ms india

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1. Sanchi
2. Ajanta, Ellora and Elephanta
3. Buddhist Rock - Cut Caves
4. Early Temples of South India
5. Early Temples of North India
6. Architecture of the Vijayanagar Empire
7. Monuments of Kerala
8. Temples of Jammu and Kashmir
9. Fatehpur Sikri
10. Taj Mahal
11. Agra Fort
12. Churches of Goa
13. Forts of India
14. Monuments of Delhi


ms hungary


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Introductory Studies
1. The Problems of Authenticity and Identity as Retlected by Archaeological Preservation of Monuments
Julius Gy. Hajnoczi

General Studies
2. Authenticity and Landscape Architecture
Ilona Balogh-Ormos
3. Building Materials and Structures Applied during the Era of Historism Problems Associated with their Restoration
Attila Déry
4. Les paysages culturels et patrimoniaux (Les intentions et la réalité)
Tamas Fejérdy
5. Preservation of Railway Buildings in Hungary
Mihaly Kubinszky
6. The Conservation of Architectural Values of Vinages in South Transdanubia
Tünde L6rincz-Szabo
7. Historic Towns in Hungary in the Second Half of the 2Oth Century
Andras Roman
8. New Technical Procedures in Developing Principles and Methods of Authentic Monument Restoration
Mihaly Zádor

Studies on individual cases
9. Reincarnations of the Western Portal at Jak, around the Turn of the Century
Alice Debreczeni-Mezei
Edit Szentesi
10. Modernization and Restoration of the Budapest Central Market Hall
Gergely Nagy
11. Restoration of the Provostal Ruins at Domos as Seen by a Practising Architect, in a "Bottom-Line View" of the Concept of Authenticity
Klara Nandori
12. Restoration of the Interior of the Saint Francis' Wounds Church in Buda
Tamas Toth

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 ms czech


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Introductory Studies
1. Historical Sites and Architectural Monuments in the Czech Republic
Dobroslav Libal
2. Schedules of Monuments
Milos Pistorius and Jiri Novacek
3. Legislature and Organisation of the Care of Monuments
Ales Vosahlik

Protection of monuments
4. Evolution of the Protection of Monument and its Actual Conception
Ivo Hlobil
5. Protection of the Cultural Heritage in the Czech Republic
Ales Vosahlik

Scientific Research and Education
6. Cognition of the Historical Aspects of Architectural Ensembles and of Cultural Monuments
Dobroslav Libal
7. Specific Education at Universities and at Secondary Schools
Hana Némeckova

Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Renovation of Historic Sites
8. Castles and Chateaus
Marié Mzykova
9. Protection of Sacred Monuments
Zdenek Chudarek
10. Renovation of Historic Towns
Karel Kibic
11. National Architecture its Protection and Conservation
Pavel Bures
12. Historic Gardens
Olga Baseova
13. Conservation and Restoration of Monuments of Painting, Sculpture and Arts and Crafts
Vratislav Nejedly
14. Technical Monuments -its Protection Conservation and Utilisation
Eva Dvorakova

Protection of archaeological monuments
15. Protection of Archaeological Monuments
Petr Sommer and Lenka Krusinova

16. Conclusion
Josef Stulc

ms cyprus


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- Introduction
Demos Christou
1.The Birth of an Island
George Constantinou
2.The Inhabited Island
Sophocles Hadjisawas
3. Excavations and Scientific Research
Marina Solomidou-Ieronymidou
4. Religious Architecture and Architectural Conservation
Glafkos Papadouris
5. Vernacular Architecture in Cyprus
Androulla Floridou
6. Conservation of Mosaics in Cyprus
Andreas Farmakas
7. The Conservation of Wood
Andreas Georgiades
8. Administration and Legal Protection of Ancient Monuments
Euphrosyne Rizopoulou-Egoumenidou
9. Cultural Heritage Management
Sophocles Hadjisavvas
- Chronological Table
- Bibliography of Cypriot Archaeology 1935-1994
- List of Authors

ms cuba


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1. Patrimonio e identidad
Marta Arjona
2. La gesta de la restauración
Eusebio Leal
3. Evolución urbana en Cuba colonial
Isabel Rigol y Luis Lâpidus
4. Para aprender del pasado: una guía de La Habana
Mario Coyula
5. Caracterización de la arquitectura cubana hasta 1930
Daniel Taboada
6. El Convento de Santa Clara en tres siglos y medio
Isabel Rigol
7. Trinidad. Ciudad testimonio
Carlos Venegas Fornias
8. El Patrimonio agroindustrial cubano del Siglo XIX
Luis Lâpidus.
9. La Plaza del Himno de Bayamo
Isabel Rigol.
10. Santiago de Cuba
Luis Lâpidus.
11. Vifiales. Un conjunto excepcional
Nelson Melero Lazo.
12. Patrimonio y herencia del siglo XX en Cuba
Luis Lâpidus.
- Sobre los autores

