2008 World Monuments Watch List:
Nominations to the 2008 World Monuments Watch List can be submitted to the World Monuments Fund until 15 January 2007

to the International Scientific Symposium
Commemorating the 1st anniversary of the "Xi'an Declaration",
Xi'an, China, October 20-21, 2006

- ICOMOS China
- Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage


«RESTAURO: The Third International Exhibition on Monument Restoration 1964-2006»
Ferrara, Italy

Organized by Prof. Marco Dezzi Bardeschi, President of ICOMOS Italy, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and ICOMOS International will be officially opened on 22 March 2007 in Ferrara (Italy) at the Salone del Restauro.

 ICOMOS and Global Climate Change: Resolutions and Recommendations

ICOMOS Advisory Committee, Scientific Seminar, Scientific Council, Bureau, Executive Committee and African National Committee meetings
Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa, October 2007

 New ICOMOS Thematic Study: Cultural Landscapes of the Pacific Islands

An ICOMOS Thematic Study:
Rock Art of Sahara and North Africa

The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) declares Amazonia a "Monument of nature".
Communiqué: [English][Português][Français]

Proceedings of ICOMOS Scientific Conferences:

In Memoriam: Gilles Nourissier, member of the ICOMOS Executive Committee and former Secretary General of ICOMOS France

Appeal to save Allianoi (Turkey): "Stop the flooding of Allianoi!" (20 March 2007)

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