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18 Avril 2014 - Events /Événements



List of countries:

Albania - Argentina - Armenia - Australia - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Burundi - Canada - China - Costa Rica - Croatia - Cuba - Cyprus  - Dominican Republic - Estonia - Germany - Greece - Haiti - Honduras - Hungary - Indonesia - Ireland - Italy - Kenya - Korea - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Macedonia - Mali - Maroc - Mauritius - Nepal - Peru - Portugal - Romania - Serbia - Spain - Sweden - Taiwan - Thailand - Tunisia - Turkey - United Kingdom United States of America - Venezuela - Zambia


NB: The language of the descriptions is such as we received them.


National Events



Who? ICOMOS Albania

What? Meeting with the students and professors of Cultural Tourism in the Public University Aleksand?r Xhuvani of Durr?s, discussing ?“Heritage of Commemoration” of the? city.

What? A guided visit in the archaeological museum of Durr?s, to see how the specialists organize conservation works and prepare the next opening of the museum.

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Archaeological Museum of Durr?s.

Contact and further information:
ICOMOS Albania:;


Who? the Albanian Ministries of Culture and Education, specialists of the Regional Directorates of National Culture and the specialists of the Regional Educational Directorates and their teachers

What? Launch of the campaign/project "Monument's Friend" with the moto "I protect my monument", one monument is "adopted" by a school and activities to protect, conserve, promote and take care of the monument are organized throughout the year.

When? 18 April 2014

Where? In around 30 schools in 6 regions of Albania

Contact and further information:
Zhulieta Harasani:



Who ? La Comisión Directiva de ICOMOS Argentina conjuntamente con las autoridades del Archivo y Museo Históricos del Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

What? Celebración del “Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios: Palabras de bienvenida Ing. Agustín San Martín / Disertarán Arq. Rubén Vera - Contexto
Nacional / Arq. Alfredo Conti – Contexto Internacional / Cierre / Vino de Honor

When? 22 April - 19:00 pm

Where? En la sede del Museo, sito en Samiento 362 - Buenos Aires

Contact and further information:
Andrés Muñoz:
Web link:
Download program (Spanish)



Who ? ICOMOS Armenia

What? The Presentation of the book: preservation for the future 

When? 18 April 2014, 13.00

Where? Erebuni historical and archaelogical museum-reserve

Contact and further information:
Gagik Gyurjyan:
Download poster
Download press release



Who ? ICOMOS  Australia and the NSW

What? Lectures on the Heritage of Commemoration and exhibition on Australia in the Second World War.

When? 10 April 2014 / 4:00 pm to 7.30pm

Where? National Trust of Australia Centre, Upper Fort Street, Observatory Hill, Sydney (Annie Wyatt Room)

Further information:
Web link:
Download program
Download more information on the exhibition


Who ? ICOMOS  Australia

What? Visit to old Parliament House

When? 16 April 2014 / 4:45 pm

Where? Old Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide

Further information:
Download more information


What? Lecture on Memorial Mania: The heritage of war commemoration in the present age

When? 23 April 2014 / 6:00 pm

Where? Fremantle Artillery Barracks, Burt St, Fremantle

Further information:
Download more information

Kerime Danis: 


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Who ? ICOMOS  Bosnia and Herzegovina

What? The International Monuments Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be dedicated to the first written work in national language and script -  western Cyrillic script, popularly called "bosan?ica", published in Venice in 1611.

When? April 18th 2014


Contact and further information:
Vjekoslava Sankovic Simcic:


Who ? Commission to Preserve National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina

What? A screening of the film "The monuments created between the Great Wars (1914-1918 and 1941-1945)

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Square of Children of Sarajevo

Contact and further information:
Almedina Salihagi?:



Qui? ICOMOS Burundi

Quoi? Renouveler la peinture de deux stelles qui portent les inscriptions de la Ville de Kashusha
Renouveller la peinture du monument se trouvant à l'entrée de l'Aéroport de Kavumu
Organiser une conférence débat sur les normes urbanistiques dans le site de Kashusha

Quand? 18 Avril 2014

Où? Kashusha et Kavumu

Contact and further information:
Bisimwa Ruzuba Aimé:



Who ? Heritage Montreal

What? Excursion toponymique – D’un centre-ville à l’autre, guided tour presented by the City of Montreal

When? April 11th, 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Where? Departure in front of the Centre d’histoire de Montréal, 335, Place D’Youville, Place-d’Armes metro station


What? Archaeological collection, Guided tour presented by the City of Montreal

When? 11 April 2014 from 2 pm

Where? Archaeological collections reserve, 333 Peel Street, Bonaventure metro station, Peel Exit, south of Notre-Dame


What? The square of the Metropolis, Guided tour

When? 12 April 2014, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m

Where? Departure at the corner of Metcalfe and Dorchester Square Street, Bonaventure ou Peel metro stations


What? Parcours commémoratif, Guided tour presented by Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery

When? Saturday April 12th and Sunday April 13th, departures at 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Where? Departure at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery, 4601, chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges (Follow directions for the administration building)


What? La croix du mont Royal et le monument à Sir George-Étienne Cartier, Guided tour presented by Luce Lafontaine, architect

When? Saturday April 12th, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.,

Where? Departure at the base of the cross on Mount Royal


What? A tour of the birthplace of Montréal, presented by Pointe-à-Callière

When? Saturday April 12th and Sunday April 13th, at 12:30 p.m in French and at 2 p.m., in English

Where? Pointe-à-Callière, 350 Place Royal, Montreal, Place d’armes metro station


What? L’histoire des salles de spectacle et ?de cinéma à Montréal et dans le quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, lecture presented by l’Atelier d’histoire Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

When? Sunday April 13th, at 2 p.m.

