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ICOMOS International Committee on Stained Glass 

Introduction: Conservation of Ancient Monumental Stained and Painted Glass 
      E. Bacher

Introduction: The Corpus Vitrearum Project 
      M. Caviness
Guidelines- Directives- Richtlinien 
1. Problématique de la Conservation et de la Restauration des Vitraux 
     J. Taralon

2. Glasmalerei, ein Komplexes Phânomen 
      E. Frodl-Kraft

3. Ursachen und Symptome des Zerfalls Mittelalterlicher Glasgemâlde 
      U.D. Korn

4. The Restoration of Medieval Stained Glass (1985) 

5. Glasmalerei-Restaurierung, Forschung, Methodik, Praxis 
      E. Bacher

6. La Table de Peintre- Verrier de Gérone 
      J. Vila-Grau

7. Mittelalterliche Glasmalerei 
     E. Drachenberg

8. As much as necessary, as little as possible - Notes on the Protection and Restoration of Medieval and Renaissance Stained Glass 
      U.D. Korn

9. Restauration des Vitraux Anciens 
      Y. Vanden-Bemden

10. Glasmalereikonservierung: Eine Übersicht 
     St. Trümpler

11. Zur historischen Entstehung zum heutigen Bestand und Zustand der Glasmalerei des 19. Jhs. und ihrer Restaurierungsprobleme 
      P. van Treeck

12. Conservation and Restoration of Stained Glass 

13. La Tecnica di Fabbricazione delle Vetrate e li lndagini Analitiche Preliminari al Restauro 
      M. Verita

14. Examen et Analyse des Processus de Corrosion des Vitraux Anciens 
      J.M. Bettembourg

15. Untersuchungen zur Verwitterung und Konservierung Mittelalterlicher Glasmalerei 
       H. Marschner

16. La Pollution Atmosphérique et la Corrosion des Verres du Moyen-Age 
       M. Perez Y Jorba

17. Conservation des Vitraux par une Verrière Extérieure 
       J.M Bettembourg, J.J.Burck

19. Probleme der Restaurierung, Konservierung und Prophylaktischen Sicherung Mittelalterlicher Glasmalereien 

 20. La Restauración de las Vidrieras del Rosetón del Monasterio de Santes Creus 
       A. Vila-Delclos

21. Glass Sensors: A European Study to Estimate the Effectiveness ofProtective Glazings at Different Cathedrals
       J. Leissner,D.R. Fuchs

Corpus Vitrearum Publikations 



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ICOMOS International Committee on Rock Art

The State of Research in Rock Art -1993
Archetypes, Constants and Universal Paradigms
The Earliest Art
The Social and Economic Context
Major Sites
Pictograms, Psychograms and Ideograms
Towards a World Vision

List of Anati's Postulates

A Preliminary Typological Repertory of World Rock Art.
Categories of Prehistoric and Tribal Art (CAT)
Kinds ofPrehistoric and Tribal Art (KIND)
Geographic Classification of Areas (Area Code)
Area Code of Countries
Preliminary Typological Repertory
o -Generalities
A -Early Hunters and Gatherers
B -Evolved Hunters
C -Pastoralists
D -Complex Economy







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ICOMOS International Committee on Historic Towns 

1. Statutes of the Committee on Historic Towns 

2. List of Members of CIVVIH 

3. The Headquarters of CIVVIH 
    Andrea Gadoczi

4. The International Charter of Historic Towns 

5. List of World Heritage Towns and Villages 

6. Resolutions, Recommendations, Declarations on the Rehabilitation of Historic Towns 1 -22 

- UNESCO- Recommendation concerning the Safeguarding of the Beauty and Character of Landscapes and Sites. Paris, 11 December 1962 

- ICOMOS- Resolutions on the Regeneration of Historic Urban Sites. Levoca, 20-26 June 1966 

- ICOMOS- First Conference on the Protection and Revivification of Centres of Historic or Artistic Interest. Cáceres, 15-19 March 1967 

- ICOMOS- Recommendations of the Executive Committee Concerning Special Problems relating to the Reclamation, Restoration and Development of the Potencialities of the North-African and Asian Cities of the Mediterranean Basin. Tunis, 9-16 June 1968 

- ICOMOS- Resolutions of the Symposium on the Introduction of Contemporary Architecture into Ancient Groups of Buildings. Budapest, 25-30 June 1972 

- ICOMOS- Resolution adopted by the Sandefjord Symposium the Wooden Town in Scandinavian Countries. Sandefjord, 22-24 September 1972 

- UNESCO- Recommendation Concerning the Protection, at National Level, of the Cultural and Natural Heritage. Paris, 16 November 1972