ms bulgaria


179 pages

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- Introduction
Peyo Rerbenliev
1. Legislation Management and Urban Policy
Todor Krestev, Maria Karazlateva
2. Conservation and Exposition of Archaeological Monuments and Reserves
Royan Kouzoupov
3. Bulgarian Vernacular Architecture and Its Preservation
Rashel Angelova
4. Protection of Religious Monuments -Bulgarian Orthodox Churches
Zdrava Ganeva, Dora Dimitrova, Kiril Georgiev
5. Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art
Lozinka Koinava-Arnaudova
6. Bulgarian Cultural Values Entered in the World Heritage List
Emma Moscova
- List of Authors

ms bolivia

154 pages

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1. Breve Historia de la Arquitectura en Bolivia
José de Mesa, Teresa Gisbert
2. El Arte en Bolivia
Pedro Querejazu
3. Arte Rupestre en Bolivia
Matthias Strecker
4. La Pintura Mural en Bolivia
Juan Carlos Jemio
5. Potosí, Patrimonio de la Humanidad
Luis Prado Rios
6. Sucre, la Ciudad
Pedro Querejazu, Laura Escobari
7. Las Misiones Jesuíticas de Chiquitos
Alcides Parejas Moreno
8. Proyectos en Centros Historicos de Bolivia. Evaluacion Crítica
Elizabeth Torres
9. Restauración de las Iglesias Misionales de Chiquitos
Hans Roth
10. Legislación Boliviana sobre Monumentos

ms australia


204 pages

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1. People and Places; Sandy Blair, Penny Cook, Peter Forrest & Marilyn Truscott
- Case studies
Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, NSW; Historic Houses Trust of NSW
Port Essington, NT; R. Ian Jack
Homebush Mission Hall, Mackay, Qld; Penny Cook
Clarendon, Evandale, Tas; Katrina Proust

2. Australian Heritage Places; Sarah Colley & R. Ian Jack
- Case studies
Lake Mungo, NSW; Sarah Colley
Milingimbi, NT; Peter Forrest
Palmer Goldfield, Qld; Jillian Comber
Joadja, NSW; R. Ian Jack

3. The Role of Communities and Government in Heritage Conservation; Duncan Marshall & Marilyn Truscott
- Case studies
Norfolk Island; Peter McLaren
Bow Truss Wool Store, Geelong, Vic; Duncan Marshall
East Perth Cemeteries, WA; National Trust of Australia (WA)
Belmont Garden, Beaufort, Vic; Ashley Russell
Bunda Dibandji, Bare Hill, Qld; Barry Hunter & Nicky Horsfall

4. Identifying the Cultural Resource

4.1. Heritage Evaluation Criteria; Richard Mackay & Michael Pearson
- Case studies
The Great North Road, NSW; Michael Pearson
The Mills Cottage, Port Fairy, Vic; Miles Lewis
Shearers' Strike Camp, Barcaldine, Qld; Brian Egloff & Juliet Ramsay
The Rocks, Sydney, NSW; Richard Mackay

4.2. Conservation Philosophy and Methodology; Meredith Walker
- Case study
Town of Burra, SA; Katrina Proust

5. Managing the Cultural Resource

5.1. Legislation and Administration; Peter James
- Case study
Wreck of the Vergulde Draeck, WA; Graeme Henderson

5.2. Conservation Practice; Jan Stapleton

5.3. Conservation Planning; Jocelyn Colleran
- Case studies
Shire of Maldon and Carlton, Vic; Nigel Lewis
Walter Burley Griffin House, Sydney, NSW; Sheridan Burke

6. Conservation Education; Judith Brine & Carol Edds
- Case Study
Graduate Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management, University of Canberra; Linda Young

7. Australia in the Asia-Pacific Region; Colin Pearson
- Case study
Tam Ting Caves Conservation Project, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic; Brian Egloff & Benita Johnson

8. Current Issues in Heritage Conservation

8.1. Cultural Diversity and Living Traditions - Conflicting Cultural Values; Joan Domicelj
- Case study
Old Swan Brewery Site, Perth, WA; Katrina Proust

8.2. Cultural Div~rsity and Living Traditions - Social Value; Chris Johnston
- Case studies
Lake Condah, Vic; Chris Johnston;
Mount Lyell Mine, Tas; Richard Mackay

8.3. Cultural Landscapes and the Natural Environment; Sandy Blair & Sarah Titchen
- Case studies
Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Landscape, NT; Sarah Titchen
Melbourne's Water Supply, Central Highlands, Vic; Joy McCann

8.4. Heritage Interpretation; Linda Young
- Case studies
The Rock Art of Kakadu, NT; Peter Forrest
The Cascades Female Factory, Hobart, Tas; Julia Clark

8.5. Economics of Conservation; Ray Tonkin
- Case study
Princess Theatre, Melbourne, Vic; Ray Tonkin

8.6. Adaptation and Reuse; Peter McLaren
- Case study
The Old Tannery, Lobethal, SA; Katrina Proust

8.7. Material Culture in a Museum Context; Elspeth Wishart
- Case studies
The Blacksmith's Workshop, Launceston, Tas; Elspeth Wishart
Rouse Hill and Elizabeth Farm, NSW; James Broadbent

8.8. Remote Heritage; Peter Forrest
- Case studies
Wave Hill Walk-off Sites, NT; Peter Forrest
Mawson's Huts, Australian Antarctica Territory; Michael Pearson

-The Burra Charter and its Guidelines

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