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Sub-Zone 1.

Morocco - Mauritania - Western Sahara 

- Sous zone 1: Maroc / Sahara atlantique marocain - Mauritanie
Abdellah SALIH 

- Sub-Zone 1: Mauritania - Western Sahara

Sub-Zone 2. 
Algeria - Tunisia

- Sous zone 2: Algérie - Tunisie
Christian DUPUY

Sub-Zone 3. 
Niger - Mali - Chad

- Sub-Zone 3: Niger

- Sous zone 3: Mali / Adrar des Iforas
Christian DUPUY

- Sous zone 3: Tchad
Roberta SIMONIS, Adriana SCARPA FALCE et Donatella CALATI

Sub-Zone 4. 
Libya - Egypt - Northern Sudan

- Sous zone 4: Libye / Plateau du Messak
Axel et Anne-Michelle VAN ALBADA

- Sous zone 4: Libye - Égypte - Nord du Soudan

Rock Art in Sahara and North Africa: Conclusions


I - ICOMOS Brief for Contributors

Orientations de l'ICOMOS à l'attention des contributeurs 

II - Illustrations 

Anita Smith and Kevin L. Jones

December 2007

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Part 1: Foreword
Susan Denyer

Part 2: Context for the Thematic Study
Anita Smith
- Purpose of the thematic study
- Background to the thematic study
- ICOMOS 2005 ?Filling the Gaps - An Action Plan for the Future?
- Pacific Island Cultural Landscapes: making use of this study

Part 3: Thematic Essay: The Cultural Landscapes of the Pacific Islands
Anita Smith

The Pacific Islands: a Geo-Cultural Region
- The environments and sub-regions of the Pacific
- Colonization of the Pacific Islands and the development of Pacific Island societies
- European contact, the colonial era and decolonisation
- The ?transported landscapes? of the Pacific
- Principle factors contributing to the diversity of cultural Landscapes in the Pacific Islands
Organically Evolved Cultural Landscapes of the Pacific
- Pacific systems of horticulture ? continuing cultural landscapes
- Change through time in horticultural systems - relict horticultural and agricultural cultural landscapes
- Arboriculture in the Pacific Islands
- Land tenure and settlement patterns
- Social systems and village structures
- Social, ceremonial and burial places
- Relict landscapes of war in the Pacific Islands
- Organically evolved cultural landscapes in the Pacific Islands: in conclusion
Cultural Landscapes of the Colonial Era

Associative Cultural Landscapes and Seascapes
- Storied landscapes and seascapes
- Traditional knowledge: associations with the land and sea
Part 4: Cultural Landscape Portfolio
Kevin L. Jones

Part 5: The Way Forward
Susan Denyer, Kevin L. Jones and Anita Smith
- Findings of the study
- Protection, conservation and management
- Recording and documentation
- Recommendations for future work


Annex I - References
Annex II
- Illustrations
- Illustrations Part 3
- Illustrations Part 4

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