Where? Château Dufresne Museum, 2929 Jeanne d’Arc, Montreal, Pie-IX metro station


What? Conférence publique : Patrimoine de la commémoration, exemples internationaux et montréalais, by Heritage Montreal and the Fédération Écomusée de l'Au-delà

When? Wednesday, April 16th, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.,

Where? Centre d’histoire de Montréal, 335, place D’Youville, Place-d’Armes metro station


What? Réfugiés loyalistes : l’histoire des premiers colons des Cantons-de-l’Est, lecture presented by the Société historique Beaurepaire-Beaconsfield    

When? 17 April, 7.30-9.00 pm

Where? Centennial Hall Building, 288, boul. Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield

Contact and further information:
Dinu Bumbaru:



Who ? ICOMOS China

What? Exhibition on “the architectures that have vanished in Beihai Park---Wanfo Building and Dafodian Building Ensemble and public lectures given by professors of Tianjin University School of Architecture, on architectural conservation and restoration

When? April 11 2014

Where? The restoration site of Chanfu Temple in the Garden Venue: Beihai Park Administration Office Meeting Room or Auditorium

What? Posters on “Lijiang cultural heritage protection” in the streets of Lijang
Lecture on the “State of Conservation of Lijiang Ancient Town Cultural Heritage” and on “Zhuangzi” (a Daoism Classic)

When? 19 April 2014    

Where? Lijiang Ancient Town Snow Mountain Community Academy of Classic Learning


Who ? ICOMOS Xi’an Center IICC-X and Cultural Heritage Sites in Xi’an

What? Celebration activities:
the Tomb of Zhang Qian, Memorial Ceremony, joined by Zhang Qian’s descendents and local residents.
Bin County Grand Buddha Temple, temple fair.
The Eighth Route Army Head Office Site, Photo Exhibition.
The Lesser Wild Goose Pagoda, a” Treasure Hunting” public event.

When? April 5 2014

Where? Xi’an

Further information: reports about the events will be posted on the official website and blog of IICC-X:
Download program and further information Xi’an

Contact and further information: 
Li Xie:


Costa Rica

Who ? ICOMOS  Costa Rica, CP-MCJ, UCR Sede del Pacifico, Universidad Tecnica Nacional de Puntarenas

What? Visit to the island of San Lucas

When? 28 April 2014, 9 am

Where? the island of San Lucas


What? Diverse cultural activities

When? 29 April 2014, 6.30 pm

Where? La casa de la cultura


What? “toma de sitios commemoratives” “Recorrido matutino  accompanied by de mimos”, samba and percussion

When? 30 April 2014, 8.30-10.30 am

Where? Refrigerio


What? Exposition of photographs

When? 28 and 29 April 2014

Where? La casa de la Cultura, Puntarenas
Contact and further information:
Grace Redondo:
Download program Puntarenas
Download program San Jose



Who ? ICOMOS  Croatia with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka

What? Conference 4th Dialogues with Heritage (Dijalozi s bastinom): The image of monument and the principle of change. That is the relationship between conservation methodology and the principle of change, manifested recently both in social and professional perception and treatment of Croatia*s cultural heritage.

When? 29 April 2014

Where? Rijeka

Contact and further information:
Marko Spikic Chairman ICOMOS Croatia:



Who ? ICOMOS  Cuba

What? Workshop “The Preservation of "El Vedado”

When? March 28th, 2014

Where? Havana

Contact and further information:
Jose Forner:



Who ? the Department of Antiquities, Government of Cyprus

What? Free entrance to fifteen archaeological sites and monuments

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Cyprus


What? Lecture and exhibition on the protection of cultural heritage during war

When? 24 April 2014

Where? The medieval hall at Kasteliotissa


What? Guided tour and lectures

When? 25 April 2014

Where? At the site of Ancient Kition

Contact and further information:
Antiauities Department:
Download program


Dominican Republic

Who ? ICOMOS  Dominicano

What? Faro a Colon

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Santo Dominico

Contact and further information:
ICOMOS Dominicano:
Download poster



Who ? ICOMOS  Estonia

What? Opening ceremony at the former Patarei prison a former barrack and later prison connected with the tragic history of Estonia in 20th century.

When? 18 May 2014

Where? Patarei prison, in Talinn

Contact and further information:
Riin Alatalu:



Who ? Stiftung Denkmalpflege Hamburg

What? Lectures on Heritage of Commemoration, focusing on World War I

When? April 11th 2014, 4 pm

Where? Warburg-Haus, Heilwigstraße 116, 20249 Hamburg, Germany

Contact and further information:
Stephanie Heinemann?:
Further information:
Download program 



Who ? ICOMOS Hellenic, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Hellenic National Committee for UNESCO and in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens, the Association of Greek Archaeologists, the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Association of Architects

What? Historical memory and commemoration. Forms of Expression and Interpretation
•    Dr. Eleanna Gialouri,  Assistant Professor, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciencees.
•    Dr. Alexandra Bounia, Deputy Professor, Cultural Technology and Media, Aegean University.
•    Dr. Vaggelis Karamanolakis. Lecturer Professor, History and Archaeology, National Kapodistrian University of Athens

When? 27 April 2014

Where? Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Amphitheatre. Bouboulinas 20-22, Athens.


What?  Guided visit Kerameikos Archaeological site

When? 4 May 2014  

What? Guided visit to the first cemetery of Athens

When? 11 May 2014


Contact and further information:
Sofia Avgerinou Kolonias:
Download invitation
Download program
Download poster 1
Download poster 2



Who ? ICOMOS Haiti

What? Publication à l'occasion de la Journée Internationale des Monuments et des Sites.

When? 18 Avril 2014

Contact and further information:
Download article



Who ? ICOMOS Honduras

What? Celebration and commemoration at an abandoned heritage building

When? 20 May 2014

Where? the Old Central Penitentiary in Tegucigalpa

Contact and further information:
Gloria Lara-Hasemann:



Who ? ICOMOS  Hungary

What? Une journée festive avec un programme portant pour  titre "Le message de Miklós YBL pour le XXIe siecle" avec discours et lectures de divers représentants des autorités nationales,  suivis par la remise des Prix ICOMOS Hongrie, les Prix Citrons, ainsi que les Prix pour  Le Maintien Exemplaire de Monuments. La journée se poursuivra l'apres midi par une conférence avec titre "Les batiments de Miklós Ybl au XXI-e siecle:  Monuments historiques en usage au quotidien" avec différents intervenants, tous liés, ou travaillant dans des batiments liés au nom de Miklós Ybl. Pour cloturer cette journée, l'exposition itinérante de notre grand programme 2013-2014 . "Héritage pour le futur - Futur pour l'héritage" sera inauguré a 18 heures dans les locaux du FUGA.

When? 16 April 2014

Where? la Grande Salle de l'Uiversité Corvinus de Budapest

Contact and further information:
Annamaria Keller:



Who ? the Indonesian Heritage Trust

What? A diverse range of activities, ordered by date below

When? 13-23 April 2014

Where? Around Indonesia


April, 13–26
Ternate: Legu Gam Festival, held by Ternate Municipality and The Sultanate of Ternate. 


