Director of UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage (CH) led this complex and all-encompassing project, working with nine important players in the industry and a number of external experts providing their research contributing to this exceptional study.

The digital recording of CH is an essential step in understanding and conserving the values of the memory of the past, creating an exact digital record for the future, providing a means to educate, skill, and communicating the knowledge and value of the tangible objects to the society.

The complexity of 3D digitisation of an object, whether it is a building or a small object, depends on many factors, such as the equipment being used, placement of the object or monument, light conditions and texture of the material. All these factors increase the complexity of the 3D digitisation project at hand.

Natural and man-made disasters makes 3D digitisation projects critical for the reconstruction of cultural heritage buildings and objects that are damaged or lost in earthquakes, fires, flooding or degenerated by pollution.

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