- ICMOS- Resolutions of the Symposium devoted to the Study of "The Streetscape in Historic Towns". Lausanne, 17-22 June 1973 

- ICOMOS- 1° Conferenza Mondiale del Traffico. Bologna, 10-12 June 1973 

- ICOMOS- UIA Seminar on the Integration of Modern Architecture in Old Surroundings. Kazimierz Dolny, 16-19 October 1974 

- ICOMOS- The Resolution of Bruges: Principles Governing the Rehabilitation of Historic Towns. Bruges, 12-15 May 1975 

- ICOMOS- Resolutions of the International Symposium on the Conservation of Smaller Historic Towns. Rothenburg/ Tauber, 29-30 May 1975 

- Europa Nostra- Charte Europeenne du Patrimoine Architectural. Amsterdam, 1975 

- ICOMOS- UNESCO- Recommendation adopted at the International Symposium- A New Life for Historic Towns. Prague- Bratislava, 30 September- 5 October 1976 

- UNESCO- Recommendation Concerning the Safeguarding and Contemporary Role of Historic Areas. Nairobi, 26 October- 30 November 1976

- ICOMOS- Resolution "Secteurs Sauvegardés Ruraux". Szombathely, 23-29 Juin 1977 

- ICOMOS- Colloque sur les "Ensembles Historique Traditionnels". Cracovie, 15-18 October 1980 
- Internazionale Städteforum Memorandum of Graz- To avoid Suffocating of Our Cities in Traffic Graz, 7-10 June 1990 

- ICOMOS- COMPTE Rendu du Colloque International "Methodes Scientifiques pour Sauvegarder la Memoire d'une Ville: problemes de la Formation". Sofia, 28 Sept.- 1 Oct. 1990 

- ICOMOS- Declaración de la Ciudad de México; 25 Años de Conservación del Patrimonio: Balance y Perspectivas. Ciudad de México, 7-10 Novembre 1990 

- Network of World Heritage Towns- the Quebec City Declaration- Preservation of the Urban Heritage. Quebec, 30 June- 4 July 1991 

- Conseil de l'Europe Declaration; 7e Symposium des Villes Historiques. Istambul, 16-18 September 1992 

7. Collection of Data of CIVVIH Meetings 
    (prepared by Tamas Fejérdy)






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International Committee on Historic Gardens and Sites 

1. Among Asia's Earliest Surviving Gardens: the Royal and the Monastic Gardens at Sigiriya and Anuradhapura 
      Senake Bandaranayake

2. The Gardens of the Far East, the Garden of Stones and Water: the Translated Landscape of nature 
      Sue -Hee KIM

3. Islamic Gardens in Iran 

4. Gardens of India 
      Prabhkar B. Bhagwat

5. The Origin of the Patios and Gardens of the Islamic Period in Spain and Portugal 
     Ilidio A. De Araujo

6. The History of Gardens and the Evolution of the Environment 
     Elena Micoulina

7. Bulgarian Garden Art -Past and Present 
     D. T. Sougarev

8. Landscapes and Monuments in Moscow and their Use 
     I. N. Voscresensky

9. FormaI Characteristics of the InformaI Garden 
      Sven- Ingvar Andersson

10. Beloeil 

11. The Gardens of Antonio Gaudi 
      Juan Bassegoda Nonell

12. "Lunuganga -The Story of a Garden  "
      David Robson

13. Private Gardens of London: A Victorian Garden 
      Arabella Lennox-Boyd

14. Private Gardens of London: Lut yens Revisited 
      Arabella Lennox-Boyd

15. The Conservation of English Landscape Gardens of the National Trust 
      John Sales

ICOMOS IFLA -Florence Charter -21 May 1981 

UNESCO Preservation and Restoration Projects
Master Plans:

1. Sukhothai Historical Park Development Project 
      Fine Arts Department and Ministry of Education, Govemment of Thailand

The Sukhothai Historical Park Development Project 
Present Conditions in Ancient Sukhothai 
Components of the Sukhothai Historical Park Development Project 
Project expenses 
Investment Returns 
Outline of management 

2. Shalamar Gardens 
     Mohammed Istiaq Khan
Department of Archaeology, Govemment of Pakistan 1973



Buildings of the garden

The Surrounding

Measures for Preservation and Restoration

Improvement of Gardens

Acquisition of Land and Illumination

Abstract of Cost. 





John Warren: Vice President of the ICOMOS Specialized Committee on Earthen Architecture

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ICOMOS: International Committe on Earthen Architecture

in english
en français

Introduction: Philosophical Background

Brickwork: its History, Nature and Behaviour

The Repair and Conservation of Brickwork

Renders and Materials of Fired Clay other than Brick

Construction in Earths

Repair of Earth Structures

Case Studies: seven examples


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