April, 15
Jakarta: Banten Heritage Discussion with Prof. Dorodjatun Kuntjoro Jakti as keynote speaker, held by the Indonesian Heritage Trust 


April, 17
Cirebon: Macapatan Cirebonan in Radio Republik Indonesia, held by Kendi Pertula Community
Jakarta: Afternoon Tea for anniversary 97th Ms Herawati Diah, Indonesian heritage prominent figure – her thought and experiences, held by Lingkar Budaya Indonesia with 15 other communities 


April, 18
Banten: the Celebration of World Heritage Day 2014 and the Declaration of Heritage Conservation Integration Program, held by the Indonesian Heritage Trust, Coordinating Ministry of People Welfare, the Government of Banten, and Banten Heritage
Medan: Open House and Heritage Photo Exhibition for Student, held by Sumatera Heritage Trust
Padang: Discussion “Inspirational Traditional Architecture”, held by Pusaka Kedepan, Bung Hatta University
Jogjakarta: Lecture and Workshop of Batik with Ms Larasati Suliantoro as speaker, held by Jogja Heritage Society
Solo: Creative Art Performances – Good Morning Radya Pustaka Museum, held by Mataya Arts Community
Solo: Village Heritage Mapping, held by Solo Municipality
Denpasar: Heritage Talk, held by Bali Kuna Heritage Society
Malang: 100 years of Malang, held by Malang Tempo Doeloe Community 
Surabaya: Sketch on Heritage Living Path, held by Soerabaia Heritage Society
Manado: Discussion “Damaged Heritage Rapid Assessment aftermath flood in Manado”, held by Manado Heritage Community
Sumba: Discussion “Young Leader in the Ring of Fire: Save the Islands and Coastal Heritage”
Jakarta: the Opening Ceremony of Rumah Puspo: the Heritage Learning Center, held by Puspo Budoyo
Borobudur: Ruwat Rawat Borobudur, held by Warung Info Jagad Cleguk Borobudur Community
Gorontalo: Gorontalo Heritage Discussion, held by Gorontalo Heritage
Mojokerto: Ruwatan Bumi Astawulan, held by Save Trowulan Community
Semarang: Discussion “Towards Semarang for Heritage City”, a  Folk Art Festival and Book Launching “Pasar Imlek Semawis 2014” in Boen Hian Tong (Rasa Dharma)
Papua: Cultural Values inventory in Kaimana, West Papua, held by Cendrawasih University & Yayasan Budaya Papua
Gresik: Gresik Heritage Trail, held by ASSIK Community
Tulungagung: Discussion “Creative Economy based on Heritage”, held by Gadhe Community
Muaro Jambi: “Candi Sembilan Heritage Trail”, held by Jambi Heritage Society
Makassar: “Art Performances and Exhibition”, held by Makassar State Museum
Muntok: “Art Mural on Heritage Conservation around Kampung Petenun”, held by Muntok Heritage Community


April, 19
Banten: “Banten Lama Heritage Trail”, held by Banten Heritage
Surabaya: “World Heritage Day Carnival on Car Free Day in Surabaya”, held by Paguyuban Cak dan Ning Surabaya
Semarang: “Tradtional Snack Festival in Waroeng Semawis”, held by Kopi Semawis
Mojokerto: “Bantengan Festival and Photography Competition”, held by Mojokerto Regency


April, 20
Jakarta: Discussion “Conserving Elephant as Heritage Animal”, held by Friends of Ragunan Zoo
Solo: Thousand of Children Write Javanese Letter on Car Free Day in Solo, held by Mataya Community
Sumpur: The Ceremony of “Tegakkan Tonggak Tuo” for the reconstruction of Rumah Gadang Traditional Houses, held by Pusaka, Rumah Asuh, Yayasan Tirto, Sumpur Community and the Indonesian Heritage Trust 


April, 21
Bandung: the Visit of ICOMOS Sub Shelter in Bandung


April, 23
Jakarta: Presentation “Support Balinese Traditional Dance” with Bulantrisna Djelantik as speaker and Legong Dance Performance by Bengkel Tari Ayu Bulan in University of Indonesia
Bogor: Discussion “Commemoration for Raden Saleh”, held by the Petition of Raden Saleh Community


Contact and further information
Adrian Perkasa:


Who ? Lontara Project with museum Kota Makassar

What? World Heritage Day Chapter Makassar :  “Museum Kota dan Bianglala Zaman” : Theatrical, Music, Visual Arts, Antique Stuff Community

When? 18 April 2014, 13.30 – 17.00

Where? Museum Kota Makassar, Jalan Balaikota

Contact and further information:
Download more information
Download program of more activities


Who ? Agik NS

What? a ceremony and lecture nearby the Terjan Site

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Terjan Village, Kragan District, Rembang Regency - Central Java Indonesia

Contact and further information:
Agik NS:
Pictures on:


Who ? ICOMOS Ireland in collaboration with the Irish National Committee of the Blue Shield

What? A seminar to commemorate the International Day of Sites and Monuments 18 April 2014, on the theme of ‘commemoration’. As the Hague Convention is 60 years old this year, the event will feature three short presentations on the following topics:
•    A brief outline of the Blue Shield,
•    A note on the Hague Convention (1954) and its protocols
•    ‘Reflecting on the climate/weather events of the last few months in the light of the Heritage Council and Fáilte Ireland’s “Climate Change, Heritage and Tourism: Implications for Ireland’s Coast and Inland Waterways” Report from 2009’. A presentation by Beatrice Kelly of the Heritage Council

When? 17 April 14.00 – 15.45 pm

Where? the Custom House

Contact and further information:
This is a free event, RSVP to:
Deirdre McDermott:



Who ? Carlo Francini , Antonella Chiti, Ufficio UNESCO del Comune di Firenze With the collaboration of: Accademia delle Arti del Disegno, Associazione Cantieri Animati, Cattedra UNESCO Università di Firenze, Centro UNESCO Onlus, Fondazione Angeli del Bello, Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco – Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism, ICOMOS Italia, MUS.E, Societa’ Dante Alighieri Comitato di Firenze, Opera di Santa Croce, Opificio delle Pietre Dure,Venti Lucenti.

What? Celebration of the international day of sites and monuments, the Heritage of Commemoration has been inspired by the centennial of the Great War 1914-1918. The day offers a wide program of cultural events and activities aiming to reflect and commemorate the many tragedies of this war. The day will be characterised by a number of discussions, dramatics, and events on heritage protection and conservation.

