Monuments&Sites VI - Magnetic prospecting in archaeological sites




By Helmut Becker and Jörg W.E. Fassbinder


102 pages 15 Euros ICOMOS Member: 10 Euros


- Foreword

- From Magnetic Prospecting to Virtual Archaeology

- Combining Magnetometry and Archaeological Interpretation: A Square Enclosure in Bavaria

- Duo- and Quadro-sensor Configuration for High Speed I High Resolution Magnetic Prospecting with Caesium Magnetometer

- Magnetic Prospection of a Megalithic Necropolis at Ibbankatuwa (Sri Lanka)

- Magnetometry in the Garden ofthe Sigiriya Rock Fortification (Sri Lanka)

ln Search for the City Wall of Homer's Troy -Development of High Resolution Caesium Magnetometry 1992-1994

- Magnetic and Resistivity Prospection in Munbaqa-Ekalte (Syria) 1993

- Ultra High Resolution Caesium Magnetometry at Monte da Ponte, Concelho Evora, Portuga1 1994-1996

- The Discovery of the Royal Capital of Awsan at Hagar Yahirr, Wadi Markha, Yemen by Satellite Images, Aerial Photography, Field Walking and Magnetic Prospecting

- Discovery of a First Neolithic Settlement in the Meseta of Central Spain near Ambrona (Soria) by Caesium Magnetometry in 1996

- Prospecting in Ostia Antica (Italy) and the Discovery of the Basilica of Constantinus I in 1996

- Magnetometry in the Desert Area West of the Zoser's Pyramid, Saqqara, Egypt

- In search for Piramesses -the Lost Capital of Ramesses II in the Nile Delta (Egypt) by Caesium Magnetometry

- Prospection of the Early Islamic Residence Rusafat Hisam (Syria) by Caesium Magnetometry and Resistivity Surveying 1997-1999

- Combined Caesium Magnetometry and Resistivity Survey in Palmyra (Syria) 1997 and 1998

- Magnetometry in the Cemetery and the Awâm- Temple in Marib, the Capital of the Queen Saba, Yemen

- Magnetometry ofthe Prehistoric Necropolis Suchanicha in the Minusinsk Basin, South Siberia

- Magnetometry of a Scythian Settlement in Siberia near Cicah in the Baraba Steppe 1999

- Uruk- City of Gilgamesh (Iraq) First Tests in 2001 for Magnetic Prospecting

- Wazigang -A Palace of Qin Shihuangdi, the First Chinese Emperor

Monuments&Sites VII - Building archaeology.


By Manfred Schuller


91 pages 20 Euros ICOMOS Member: 15 Euros


- Preface

- Building archaeology
- The Roots: historical development until 1945
- The tasks step by step. The methodology
- The application of building archaeology today
- Plates
- Dionysos-Yria Temple at Naxos
- Demeter-Sangri Temple at Naxos
- Treasury of Siphonos, Delphi
- Parthenon, Athens
- Large pylon from the Horus Temple in Edfu
- "Domus Severiana", Palatine, Rome
- "Prince's Portal" of Bamberg Cathedral
- "Angel of the Annunciation", Bamberg Cathedral
- Castel del Monte, Apulia
- Medieval townhouse ("Deggingerhaus"), Regensburg
- Medieval townhouse ("Römer 2-6"), Limburg an der Lahn
- St. Peter's Cathedral, Regensburg
- Façades of the Doge's Palace, Venice
- Medieval timber bearing structures in Venice
- Medieval farmhouse from Höfstetten near Nuremberg
- Stone tower over the crossing in the Cistercian church in Bebenhausen
- Cathedral S. Maria del Fiore, Florence
- Palazzo Bernardo, Venice
- Chapel of the ruined castle of Altenstein
- Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Venice
- "Tempietto" in the monastery courtyard of S. Pietro in Montorio, Rome
- Church of the Raising of the Cross in Drohobytsch, south of Lviv
- Farmhouse in Linde-Frangenberg, North Rhine-Westphalia
- Bridge and entrance pavilions at Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen
- Cascade at Seehof Palace near Bamberg
- Bock windmill in Gross Lobke, Kreis Hildesheim
- Early 20th c. townhouse in Thessaloniki
- "Einstein Tower" at the Astrophysical Institute in Potsdam

