ICOMOS World Report 2006-2007 on Monuments and Sites in Danger

Edited by Michael Petzet and John Ziesemer

The new World Report 2006/2007 on Monuments and Sites in Danger provides a broad spectrum of threats in the different regions of the world. Apart from 40 National Reports there are also current reports on cross-national topics, such as endangered rock paintings in North Africa and Australia, threats to vernacular architecture or to our archaeological heritage. Many of the threats discussed in the previous Heritage at Risk reports still exist, for instance dam projects in Turkey or threats to cultural heritage caused by military conflicts in Iraq and the Near East. Often conservation concerns are being sacrificed for purely commercial interests. This is being demonstrated for example by skyscraper projects in St Petersburg, Prague, Istanbul or Vienna exceeding all traditional dimensions or by the disfigurement of historic town quarters and cultural landscapes in countries such as Hungary, Romania or Moldova.

For the first time, the World Report 2006/2007 also contains a number of studies dealing with the effects of the worldwide climate change on our cultural heritage. Case studies demonstrate how different world regions, for instance the Canadian coastline, the Antarctic and Southern Europe, are already affected by climate change. Being aware of this interaction between natural and cultural heritage, ICOMOS has increased its commitment in Brazil by recently declaring the tropical rainforest of Amazonia a "monument of nature".

ICOMOS World Report 2006/2007 on Monuments and Sites in Danger Full Version

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The complete report can be obtained in hard copy (free, except for the postage) from the ICOMOS Documentation Centre. Contact: documentation[at]icomos.org


National Reports

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Special Focus: Global Climate Change

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ICOMOS World Report 2004-2005 on monuments and sites in danger

 Foreword (by Mounir Bouchenaki)
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Introduction (by Michael Petzet)
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Message concerning the earthquake
and ensuing tsunami in the Indian

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National reports

 Thematic reports

Tsunami in South-East Asia (December 26th 2004)

- Preliminary survey of Tsunami-affected monuments and sites of archaeological, historical and architectural significance in the Maritime Region of Sri Lanka.
By ICOMOS Sri Lanka (March 2005) - [Full text Report - Rapport Complet

Tsunami - Disaster in South East Asia 


Save Allianoi: Important Roman Site in Turkey at Risk! (Sept 21st 2005)

Letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey by the President of ICOMOS
Letter to the Minister of State of Turkey 
International Campaign to Save Allianoi (Europa Nostra) 

Hurricane affecting South Coast of USA (August 2005)

Statement by ICBS 
Heritage recovery in the aftermath of Katrina (US/ICOMOS Website)

Hard copy

The complete report can be obtained in hard copy (free, except for the postage) from the ICOMOS Documentation Centre. Contact: documentation[at]icomos.org

ICOMOS World Report 2000 on Monuments and Sites in Danger





Cambodia - damaged temple relief, Angkor Wat Canada - decaying totem pole, Anthony Island

ICOMOS is pleased to present its first Heritage @ Risk report. Its aim is to identify threatened heritage places, monuments and sites, present typical case studies and trends, and share suggestions for solving individual or global threats to our cultural heritage. 
The Heritage @ Risk program was endorsed by ICOMOS members at the General Assembly in Mexico in 1999. An invitation was made to all ICOMOS National Committees, International Scientific Committees and ICOMOS' world-wide professional network, to provide short reports outlining risks in their country or area of expertise including case studies. These reports are now all available on this Web-site.
ICOMOS has analysed this wide variety of reports and presents an overview of Trends, Threats and Risks to Heritage with some suggestions to counteract these threats in the Taskforce Report available on this Web-site. More information and solutions are welcome - sharing such ideas may initiate fresh approaches.
This ICOMOS H@R! first world report complements other national and international initiatives to preserve our cultural heritage places, monuments and sites. Links are provided to these other programs or websites. 
ICOMOS looks forward to your ongoing involvement in this initiative - a call for further reports will be placed on this Web-site in 2001

Heritage@Risk Taskforce: Dinu Bumbaru (Canada) Sheridan Burke (Australia) Michael Petzet (Germany) 


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ICOMOS World Report 2002-2003 on monuments and sites in danger

Statement by ICOMOS: "War in Iraq - Memory and heritage of the World in danger" - (06.03.2003) - [Français] - [Español

Statement by the International Committee of the Blue Shield (ICBS) on the impact of a war on cultural heritage in Iraq



Hard copy

 The complete report can be obtained in hard copy (free, except for the postage) from the ICOMOS Documentation Centre. Contact: documentation[at]icomos.org


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