When? 13 April 2014, 10.00 - 13.00

Where? Florence, Auditorium al Duomo Via de’ Cerretani, 54r

Contact and further information:
Simone Giometti:
Download program (in Italian)
More information via:


Who ? The National Museums of Kenya

What? Free entry to all museums for  Kenyan Citizens and the unveiling a historic plaque at the Nairobi Gallery, which is a 103 year old building and a National Monument, where Heritage Walking tours of Nairobi commence from.

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Nairobi and Kenya countrywide

Contact and further information:
Sharon Kyungu:
To locate a museum near you, please visit our page:



Who ? ICOMOS Korea

What? Seminar on reform and resistance, military heritage of Yongsan

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Korea

Contact and further information:
K. Kim:
Download poster



Who ? ICOMOS Lithuania in collaboration with the Directorate of the State Cultural Reserve of Vilnius Castles

What? A guided tour to Bekes Hill in Vilnius Hills Park area and a seminar after to commemorate Gáspár de Kornyath Bekes.

When? 16 April 2014

Where? The seminar will take place at the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO, St. Jono str. 11, Vilnius

Contact and further information:
Marija Nemuniene, president ICOMOS Lithuania:
Download program and more information



Who ? ICOMOS Luxembourg

What? Une visite guidée du site Mansfeld avec Marc Schoellen

When? 18 avril à 17h30.

Where? Rendez-vous devant l’église de Clausen.

Contact and further information:
Alex Langini:

Inscription obligatoire



Who ? ICOMOS Macedonia

What?  Announcement of Establishment of a Sub-Committee of ICOMOS Macedonia on Memorial Monuments.
Announcement of the Project: Memory of disappeared  urban and rural vernacular architecture – a project financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Macedonia

Contact and further information:
Lazar Shumanov:



Who ? ICOMOS Mali

What? Conférence – débat à l’intention des élèves et étudiants particulièrement ceux de la faculté d’histoire-archéologie et visite guidée : monument aux Morts et monument de « Thiaroye » : à l’intention des élèves d’une école de Bamako et des participants à la conférence débat

When? 19 April 2014

Where? Université des Sciences Sociales et de Gestion de Bamako, dans l’amphithéâtre de l’Université

Further information:
Download program


Who ? L’association Espace Environnement – ASESEN

What? Problématiques de l’entretien, et l’interprétation et l’appropriation des par les populations Monuments commémoratifs au Mali

When? 18 Avril 2014

Where? Mali

Further information:
Download program

Alpha Diop ICOMOS Mali:



Who ? ICOMOS Maroc

What? Casablanca: Lieux de mémoire

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Casablanca

Contact and further information:
Khalid el Harrouni:
Download article on the event



Who ? the Aapravasi Ghat Trust Fund

What? Guided visits of the World Heritage Site from 9.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs
Heritage Walk in the surroundings of the World Heritage Site from 9.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs
Educational activities for children: storytelling, traditional techniques of construction and history of ceramics.

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site, Port Louis

Contact and further information:
Corinne Forest: or



Who ? the Youth Awareness Environmental Forum (YAEF)

What? An interactive programme concerning the important heritage in Lalitpur Godawari Area, which is the major water resource and heritage area in the Kathmandu Valley.

When? 17-19 April 2014

Where? A community radio called “Environment Cycle Radio” F.M. 104.2 MHz. The radio station will broadcast heritage- related slogans every day from 6 am - 10 pm

Contact and further information:
Astaman Kisee Maharjan:



Who ? Peruvian Committee of ICOMOS, Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Peruvian Museum of the Minerals “Andres del Castillo”, Historic Centre of Lima Network for Monuments, National Organization or Architects of Peru, Regional Organization of Architects of the Regional of Metropolitan Lima

What? Opening of photography exhibition “World Heritage commemorative sites” with a performance of the national choir Niños del Perú

When? April 10 6:30 pm

Where? Convent San Francisco el Grande


What? Photography contest and a tour of monuments that speak about this year’s theme “heritage of commemoration”.

When? April 12 9:00 – 13:00 p.m.

Where? Andrés del Castillo museum of mining


What? Parade and exhibition of vintage cars

When? April 13 9:00 – 13:00 p.m.

Where? Between plaza Héroes Navales (hotel Sheraton) and plaza san Martín


What? Academic conference, day 1: trends in urban planning and cultural heritage, day 2: cultural heritage and its integration to development structures.

When? 24 and 25 April 2014, 18:00 – 21:00 p.m.

Where? Hall of the metropolitan museum of Lima – park of the exhibition    


Who ? ICOMOS Peru, Patrimonio y Sitios [P+S] Association

What? Monumentos conmemorativos (conmemorative monuments)

When? 24th and 25th of April 2014

Where? Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University, Av. Paso de los Andes 970- Pueblo Libre - Lima - Peru

Contact and further information:
More information:
Download poster of the event


Who ? Peruvian Committee of ICOMOS, Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Peruvian Museum of the Minerals “Andres del Castillo”, Historic Centre of Lima Network for Monuments, National Organization or Architects of Peru, Regional Organization of Architects of the Regional of Metropolitan Lima

What? Scientific symposium on commemorative heritage

When? 26 April 2014, 9:00 – 13:00 p.m.

Where? Hall of mirrors at the municipal hall of Lima.


What? Photography contest and closing party, including a folk parade towards the park of the exhibition, a tour around the park of the exhibition and traditional music and dances closing performance

When? 27 April 2014, 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 – 12:30

Where? Park of the reserve (magic water circuit)

Contact and further information:
Alberto Martorell:

Download program
More information




What? A guided visits of four monuments

When? 12 April 2014

Where? Lisbon

Contact and further information:
Download Program (Portugese)


Qui ?  Le Commite Roumain de l'ICOMOS avec le Musee National d'Histoire et l'Office National pour le Culte des Heros

Quoi ? une conference dediee a la Journee Mondiale des Monuments: "La Journee Mondiale des Monuments - Le patrimoine de la commemoration"

Quand ? 14 Avril 2014

Où ? Bucarest


Qui ?  Le Commite Roumain de l'ICOMOS

Quoi ? etudiants en architecture de Bucarest vont visiter la Rotonde des Heros du Parc Charles Premier de Bucarest.

Quand ? 16 Avril 2014

Où ? Bucarest

Contacts et informations supplémentaires :
Sergiu NISTOR Universitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism Ion Mincu & Presedinte ICOMOS Romania:



Who ? ICOMOS Serbia

What? A guided tour of the Belgrade cemetery complex: The New Cemetery, Sephardic Jewish cemetery and The Cemetery of the Liberators of Belgrade followed by a round table discussion.

