Looking back on 18 April: thank you all!

IDMS Rural landscapes: field walk tito international day for monuments and sites Italy Three months ago, on 18 April 2019, we celebrated the International Day on Monuments and Sites on the theme of rural landscapes. The richness of rural heritage, but also the challenges of its conservation in a context of climate change and sustainable development, have given rise to many varied events: educational exhibitions, guided tours, hikes, conferences and round tables.... People in 48 countries and members of 33 National Committees played the game and proposed activities: thank you all for this rich and exciting day! Some photo reportages are available below.

All these activities have been widely promoted on social networks. The hashtag #IcomosIDMS2019 appeared in 105 tweets, in 285 Instagram publications: you shared your activities, in words and pictures, reacted to our Instagram stories... We are happy to sense a true community spirit around ICOMOS!


Highlights in images 📸

Thanks to all those who sent us their pictures of this day. Below are some photo reportages from different countries. Feel free to upload other photos to the ICOMOS collaborative photo bank. Simply connect and load the images one by one, or by galleries. Our tutorials are here to help you.

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Rural landscape Kugti village Chamba Himachal Pradesh India instayati→ China: Sun Yat Sem  University, symposium on the theme: "“Rural Heritage Tourism and Sustainable Development"

→ China: visit of Xiedian Traditional Village, discussions on vernacular architecture and the challenges of sustainable development

→ France: Stroll - Talk / Cultural walk to discover the rich history of the rural landscapes around the historical site of Port-Royal-des-Champs.

→ Greece: guided tour to the archaeological site of Ramnous located in important rural landscape

→ Iraq: visit by a group of our students of a Kurdistan archaeological site, The rock-cut of Qizqapan

→ Iran : Tehran - speech on the theme of rural landscapes

→ Italy: visit to a rural landscapes in the Basilicata region, guided by local farmers

→ Latvia: event at Luznava Manor entitled "Save your past and secure your future in rural areas! 100 years old landscape park of Luznava Manor meets a young 100-oak tree garden!"

→ Lithuania: event entitled "Day of Opinions and Impressions. Rural Heritage: landscapes and beyond."

→ Nepal: exhibition showcasing case studies as posters accompanied by general discussions on defining and safeguarding rural landscapes in Nepal

→ Poland: exhibition at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Technology in Warsaw

→ Turkey: exhibition "Rural Life & Rural Landscape" addressed to students 

 â†’ United States of America: celebration by the City of Philadelphia



Top photo: Rural lanscape with irrigation in Basilicata region, Italy ©  Antonio Graziadei
Bottom photo: Kugti village, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh © Instayation Instagram