Below you can find the working documents for the 19th General Assembly and 2017 Extraordinary General Assembly, which will take place in December 2017 in Delhi, India.

19th General Assembly
 Agenda Item Document Download
Preliminary Agenda  English / French
 3-4 Full audited accounts 2015 and report by the Auditor English / French (the Auditor's report is in the French version)
 3-4 Full audited accounts 2016 and report by the Auditor  English / French (the Auditor's report is in the French version)
 4-2 ICOMOS General Programme 2018-2020  English / French 
 6-3-1 ICOMOS-IFLA Principles concerning Rural Landscapes as Heritage English / French 
 6-3-2 ICOMOS-IFLA Document on Historic Urban Public Parks  English / French 
6-3-3 Salalah Guidelines for the Management of Public Archaeological Sites English / French 
6-3-4 Principles for the Conservation of Wooden Built Heritage English / French / Spanish


 2017 Extraordinary General Assembly
Agenda Item Document Download
Preliminary Agenda English / French
 3 Proposed Amendments to the ICOMOS Statutes   English / French
 4 Proposed revision of the Rules of Procedure English / French 

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