When? 23 April 2014

Where? Belgrade

Contact and further information:
ICOMOS Serbia:
Download program



Who ? ICOMOS Spain, ARESPA and Máster Universitario en Rehabilitación, Mantenimiento y Recuperación de Edificios
Universidad Alfonso x el Sabio

What? Coloquio sobre el patrimonio

When? 28 April 2014, 18.00 - 20.00

Where? Salón de Actos de la UAX: (Campus de Villanueva de la Cañada)

Contact and further information:
Maria Rosa Suarez-Inclan Ducassi:
Download invitation
Download program



Who ? ICOMOS Sweden

What? A guided visit to Stockholm Northern Cemetery

When? 22 April 2014

Where? Stockholm

Contact and further information:
Nils Ahlberg:



Who ? CIPA with the Bureau of Cultural Heritage and the Chinese University of Technology.

What? Conference on the International Day for Monuments and Sites

When? 25th and 26th April 2014

Where? Taipei

Contact and further information:
A. Georgopoulos:
Download poster
Download program



Who ? ICOMOS Thailand with The Fine art Department, Bangkok Metropolis and Kanchanaburi province

What? A document presentation of  monuments to list of the World heritage in the theme "The Heritage of Commemoration". These monuments compose ; The  architectural group of Prince Narisara Nuvadtivongs,The great architect,  and The Death Railway,is famous in the world, also know as The Burma - Siam railway, built by the Empire of Japan in 1943 of World war II including The Bridge on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi province which indicate the important  commemorative representation of architecture.

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Bangkok

Contact and further information:
Vatima Thongkum:



Who ? ICOMOS Tunisie

What? Exposition sur le thème : les monuments de commémoration en Tunisie à travers l’histoire : richesse et variété. Colloque scientifique : les monuments de commémoration en Tunisie: un patrimoine culturel méconnu.

When?  Avril 2014

Where? Tunisie

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Mustapha Khanoussi:




Who ? ICOMOS Turkey

What? Event: "Memory-War-Monument" covering the presentations; "Architectural Memoralisation of War: Ars Memoriae and the Landscapes of Gallipoli Battles" and "Bastions of the Thracian Region of Turkey: Problems and Recommendations for Protection".

When?  18 April 2014

Where? Istanbul Technical University Taskisla Building

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Yegan Kahya:



United Kingdom

Who ? Cambridge Heritage Seminar team

What? The 15th Cambridge Heritage Seminar - 1914 Inherited

When?  26 April 2014

Where? the MacDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

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Pablo Alonso González: 



Who ? World Heritage Site of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal

What? World Heritage Weekend, We’re having an all-singing, all-dancing World Heritage weekend! See Fountains’ ages brought to life by medieval crafts, dance and cookery and elegant Georgian costume and fan-making. We’re reviewing our World Heritage Site Management Plan this year so why not take the opportunity to have your say about what you think should happen on the estate over the next six years.

When? Saturday 3 - Monday 5 May 11am – 4pm

Where? Fountains Abbey

Contact and further information:
More information:
Sarah Parkinson:


United States - Kansas

Who ? the Kansas State Historic Preservation Office

What? Posts of photographs of objects and memorials in Kansas that commemorate World War I on the facebook page and a in the upcoming issue of Kansas Preservation

When? 18 April 2014

Where? Online

Contact and further information:
Amanda K. Loughlin:
Photographs can be uploaded via: or via an email to
Digital version of this newsletter will be available at



Who ? ICOMOS Venezuela

What? the publication of the document “18 de abril de 2014, Día Internacional de los monumentos y sitios: Venezuela y su patrimonio de la Conmemoración a través del tiempo”  on the blog. This document was prepared in order to diffuse the thematic evolution of this built heritage in Venezuela.

Contact and further information:
Download article 1: 18 de abril de 2014, Día Internacional de los monumentos y sitios: Venezuela y su patrimonio de la Conmemoración a través del tiempo
Download article 2: Venezuela y su patrimonio de la conmemoración a través del tiempo



Who ? the National Heritage Conservation Commission

What? Celebration  for people to appreciate the monuments and fabrics of the country.

When?  18 April 2014

Where? the Shoprite Centre

Contact and further information:
Robert Sichone:


(this text is the introduction to the printed volume of 2013 ICOMOS Evaluations of nominations of mixted and cultural properties  to the World Heritage List, presented to the 37th session of the World Heritage Committee, Phnom Penh, June 2013)

In 2013, ICOMOS was called on to evaluate 41 nominations.

They consisted of:
21 new nominations
4 referred back nominations
2 deferred nominations
2 extensions
12 minor modifications/creations of buffer zone

The geographical spread is as follows:

Europe and North America
Total: 22 nominations, 13 countries

11 new nominations
2 referred back
1 deferred
7 minor modifications/creations of buffer zone
 (19 cultural properties, 3 mixed properties)

Latin America and the Caribbean
Total: 0

Arab States
Total: 2 nominations, 2 countries

1 referred back
1 minor modification/creation of buffer zone
(2 cultural properties)

Total: 4 nominations, 4 countries

3 new nominations
1 extension
(2 cultural properties, 2 mixed properties)

Total: 13 nominations, 10 countries

7 new nominations
1 referred back
1 deferred
4 minor modifications/creations of buffer zone
 (13 cultural properties)

1 Quality and complexity of nomination dossiers

Generally speaking, ICOMOS notes that nominations are increasingly complex, sometimes to the detriment of the dossiers’ clarity and coherence.

Certain nominations would benefit if more time were taken in preparing the nomination, for example to complete the legal protection process, finalise a management plan or undertake additional research.

ICOMOS hopes that the publication of the Resource Manual for the Preparation of Nominations, of which an electronic version is now available on its website, and on the World Heritage Centre website, will help the State Parties to improve the quality of nomination dossiers.

In most cases, the weakest parts of the nomination dossiers are the comparative analysis, integrity and/or monitoring.

When evaluating the comparative analysis included in nomination dossiers, ICOMOS examines the methodology used by the State Party and the relevance of the examples given by using the following parameters. Comparisons should be drawn with properties expressing the same values as the nominated property and within a defined geo-cultural area. Therefore the values need to be clearly defined and the geo-cultural framework should be determined according to these values. Comparisons should be drawn with similar properties already inscribed on the World Heritage List and with other examples at national and international level within the defined geo-cultural area.

On the basis of the above, ICOMOS indicates whether or not the comparative analysis is complete and whether or not the analysis justifies consideration of the property for the World Heritage List.

