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Advisory Committee 2009: Cultural Events


Cultural Events in Malta from 5 to 10 October

Please find below for information a list of cultural events that are taking place in Malta during the period of our meetings there and which may be of interest to you. For more information on the events or to buy tickets please consult the web sites mentioned.

Saturday, 3 October

Sunday, 4 October

  • 11:00 h: St Catherine of Italy Church, Valletta: Lunchtime Concert

Tuesday, 6 October

Thursday, 8 October

  • 12:30 h: Lunchtime Concert at St Catherine of Italy Church, Valletta

Saturday, 9 October

Sunday, 10 October

  • 17:30 h, St James Cavalier: Discovering Opera – lecturers prior to screening of the Metropolitan Opera Season
  • 19:30 h: Opera in Gozo - AIDA by Giuseppe Verdi



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