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List of Keywords English-French-Spanish

The documentation centre database contains over 37.500 bibliographical references (October 2011). It is available on the internet thanks to the financial support given by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation of New York. The database is also available on the Conservation Information Network (CIN) web site, of which ICOMOS is a partner.

The database includes monographs, articles from specialized journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, unpublished and audiovisual documents.

    Main subjects

  • archaeology
  • conservation and restoration techniques
  • cultural landscapes
  • cultural routes
  • cultural tourism
  • earthen architecture
  • historic gardens and parks
  • historic towns and villages
  • industrial heritage
  • intangible heritage
  • inventories
  • legislation
  • monuments in seismic areas
  • photogrammetry
  • risk preparedness and heritage at risk
  • rock art
  • stone and other building materials
  • town planning
  • training
  • underwater heritage
  • vernacular architecture
  • wooden architecture
  • world heritage monuments and sites
  • etc
  • and all the nomination files of the cultural properties inscribed on the World Heritage List

Copying service

ICOMOS will photocopy articles from journals and chapters from books, subject to the limits of copyright legislation. Applications should provide full details of the documents: author(s), title, year, volume or issue number, pages, etc. For each application, a maximum of 10 references will be sent by post.

  • Photocopying Charges:
    0,10 Euros per page (ICOMOS members)
    0,20 Euros per page (non-members)

  • Research and handling charges:
    3,00 Euros are added for research and handling.

  • Postal charges:
    Postage will be charged according to weight, distance and specific requests (air mail, etc). Prepayment by Master Card or Visa, by international money order, by chèque (made out to "ICOMOS")[Only cheques from French Bank accounts are accepted] and by Paypal (to secretariat[at]icomos.org).

  • Fax delivery:
    1,00 Euro surcharge per page.

The UNESCO-ICOMOS Documentation Centre was formerly part of the UNESCO-ICOM-ICOMOS Network. In 1997 UNESCO changed its computer system and the two bibliographical databases of ICOM and ICOMOS, which had been merged on UNESCO's mainframe computer in the ICOMMOS database, have since been split into two databases, one for each documentation centre. The transfer of the bibliographical database from UNESCO's mainframe system to ICOMOS's own micro system was completed in June 1999.

Micro CDS/ISIS is an advanced non-numerical information storage and retrieval system developed by UNESCO since 1985 to satisfy the need expressed by many institutions, especially in developing countries, to be able to streamline their information processing activities by using modern (and relatively inexpensive) technologies.

CDS/ISIS has an information retrieval component using a powerful search language and a powerful sort and report generation facility allowing the user to easily create any desired printed product, such as catalogues, indexes, directories, etc.