If the nomination is considered incomplete or insufficient according to the parameters indicated above, ICOMOS requests additional information from the State Party, checks relevant ICOMOS thematic studies, and the wealth of information available about properties already evaluated and/or inscribed on the World Heritage List, and on the Tentative Lists, and consults the ICOMOS network of experts to improve its understanding of the nomination.

ICOMOS wishes to point out that its role is to evaluate the properties on the basis of the information provided in the nominations (i.e. the dossiers), and on the basis of on-the-spot assessment and additional studies. Similarly, it evaluates the protection, conservation and management of the property at the time of the nomination and not at some unspecified time in the future after the adoption of the laws and management plans. It is the duty of ICOMOS to indicate to the Committee whether or not adequate protection and management are in place prior to inscription.


2 ICOMOS evaluations

The objective of ICOMOS is the conservation and long-term protection and presentation of the cultural heritage, whether or not it is of outstanding universal value. In formulating its recommendations, ICOMOS therefore aims to be as helpful as possible to State Parties, whatever the final recommendation proposed.

ICOMOS is well aware that it cannot please everyone. Despite being under considerable pressure, not only from State Parties, it must remain objective, rigorous and scientific, and its first duty remains the conservation of properties.

3 Strengthening of dialogue with State Parties

The requests for additional information were sent out prior to the carrying out of the evaluation process.

The ICOMOS World Heritage Panel meeting was held at the beginning of December 2012, so that the letters requesting additional information could be sent out in December, leaving the State Parties time to reply.

The replies provided by the State Parties have in many cases confirmed or assisted the adoption of the final recommendations made by ICOMOS.


4 “Referred back” nominations – “Deferred” nominations

At the request of the World Heritage Committee, ICOMOS and IUCN presented at the 34th session in Brasilia an information document concerning the processes, points of reference and time constraints arising from decisions to refer back or defer the examination of a nomination.

ICOMOS wishes to once again express its concerns about the difficulties raised when a “deferred” recommendation is changed into a “referred back” recommendation, which does not allow the advisory bodies to carry out an appropriate evaluation of nominations which are in many cases entirely new.

ICOMOS has moreover carried out two advisory missions for “referred back” properties, at the request of the World Heritage Committee at its 36th session. This process is not covered by the Operational Guidelines and its implementation may prove to be complex.

In its recommendations, ICOMOS clearly distinguishes between nominations which are recommended to be referred back and those which are deferred. For referred back nominations, Outstanding Universal Value has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of ICOMOS; supplementary information must be supplied to satisfy other requirements of Operational Guidelines, but no further technical evaluation mission will be required. For deferred nominations, the very nature of the information requested (a more thorough study, major reconsideration of boundaries, a request for a substantial revision, or serious gaps as regards management and conservation issues) means that a new mission and consideration by the full ICOMOS World Heritage Panel are necessary to evaluate the nomination again, and to ensure that it has the consideration needed to advance the nomination further.


5 "Minor" modifications to boundaries

The number of such requests has greatly increased. They originate either from monitoring, the retrospective inventory or periodic reporting.

The examination of these requests involves a considerable workload for ICOMOS in terms of examining the initial nomination, progress reports on conservation and earlier decisions of the World Heritage Committee, research, consultations and analysis. This year several requests for minor modifications were made by State Parties in respect of a report on the state of conservation or a retrospective inventory. To ensure that they are examined in the most favourable conditions, ICOMOS encourages State Parties to submit a separate request complying with the procedures set out in the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention (annexe 11) and within the prescribed deadlines, i.e. 1st February at the latest.

ICOMOS also notes that all modifications to the boundaries of a property and its buffer zone are proposed as "minor" modifications, even when they constitute in fact substantial modifications to the property, or even in some cases an extension of the property. According to the Operational Guidelines, proposals for major modifications, whether extensions or reductions, constitute a new nomination (paragraph 165). ICOMOS recommends to the Committee that this provision should be consistently and rigorously applied.

ICOMOS suggests moreover that an extension of the calendar for the evaluation of such requests should be considered, to bring it into line with the calendar in force for new nominations, which would open up the possibility of dialogue and exchange of information with the States Parties.


6 Serial nominations and extensions

ICOMOS wishes to point out that the Operational Guidelines of November 2011 (paragraph 137) validated a change in the approach to serial properties. Serial nominations should not consist merely of a catalogue of sites, but should instead concern a collection or ensemble of sites with specific cultural, social or functional links over time, in which each site contributes substantially to the Outstanding Universal Value of the serial property as a whole.

ICOMOS wishes to encourage States Parties to give consideration to the implications of this change when preparing serial nominations.

This year, ICOMOS has examined 9 serial nominations, including 93 monuments, ensembles and sites. These nominations require a more substantial investment in terms of human and financial resources at all levels of evaluation of the properties. Because the number of serial nominations is growing, this needs to be taken into account in the budgets and contracts. Furthermore, ICOMOS notes that there are also calendar pressures arising from the task of evaluating these large and complex serial nominations and repeats its suggestion, supported by the Jade Tabet[1] review, that the World Heritage Committee give consideration to an extended timeframe for these kinds of nominations.

A specific evaluation format was set up in 2009 for the serial nominations and extensions. ICOMOS explicitly informs the Committee of the questions it asks in relation to the nature of serial nominations:

a) What is the justification for the serial approach?

b) How were the chosen sites selected? How do they each relate to the overall Outstanding Universal Value of the property?

c) Does the comparative analysis justify the selection of properties?

d) Are the separate components of the property functionally linked?

e) Is there an overall management framework for all components?

The answers to these questions have been integrated in the evaluation format under relevant sections.

7 Development projects

To address the growing need to identify development projects within World Heritage properties during the evaluation cycle, ICOMOS has included in its letters to the State Parties a specific question intended to bring to ICOMOS’ attention any development projects that are planned within the nominated property or in its vicinity, to ensure that comprehensive information is received concerning these potential projects. This has been introduced to respond to growing concern felt by the World Heritage Committee about such development plans and projects. ICOMOS has once again suggested that during the nomination evaluation procedure the Committee should apply provisions similar to those stipulated in paragraph 172, inviting the States Parties to inform the Committee of “their intention to undertake or to authorize in an area protected under the Convention major restorations or new constructions which may affect the Outstanding Universal Value of the property […].

ICOMOS points out that it has drawn up a document entitled “Guidance on impact assessments for cultural World Heritage sites”, which was made available to the World Heritage Committee at its 34th session, and can be consulted on its website. This guidance has been translated into several languages.

