Seminar of New National Committee ICOMOS Myanmar

ICOMOS MyanmarThe ICOMOS Myanmar Seminar on Capacity Building and Inventories/Heritage Documentation took place on 17, 18 and 19 October 2017, in Yangon, Myanmar, organised in conjunction with the ICOMOS International Secretariat.

 ICOMOS Myanmar is a new ICOMOS National Committee whose creation was formally accredited by the ICOMOS Board in March 2017. ICOMOS International and ICOMOS Myanmar organised a 3-day seminar aimed at capacity building in what concerns the operations of the National Committee (fundraising, growing membership, activity plan, relations with the ICOMOS network and participation at the international level). The seminar included a workshop on the preparation of a National Inventory for Cultural Heritage and documentation standards for 3D scanning. The idea is to accompany the new Committee in its first year of formal existence and new expansion as well as to provide professional development to its members and cultural heritage experts in Myanmar. 

The seminar was made possible thanks to the financial support of SACH (the Chinese State Administration for Cultural Heritage), the Department of Archaeology and National Museum of Myanmar, and the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture of Myanmar. Our sincere thanks also go to the participants, listed below.


- ICOMOS Myanmar Board

ICOMOS International
- Peter Phillips, Vice President of ICOMOS and member of ICOMOS Australia
- Mario Santana, member of the ICOMOS Board and of ICOMOS Canada

ICOMOS National Committees
- Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy, member of ICOMOS Australia, Advisory Committee officer (Scientific Council)
- Xie Li, Senior Programme Specialist, ICOMOS China
- Vanicka Arora, Board member of ICOMOS India
- Yuga Kariya, Vice President of ICOMOS Japan
- Rosli Bin Haji Nor, Board member of ICOMOS Malaysia
- Vasu Poshyanandana, Secretary General of ICOMOS Thailand
- Hae Un Rii, President of ICOMOS Korea and Advisory Committee officer (National Committees)