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Advisory Committee 2009

Scientific Symposium

Changing World, Changing Views of Heritage:
The impact of global change on cultural heritage – Technological Change



  • Download the detailed programme of the Scientific Symposium: PDF, 23 KB


  • Welcome by the Hon. Dolores Cristina, Minister for Education and Culture
  • Opening remarks by the President of ICOMOS, Gustavo Araoz
  • Technological changes and their effects on cultural heritage [Pamela Jerome, Scientific Council Coordinator]


Theme 1: Documentation

  • Laser scanning [David Mitchell, Douglas Pritchard, Ben Kacyra]
    PDF, 130 KB
  • Developing a ‘non-destructive scientific toolkit’ to monitor monuments and sites [J.D. Meneely, B.J. Smith, J. Curran]
    PDF, 698 KB

Additional selected papers not being presented:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar to Electrical Resisivity: A Digital Means of Saving the Past for Future Generations [Diane L. Douglas]
    PDF, 589 KB


Theme 2: Intangible

  • Using technology to monitor and counter the impacts of global climate changes on traditional management systems for cultural landscapes [Andrew Hall]
    PDF, 1,15 MB
  • Paradise lost: paradise regained – a new dynamic for the significance of cultural heritage monuments and sites in the context of technological change [Sue Millar]
    PDF, 741 KB

Theme 3: Energy Technology

  • Paradox? The energy paradigm and preservation of the modern movement [Stephen Kelley]

Theme 4: Historic Technology

  • The protection and preservation of Greek archaeological landscapes in the context of technological change: the case of Lavrio, Attica [Elena Korka]
     PDF, 118 KB
  • Appropriate technology [John Hurd]
     PDF, 29 KB

Additional selected papers not being presented

  • Changing World, Changing Views of Heritage: The Impact of Global Climate Change on Cultural Heritage [Meisha Hunter]
    pdf PDF, 63 KB
  • Climate Change in Western Himalaya: Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation of historic earthen structures  [Sandeep Sikka and Charu Chaudhry]
    pdf PDF, 1,66 MB
  • La perception du temps et sa mesure dans l’époque byzantine (4e – 15e s après J.C.) [Maria (Marianna) Savrami]
    pdf PDF, 3,55 MB
  • The debate in progress about materials and technologies for the sustainable conservation of the built heritage in Brazil [Maria Isabel Kanan]
    pdf PDF, 37 KB


Breakout sessions:

  • How does technological change assist or hinder the area of interest of your International Scientific Committee? [Pamela Jerome]

Additional selected papers being presented

  • Theme: Documentation: Changing mutual relationships between Man and Monument through history [Andrzej Tomaszewski]
    pdf PDF, 36 KB

The following papers will be presented during the Scientific Council and Advisory Committee meetings:

SC Meeting

AC Meeting

  • New Orleans : Historic Green Represents a Blending of the Past, the Present and the Future. What Was, Meets What Could Be [Bill Dupont and Ryan Evans]
    PDF, 83 KB



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