Asian Forgotten Heritage - perception, preservation and presentation
10.15.2013 - 10.16.2013


Chiang Mai, Thailand
October 15 – 16, 2013
Historic buildings and places in Asia and elsewhere have been
forgotten by a number of reasons. It is the lack of documentation and
understanding of the architecture value as in the case of industrial
heritage. Architecture and places are forgotten not only because themisconception of what
is valuable but also because they are perceived as ordinary as in the case of modern
architecture and vernacular architecture. The survival ofthe heritage is often threatened by
rapid economic expansion and social transformation. While important landmarks were
saved, the vernacular and less recognized buildings which provide an urban or a rural
community its unique character have received little attention. They are in imminent danger
of being destroyed and replaced by new development projects.
ICOMOS Thailand International Conference 2012‐2013 on Asian Forgotten
Heritage: Perception, Preservation and Presentation is organized as a platform for
scholars, researchers and practitioners in the field of cultural heritage conservation to re‐
examine the issuesregarding ourforgotten heritage,the assessment and safeguarding of its
values and themanagement ofthese irreplaceable resources.

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