Titre :
Symposium “Art as a Source of History”
Date :
09.20.2013 - 09.26.2013
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Dear Colleagues,
The Symposium is open to all interested people, both speakers and audience. Colleagues are invited to present papers. Proposals should be accompanied by a summary of 10–15 lines before February 16. The final text ready for publication should reach the editorial board before 1 May 2013. If accepted, it will be published and distributed at the Symposium. The Symposium will be able to accept up to 80 communications. The languages of the Symposium are Italian, French and English. So far the following sessions have been proposed; some of them may merge into single sessions:
• “Art style and life style”
• “Art as world heritage”, possibly merging with “WARA: World Archives of Rock Art”
• “Making history of prehistory”
• “Decoding rock art”
• “Decoding religions and beliefs through rock art”, possibly merging with “Visual art as a means of recovering ancient myths”
• “Psychic stories revealed by the arts”, possibly merging with “Images of memory and memory of images”
• “Ancient graffiti and modern graffiti”, possibly merging with “Contemporary graffiti as visual history”
• “Regional identities in rock art”, possibly merging with “European history as revealed by rock art” and “Rock art of Africa and the Near East”.
Other sessions may be proposed by presenting a summary of 10–15 lines indicating title, content, goal and expected outputs of the session. Each proposal for a session should present at least three summaries of papers. A session may last half a day, four hours, including presentation and concept by the president of the session, 5–8 papers (25 minutes per speaker), and as much time as possible for discussion and conclusions. If the session lasts a full day (4+4=8 hours), 12–16 speakers will participate. The final selection of sessions will be made after the selection of proposed papers.
Other events are being planned, panels on specific topics, meetings of experts, meetings of working committees posters, exhibitions, shows and displays.
The secretariat, upon request, will take care of room and board reservations. Hotels are not luxurious, not expensive, but comfortable. Special prices for participants will be available and will be provided upon request.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions. We shall reply to the best of our abilities.

For further information, kindly email .
We look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes and cordial regards.
Emmanuel Anati

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