8 Issue of calendar and timing

ICOMOS is working under increasing time pressure due to the growing number of complex nominations (serial properties and cultural landscapes). Furthermore, in the past, supplementary information received from States Parties was examined after the meeting of the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee, which was held in June/July, following the initial assessment process for nominations. Today this examination is carried out during the evaluation period itself, well ahead of the World Heritage Committee meeting.

9 Upstream process

ICOMOS, at the request of the World Heritage Committee, has participated in the drawing up of feasibility studies for 10 pilot projects selected in conjunction with the World Heritage Centre, and has contributed to the advancement of the projects’ implementation. Unfortunately, because of a lack of resources, ICOMOS has been unable to review and provide advices concerning certain draft nomination dossiers received by the Centre on 30 September 2012.

As was stressed during the meeting entitled “The World Heritage Convention: Thinking Ahead”, held on 2 and 3 October 2012, ICOMOS is prepared to make its expertise available for the development of the upstream process in preparing and following up nomination dossiers, as far as this is possible with the resources available.

The activities in which ICOMOS has been involved in this respect (advisory missions, meetings, consultations), organised sufficiently in advance, have already had positive outcomes for some nominations.

10 Integrated management in natural reserves

ICOMOS has noted, in its evaluations of properties located in natural reserves (mixed properties or cultural landscapes), that there is frequently an imbalance, compared with natural elements, in the attention paid to cultural values and elements in the reserves’ conservation and management tools. It would therefore be advisable to reinforce the integrated management of natural and cultural elements and values.

[1]Tabet J., Review of ICOMOS’ working methods and procedures for the evaluation of cultural and mixed properties nominated for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Paris, ICOMOS, 2010.

The ICOMOS procedure is described in Annex 6 of the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention. It is regulated by the Policy for the implementation of the ICOMOS World Heritage mandate (latest revision in October 2012). This policy makes public the existing procedure, and sets out the fair, transparent and credible approach ICOMOS adopts in fulfilling its world heritage remit, and the way it avoids conflicts of interest.

The evaluation of nominations is coordinated by the World Heritage Unit of the International Secretariat of ICOMOS, in collaboration with the ICOMOS World Heritage Working Group and the ICOMOS World Heritage Panel.

The ICOMOS World Heritage Working Group consists of officers of ICOMOS, the World Heritage Unit and ICOMOS advisers. It meets two or three times a year, and is responsible for the guidance and orientation of work relating to the World Heritage.

The ICOMOS World Heritage Panel, which brings together some thirty persons, is made up of members of the ICOMOS Executive Committee and of experts who are invited each year depending on the nature of the properties nominated (rock art, 20th century heritage, industrial heritage, etc.). TICCIH and DoCoMoMo are also invited to participate in discussions in which their expertise is relevant. The Panel represents the various professional, geographic and cultural sensibilities present at the international level. It prepares the ICOMOS recommendations for each nomination on a collegial basis.   

For each nominated property, ICOMOS assesses:

  • whether it bears testimony of an outstanding universal value:
  • whether it meets the criteria of the Operational Guidelines;
  • whether it meets the conditions of authenticity and integrity;whether legal protection is adequate;
  • whether the management processes are satisfactory.

All properties are given equal attention, and ICOMOS also makes every effort to be as objective, scientific and rigorous as possible.

In order to reinforce consistency of the evaluations and recommendations, and to check which additional information requests should be sent to State Parties, ICOMOS uses a check box tool. In addition, a specific session with the advisers is organised to ensure consistency of approach on all aspects throughout all evaluations.

An external review of the principles, methods and procedures used by ICOMOS in evaluating nominations was carried out in 2009. The final report and the ICOMOS response were made available to the World Heritage Committee at its 34th session.

1 Preparatory work

The preparatory work is done in several stages:

a. Initial study of dossiers: This first stage of the work consists of the creation of an inventory of the nomination dossier documents, a study of them to identify the various issues relating to the property and the choice of the various experts who will be called on to study the dossier (ICOMOS advisers, experts for mission, experts for consultations). A compilation of all relevant comparative material (Tentative Lists, properties already on the World Heritage List, nomination dossiers, “filling the gaps” ICOMOS study, etc.) is prepared in order to assist the work of the advisers on the specific item of comparative analysis.

b. Consultations: Experts are consulted to express their opinion about the comparative analysis and the outstanding universal value of the nominated properties with reference to the ten criteria set out in the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention (July 2012), § 77.

For this purpose, ICOMOS calls on the following:

  • ICOMOS International Scientific Committees;
  • Individual ICOMOS members with special expertise, identified after consultation with International and National Committees;
  •  Non-ICOMOS members with specific expertise, identified after consultation within the ICOMOS networks.

c. Technical evaluation missions: As a rule, ICOMOS calls on a person from the region in which the nominated property is located. In certain exceptional circumstances, often in cases in which the nature of the property is unusual, the expert may not originate from the region concerned. The objective of the missions is to study the authenticity, integrity, factors affecting the property, protection, conservation and management (Operational Guidelines, § 78).

Experts are sent a copy of the nomination (or all relevant parts of it, when the dossier is particularly extensive), a note with key questions based on a preliminary examination of the dossiers, documentation on the Convention and detailed guidelines for evaluation missions.

All experts have a duty of confidentiality. Their opinion about the nomination does not necessarily reflect that of the organisation; it is the ICOMOS World Heritage Panel which, after acquainting itself with all the information, analyses it and determines the organisation's position.

Missions are sent to all the nominated properties except in the case of nominations referred back for which the Operational Guidelines do not stipulate that a mission is necessary. (Note: The principle is that properties are referred back because additional information is necessary, and not because thorough or substantial modifications are needed; the deadlines set in the Operational Guidelines mean moreover that it is not possible to organise missions, desk reviews or consideration by the full ICOMOS World Heritage Panel for properties referred back).

For mixed property nominations, technical evaluation missions are carried out jointly with IUCN, and ICOMOS and IUCN exchange information about draft recommendations. Furthermore, ICOMOS consults IUCN on cultural landscape nominations, includes comments received in the evaluations and taken them into account in its recommendations.


2 Evaluations and recommendations

a. ICOMOS World Heritage Panel: Draft evaluations (in either English or French) are prepared on the basis of the information contained in the nomination dossiers, mission reports, consultations and research. They are examined by the ICOMOS World Heritage Panel when it meets in Paris in early December each year. The Panel defines the recommendations and identifies the additional information requests to be sent to the State Parties.

b. Additional information request: Additional information requests for some of the nominated properties are sent to the State Parties by 31 January, in accordance with the normal procedure. All documents received by 28 February are examined by the World Heritage Working Group at its meeting in March.

c. Finalisation of the evaluation volume and its presentation to the World Heritage Committee: Following these meetings, revised evaluations are prepared in both working languages, printed and dispatched to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre for distribution to members of the World Heritage Committee before its annual session.

