Established in 2003, the Victoria Falls Solidarity Fund allows to support the attendance at ICOMOS events of colleagues facing financial difficulties, in particular General Assemblies.
It complements the external support received, for example through the Getty Foundation, which has again generously awarded ICOMOS a grant for the 18th General Assembly in November 2014. 

The Fund is mainly financed through voluntary contributions by members, but it can also accept public or private donations. Each year, National Committees are encouraged to fundraise for the Fund when invoicing members for their annual dues, and so far in particular Australia, Belgium, Finland, France and Luxembourg have made contributions. In addition, many colleagues who provided expert reviews in the context of ICOMOS’ consultancy work for WMF’s 2012 and 2014 World Monument Watch List donated their review fees to the Fund and other members made a donation when registering for the 17th General Assembly. Using 14 300 Euros from the Fund, ICOMOS was thus able to partially support 36 members to attend the 17th General Assembly in 2011. The fund currently holds around 15 000 Euros.

The Fund is managed by the International Secretariat so as to ensure its neutral and equitable use, under the supervision of the Executive Committee, and according to established criteria. The International Secretariat keeps detailed administrative and audited financial records of the use of the Fund and reports annually to the Executive Committee and the donor Committees.

Please help ICOMOS achieve its fundraising objective to double the number of colleagues supported at this year's 18th General Assembly (Florence, Italy)

For more information on how to make a donation see the "Support us" page

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