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Advisory Committee 2010

Scientific Symposium

Changing World, Changing Views of Heritage:
The Impact of Global Change on Cultural Heritage
2010 theme: Heritage and Social Change

Saturday, 30 October 2010, Dublin Castle Conference
Centre, Dublin, Ireland



  • Download the detailed programme of the Scientific Symposium: PDF, 18 KB


  • Minister of State at Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Ciarán Cuffe, TD
  • ICOMOS President, Gustavo Araoz
  • ICOMOS Ireland President, Grellan Rourke
  • Scientific Council Officer, Pamela Jerome
  • Symposium Chair, Neil Silberman

Theme 1: The Heritage of Changing/Evolving Communities

  • Protecting Kraków's Heritage through the Power of Social Networking [Monika Bogdanowska (Poland), Martin Taylor (UK)]
    PDF, 3.16 MB
  • Excavating Globalisation from the Ruins of Colonialism: Archaeological Heritage Management Responses to Cultural Change [Tracy Ireland (Australia)]
    PDF, 1.38 KB
  • The long and winding road. A challenge to ICOMOS Members [Sheridan Burke (Australia)]
  • PDF, 80 KB

Additional selected papers not being presented:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar to Electrical Resisivity: A Digital Means of Saving the Past for Future Generations [Diane L. Douglas]
    PDF, 589 KB

Theme 2: Diasporic, Immigrant, and Indigenous Heritage

  • Grosse Ile and Boulevard Saint-Laurent: Pathways of Immigration [Marc de Caraffe (Canada)]
    PDF, 301 KB
  • Rural Agricultural Heritage and Landscape in the Migrations Country/City. The Utopia of "Development [Juan De Orellana, Rossana Miranda (Peru) - Presented by Monica Luengo]
    PDF, 60 KB

Theme 3: Religious Heritage

  • Conserving the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela as a World Heritage Site: a case for international support and local participation [Elene Negussie (Ireland)]
    PDF, 794 KB

Theme 4: The Social Impacts of Global Climate Change

  • Heritage and Social Change: Anticipating Future Trends [Diane Barthel-Bouchier (USA)]
    PDF, 52 KB

Additional selected papers not being presented

  • The debate in progress about materials and technologies for the sustainable conservation of the built heritage in Brazil [Maria Isabel Kanan]
    PDF, 37 KB

Breakout sessions:

    Introduction to Breakout Sessions
  • Museums for Social Harmony: the ICOM approach [Alissandra Cummins, ICOM President]
  • Facing the Challenges of a Changing World: What Will Be the New Responsibilities of ICOMOS in the 21st Century? [Neil Silberman, Pamela Jerome]

  • Four breakout groups will discuss the possible contribution of ICOMOS National and International Scientific Committees in addressing the challenges of community-based, diasporic, religious and environmental heritage - and will suggest possible collaborations and initiatives needed to address each of the themes.

Plenary Session

Presentation of the Conclusions of Breakout Sessions

The following papers will be presented during the Scientific Council and Advisory Committee meetings:

SC Meeting

AC Meeting

  • New Orleans : Historic Green Represents a Blending of the Past, the Present and the Future. What Was, Meets What Could Be [Bill Dupont and Ryan Evans]
    PDF, 83 KB



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