Monuments&Sites VIII - Cultural heritage in the Arctic and the Antarctic Regions.

m-and-s8Compiled and edited for the International Polar Heritage Committee of ICOMOS by
Susan Barr and Paul Chaplin


78 pages 

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- Paul Chaplin and Susan Barr - An overview of polar heritage sites

- Susan Barr - Polar monuments and sites – An introduction

- Paul Chaplin - Polar Heritage sites at risk – Politics, principles and practical problems

- Janet Hughes - Deterioration of Antarctic historic sites – Effects of Antarctic climates on materials and implications for preservation

- Roberta Farrell, Robert Blanchette (et al) - Scientific Evaluation of Deterioration in Historic Huts of Ross Island, Antarctica

- Michael Pearson - Artefact or rubbish – A dilemma for Antarctic managers

- Geoff Ashley and Richard Mackay - Mawson’s huts historic site, Antarctica: The conservation management plan as a decision making tool

- Doug Olynyk - Canada’s Yukon territory – Heritage at the edge

- Glenn W. Sheehan and Anne M. Jensen - When the indigenous tradition and the scientific tradition merge: Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation’s Science Center in Barrow, Alaska

- Jean-François Le Mouël - Heritage in the French sub-antarctic territory: Between urgency and emergency

- Cornelia Lüdecke - German meteorological and magnetic base station on the Kerguelen Islands (1901-1903)

- Ruben Stehberg - Archaeologists document historical heritage in the South Shetland Islands

- Louwrens Hacquebord - Dutch cultural heritage in the Arctic

Monuments&Sites IX - La representatividad en la Lista del Patrimonio Mundial.

m-and-s9El patrimonio Cultural y Natural
de Iberoamérica, Canadá y Estados Unidos
Santiago de Querétaro, México.
Diciembre 12-16, 2003.


Monuments and Sites: IX

160 pages Oui of stock / épuisé


- Introducción, Francisco J. López Morales
- Desarrollo y síntesis, Edgar Tavares López
- Anexo 1 - Programa
- Anexo 2 - Lista de participantes
- Discursos inaugurales, Michael Petzet/Presidente de ICOMOS & Francisco Garrido Patrón/Gobernador del Estado de Querétaro

Marco general :

- La representatividad en el patrimonio mundial de las Américas, Francisco J. López Morales
- The World Heritage List - balancing representation, Clive Finlayson A. Fa, Geraldine Finlayson & Carl Viagas

Ponencias :

- El patrimonio prehistórico y arqueológico en la lista mundial - Una mirada particular desde Altamira, José Antonio Lasheras
- El patrimonio arqueológico de México y Centroamérica en la Lista del Patrimonio Mundial, Nelly M. Robles García
- La Convención del patrimonio mundial, cultural y natural en Chile, Angel Cabeza Monteira
- El patrimonio natural de México, Rodolfo Ogarrio
- La protección de nuestro patrimonio natural y su representatividad en la Lista del Patrimonio Mundial, María Pia Gallina
- Reflexión sobre la categoría de paisaje cultural en la Lista del Patrimonio Mundial de las Américas: contribución para un debate, Ana Paula Amendoeira
- El paisaje agavero y las antiguas instalaciones industriales de Tequila, Jalisco - Una propuesta de paisaje cultural mexicano, Ignacio Gómez Arriola
- La praxis de la conservación de paisajes culturales y jardines historicós - La UNESCO y la salvaguarda de los paisajes culturales, Samuel Malpica Uribe
- El transbordador de Vizcaya, Rafael Sarria
- Los itinerarios culturales, María Rosa Suárez-Inclán
- El Qhapaq Ñan (camino principal andino) como itinerario cultural, Alberto Martorell Carreño
- La cultura del agua, puente entre el viejo y el nuevo mundo, Luis Pablo Martínez
- La Ruta Huichol por los sitios sagrados naturales a Huiricuta, Humberto Fernández
- El patrimonio moderno en la Lista del Patrimonio Mundial, Alfredo Conti
- United States architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries, T. Gunny Harboe
- La herencia cultural en Brasil: acción y reflexión, Suzanna Sampaio
- Conclusiones y recomendaciones generales, Viviana Kuri Haddad


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