Historic cultural landscapes are the work of both nature and man,
preserving tangible and intangible traces of the past. The combination
of the royal palace, urban area and surrounding nature makes the
Schwerin cultural landscape a unique example of 19th-century European
court culture. Nestled amongst parklands and lakes, Schwerin Palace,
with its buildings and gardens, represents an exceptional piece of
“romantic historicism” in Europe – a unique architectural and
urban fusion of functional and intellectual-historical 19th-century
residence design.

It was this exceptional prominence that saw the “Residence Ensemble
Schwerin – A cultural landscape of romantic historicism” included on
the tentative list of national World Heritage Site nominees.
Based on the Residence Ensemble Schwerin, the conference will focus on
the historic cultural landscape in a context of World Heritage, and the
interrelations between residence complexes as historic cultural
landscapes in particular. Doubling as the 3rd Schwerin World Heritage
Conference, the conference will also include the World Heritage
nomination of the “Residence Ensemble Schwerin – A cultural
landscape of romantic

The comparison with other residences/residence landscapes from Germany
and neighbouring countries will serve to further define the location and
rank of the “Residence Ensemble Schwerin”, and enhance its
universal value.

For further information regarding the conference programme and
registration please see the attached files. Please note that
registrations are open until 29 September 2017.

Conference programme:

Location information
Schwerin, Germany
Country: Germany
County: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
City: Schwerin

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