Nominated properties and ICOMOS recommendations are presented to the World Heritage Committee by ICOMOS advisers in PowerPoint form.

As an advisory body, ICOMOS makes a recommendation based on an objective, rigorous and scientific analysis. However, decisions are the responsibility of the World Heritage Committee. The process relies on the Committee members and their knowledge of the nominations and the evaluations published by the advisory organisations.

3 Dialogue with State Parties

ICOMOS makes every effort to maintain dialogue with the State Parties throughout the nomination evaluation process, i.e. following receipt of the nominations, during and after the technical evaluation mission, and following the meeting of the ICOMOS World Heritage Panel. The information requested relates to precise details or clarifications, but does not invite a complete reformulation of the nomination dossier.

ICOMOS is in favour of this dialogue. The replies provided by the State Parties have often provided confirmation or assistance in the adoption of the final recommendations made by ICOMOS.

ICOMOS recommendations are made available to the members of the World Heritage Committee six weeks before the beginning of the session. ICOMOS is at the State Parties’ disposal for discussions and explanations about its recommendations. However, time constraints are a problem, and ICOMOS is in favour of fuller discussions about how this dialogue may be improved.

4 Referred back nominations and requests for minor modifications

On 1st February preceding the World Heritage Committee meeting, ICOMOS also receives supplementary information on nominations referred back during previous sessions of the Committee. As indicated above, ICOMOS does not organise technical evaluation missions for the evaluation of this supplementary information. Such supplementary information is examined by the World Heritage Working Group, at its March meeting.

ICOMOS also examines requests for "minor" modifications to boundaries or creation of buffer zones, and for changes of criteria or name for some properties already inscribed on the World Heritage List.

5 Conclusion

In reaching its recommendations to the World Heritage Committee, ICOMOS relies on the Operational Guidelines and the direction of the World Heritage Committee.

The opinion of ICOMOS is both independent and institutional. The opinion of one of its members is not binding on the organisation, and the evaluation texts are each the work of between 40-50 persons for each nomination, with several stages of in-depth peer review. ICOMOS represents cultural heritage experts throughout the five regions and is working to protect the entire cultural heritage of the world.

ICOMOS takes a professional view of the dossiers reviewed, and when appropriate makes recommendations for all the properties for which nominations have been submitted to it, independently of the outstanding regional or universal scope of their values.

Paris, April 2013

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    Organized by Prof. Marco Dezzi Bardeschi, President of ICOMOS Italy, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and ICOMOS International will be officially opened on 22 March 2007 in Ferrara (Italy) at the Salone del Restauro.

     ICOMOS and Global Climate Change: Resolutions and Recommendations

    ICOMOS Advisory Committee, Scientific Seminar, Scientific Council, Bureau, Executive Committee and African National Committee meetings
    Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa, October 2007

     New ICOMOS Thematic Study: Cultural Landscapes of the Pacific Islands

    An ICOMOS Thematic Study:
    Rock Art of Sahara and North Africa

    The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) declares Amazonia a "Monument of nature".
    Communiqué: [English][Português][Français]

    Proceedings of ICOMOS Scientific Conferences:

    In Memoriam: Gilles Nourissier, member of the ICOMOS Executive Committee and former Secretary General of ICOMOS France

    Appeal to save Allianoi (Turkey): "Stop the flooding of Allianoi!" (20 March 2007)


    Heritage at Risk: Special Report on Spain - July 2006
    Toledo and Caceres at risk!

    Statement by the International Committee of the Blue Shield on threatened cultural property in the Middle East conflict (July 21st 2006)

    New sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (July 13th 2006)

    ICOMOS Advisory Committee Meeting
    Edinburgh, UK, 8-13 September 2006

    Heritage at Risk   Special Edition

    Underwater cultural heritage
    at risk: managing natural
    and human impacts


    "The World Heritage List: Filling the gaps - An Action Plan for the Future"
    An ICOMOS Study


    18 April: International Day for Monuments and Sites
    Theme for 2006: The industrial heritage

     APPEAR Project: APPEAR Guide now available for download in PDF format

    Rock art of Latin America and the Caribbean An ICOMOS Thematic Study


    International Conference:

    "Urban pasts and urban futures: bringing urban archaeology to life" - Brussels, October 4-5, 2005


    SAVE ALLIANOI: Important Roman Site in Turkey at Risk! (Sept 21st 2005)

    - Letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey by the President of ICOMOS
    - Letter to the Minister of State of Turkey
    - International Campaign to Save Allianoi (Europa Nostra)

    Art and cultural heritage: law, policy and practice.
    Edited by Barbara Hoffman. New York: Cambridge
    University Press, 2006. XXXVIII, 562 p.
    ISBN-13: 978-0-521-85764-2; ISBN-10: 0-521-85764-3

    To order: Thirty (30%) discount available to ICOMOS members by calling Cambridge University Press, 1-800-872-7423 in the United States or 1223-312393 in the United Kingdom. When ordering, please give the discount code “MS5ARTCUL” and indicate that you are an ICOMOS member.

    Hurricane affecting South Coast of USA (August 2005)

    - Statement by ICBS
    - Heritage recovery in the aftermath of Katrina (US/ICOMOS Website)

    New properties inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (July 15th 2005)

    US Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation Grants US$20.000 to Survey Damage to Historical Sites in Sri Lanka

    Heritage at Risk   2004/2005

    ICOMOS World Report
    on Monuments and Sites in Danger

    Available online!

    Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention (revised) February 2005

    Proceedings of the Scientific Symposium "Place, memory, meaning: preserving intangible values in monuments and sites" (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 27-31 October 2003)
    In CD-ROM 20 Euros (10 Euros for ICOMOS Members)

    Report of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction, held in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, 18-22 January 2005

    Tsunami - Disaster in South East Asia



    The Illustrated Burra Charter. Good Practice for heritage places. Revised 2004 Edition!!
    To get a copy write to Australia ICOMOS

    The World Heritage List: Filling the gaps - an action plan for the future
    An analysis by ICOMOS

    UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, 2003
    Official text: [English][Français][Español][Russian][Arabic][Chinese]


    First ICOMOS Journal
    all the articles
    available online!!

    Documentation Centre:
    Bibliographic Database Online


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